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Nightwish( ナイトウィッシュ )【 合計 31アルバム 393曲 歌詞 】



フロール・ヤンセン Floor Jansen - ボーカル (2013- )
ツォーマス・ホロパイネン Tuomas Holopainen - キーボード (1996- )
エンプ・ヴオリネン Emppu Vuorinen - ギター (1996- )
マルコ・ヒエタラ Marco Hietala - ベース、ボーカル (2001- )
ユッカ・ネヴァライネン Jukka Nevalainen - ドラム (1997- )
トロイ・ドノクリー Troy Donockley - イリアン・パイプス、ティン・ホイッスル、ボーカル (2013- )


ターヤ・トゥルネン Tarja Turunen - ボーカル (1996-2005)
サミ・ヴェンスケ Sami Vänskä - ベース (1998-2001)
アネット・オルゾン Anette Olzon - ボーカル (2007-2012)
曲名リスト•モード アルバム順(発行時間) 曲名順(文字数) 曲名順(その他)
アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
Vehicle of Spirit 2017
1.Ever Dream
4.Ghost Love Score
5.The Greatest Show on Earth
6.Weak Fantasy
8.Poet and the Pendulum
9.Yours is an Empty Hope
10.Endless Forms Most Beautiful
12.While Your Lips Are Still Red
13.I Want My Tears Back
14.Shudder Before The Beautiful
16.She Is My Sin
17.Dark Chest Of Wonders
18.My Walden
20.7 Days to the Wolves
The Heart Asks Pleasure First 2016
1.The Heart Asks Pleasure First2.Perfect Sign (提供)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful 2015
1.Shudder Before the Beautiful
2.The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (提供)
4.Edema Ruh
5.Endless Forms Most Beautiful
6.My Walden
7.Our Decades in the Sun
8.Yours is an Empty Hope
10.Weak Fantasy
11.The Greatest Show On Earth
Elan 2015
1.Elan (Album Version)
3.Elan (Alternative Version)
4.Elan (Radio Edit)
Imaginaerum 2011
3.Ghost River
4.Slow, Love, Slow
5.I Want My Tears Back
7.Arabesque (提供)
8.Turn Loose The Mermaids
9.Rest Calm
10.The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
11.Last Ride Of The Day
12.Song Of Myself
13.Imaginaerum (提供)
Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) 2009
1.The Poet And The Pendulum
2.The Islander
4.While Your Lips Are Still Red
6.7 Days To The Wolves
7.Bye Bye Beautiful
8.Cadence Of Her Last Breath
9.Last of the Wilds (提供)
11.Whoever Brings The Night
The Islander 2008-05
1.The Islander (edited version)2.The Islander (full-length version)
Bye Bye Beautiful 2008-02
1.Bye Bye Beautiful
2.The Poet And The Pendulum (Demo Version)
4.Bye Bye Beatifull (DJ Orkidea Remix)
Dark Passion Play 2007-09
1.The Poet And The Pendulum
2.Bye Bye Beautiful
4.Cadence Of Her Last Breath
5.Master Passion Greed
8.Whoever Brings The Night
9.For The Heart I Once Had
10.The Islander
11.Last Of The Wilds (提供)
12.7 Days To The Wolves
13.Meadows Of Heaven
Amaranth 2007-08
2.Reach (Amaranth Demo Version)
3.While Your Lips Are Still Red
4.Eva (Demo Version)
Eva(CD Single) 2007-05
Once 2004
1.'Dark Chest of Wonders' Tuomas Holopainen
2.'Wish I Had an Angel'(second single)Holopainen
3.'Nemo'(first single)Holopainen
4.'Planet Hell' Holopainen
5.'Creek Mary's Blood'(feat. John Two-Hawks)Holopainen
6.'The Siren'(fourth single)Holopainen & Emppu Vuorinen
7.'Dead Gardens'(feat. Jouni Hynynen)Holopainen
8.'Romanticide' Holopainen & Marco Hietala
9.'Ghost Love Score' Holopainen
10.'Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan'(Finnish for Death Makes an Artist)Holopainen
11.'Higher than Hope'(in memory of Marc Brueland)Holopainen & Hietala
12.'White Night Fantasy'(US bonus track)Holopainen
13.'Where Were You Last Night'(bonus track on the Special edition)Holopainen
Century Child 2002
1.'Bless the Child' Holopainen
2.'End of All Hope' Holopainen
3.'Dead to the World' Holopainen
4.'Ever Dream' Holopainen
5.'Slaying the Dreamer' Holopainen & Vuorinen
6.'Forever Yours' Holopainen
7.'Ocean Soul' Holopainen
8.'Feel for You' Holopainen
9.'The Phantom of the Opera' Andrew Lloyd Webber
10.'Beauty of the Beast' Holopainen, Hietala, Vuorinen
11.'Lagoon'(bonus track)Holopainen (提供)
12.'The Wayfarer'(bonus track)Holopainen (提供)
Over The Hills And Far Away 2001
1.Over The Hills And Far Away
2.10th Man Down
Wishmaster 2000
1.'She Is My Sin' Holopainen
2.'The Kinslayer' (feat. Ike Vil) Holopainen
3.'Come Cover Me' Holopainen & Vuorinen
4.'Wanderlust' Holopainen
5.'Two for Tragedy' Holopainen
6.'Wishmaster' Holopainen
7.'Bare Grace Misery' Holopainen & Vuorinen
8.'Crownless' Holopainen & Vuorinen
9.'Deep Silent Complete' Holopainen
10.'Dead Boy's Poem' (feat. Sam Hardwick) Holopainen
11.'FantasMic' Holopainen
12.'Sleepwalker' (Bonus track) Holopainen
Oceanborn 1998
1.'Stargazers'(originally titled 'Aztecs')Tuomas Holopainen
2.'Gethsemane' Holopainen & Emppu Vuorinen
3.'Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean'(feat. Tapio Wilska)Holopainen
4.'Sacrament of Wilderness'(first single)Holopainen & Vuorinen
5.'Passion and the Opera'(promo single)Holopainen & Vuorinen
6.'Swanheart' Holopainen
7.'Moondance'(instrumental)Holopainen (提供)
8.'The Riddler' Holopainen
9.'The Pharaoh Sails to Orion'(feat. Tapio Wilska)Holopainen
10.'Walking in the Air'(Howard Blake cover)Howard Blake
11.'Sleeping Sun'(bonus track)Holopainen
12.'Nightquest'(japanese bonus track)Holopainen
Angels Fall First[折翼天使] 1997
2.Beauty And The Beast
3.The Carpenter
4.Astral Romance
5.Angels Fall First
7.Nymphomaniac Fantasia
8.Know Why The Nightingale Sings
10.Once Upon A Troubadour
11.A Return To The Sea
Vehicle of Spirit: Wembley Arena (Live)
1.Yours Is an Empty Hope (Live at Wembley 2015)
2.Last Ride of the Day (Live at Wembley 2015)
3.Ghost Love Score (Live at Wembley 2015)
4.Stargazers (Live at Wembley 2015)
5.I Want My Tears Back (Live at Wembley 2015)
6.Nemo (Live at Wembley 2015)
7.The Poet and the Pendulum (Live at Wembley 2015)
8.7 Days to the Wolves (Live at Wembley 2015)
9.Weak Fantasy (Live at Wembley 2015)
10.Élan (Live at Wembley 2015)
11.While Your Lips Are Still Red (Live at Wembley 2015)
12.My Walden (Live at Wembley 2015)
13.Storytime (Live at Wembley 2015)
14.Ever Dream (Live at Wembley 2015)
15.The Greatest Show on Earth (Live at Wembley 2015)
Showtime, Storytime (Live)
1.Dark Chest of Wonders (Live @ Wacken 2013)
2.Ever Dream
3.Last Ride of the Day
6.She Is My Sin
8.Ghost River - Live @ Wacken 2013
9.Ghost River
10.Song of Myself
11.Wish I Had an Angel
12.I Want My Tears Back - Live @ Wacken 2013
13.Ghost Love Score
15.She Is My Sin (Live @ Wacken 2013)
16.Ever Dream (Live @ Wacken 2013)
17.Storytime (Live @ Wacken 2013)
18.Bless the Child (Live @ Wacken 2013)
19.Romanticide (Live @ Wacken 2013)
20.Amaranth (Live @ Wacken 2013)
21.Ghost Love Score (Live @ Wacken 2013)
22.Song of Myself (Live @ Wacken 2013)
23.Last Ride of the Day (Live @ Wacken 2013)
24.I Want My Tears Back
1.Nemo promotional video
2.The making of Nemo
3.White Night Fantasy (Non-Album Bonus Track)
4.Live To Tell The Tale (Non-Album Bonus Track)
5.Nemo (Instrumental)
7.White Night Fantasy
8.Planet Hell
Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) [Live]
1.Bye Bye Beautiful (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
3.While Your Lips Are Still Red - Theme from the Movie Lieksa!
4.The Islander (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
5.Sahara (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
6.The Poet and the Pendulum (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
7.Amaranth (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
8.Whoever Brings the Night (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
From Wishes to Eternity
1.The Kinslayer (live at Pakkahuone)
2.Elvenpath - Live at Pakkahuone
3.Walking In The Air - Live at Pakkahuone
4.Wishmaster (live at Pakkahuone)
5.Beauty & The Beast (live at Pakkahuone)
6.Sacrament of Wilderness (live at Pakkahuone)
7.Dead Boy's Poem (live at Pakkahuone)
8.Come Cover Me (live at Pakkahuone)
9.She Is My Sin (live at Pakkahuone)
End of an Era
1.Dark Chest of Wonders (Live at Hartwall Arena)
2.Phantom of the Opera (Live)
3.Ghost Love Score
4.Ever Dream
6.Sleeping Sun (Live)
7.Ever Dream (Live)
8.Slaying the Dreamer (Live)
9.Slaying the Dreamer
10.The Phantom of the Opera
11.Planet Hell
12.Over the Hills and Far Away
14.Wish I Had An Angel
15.Wish I Had an Angel (Live)
16.The Phantom Of The Opera - Live at Hartwall Arena
17.The Kinslayer (Live at Hartwall Arena)
18.Siren (Live at Hartwall Arena)
19.High Hopes (Live at Hartwall Arena)
20.Bless the Child (Live at Hartwall Arena)
21.Wishmaster (Live at Hartwall Arena)
22.Nemo (Live at Hartwall Arena)
23.Ghost Love Score (Live at Hartwall Arena)
24.Creek Mary's Blood (Live at Hartwall Arena)
25.Over the Hills and Far Away (Live at Hartwall Arena)
26.Sleeping Sun
End of an Era (Live)
1.Dark Chest of Wonders (Live)
2.Wish I Had an Angel
4.Over the Hills and Far Away
5.Planet Hell
6.Slaying the Dreamer
8.Sleeping Sun (Live)
9.Ever Dream
10.Ghost Love Score
11.Wish I Had an Angel (Live)
12.Creek Mary's Blood (Live)
13.Nemo (Live)
14.Slaying the Dreamer (Live)
15.Bless the Child (Live)
16.Phantom of the Opera (Live)
17.Ever Dream (Live)
18.Sleeping Sun
Early Demos for 'Dark Passion Play' & B-Sides
1.Eva (orchestral)
2.The Poet and the Pendulum (demo)
3.Amaranth (orchestral)
4.Bye Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea mix)
5.Meadows of Heaven (orchestral)
6.While Your Lips Are Still Red
1.The Greatest Show on Earth (Remastered)
2.10th Man Down (Remastered)
3.The Kingslayer (Remastered)
4.Dead Boy's Poem (Remastered)
5.Gethsemane (Remastered)
6.Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (Remastered)
7.Sacrament of Wilderness (Remastered)
8.Sleeping Sun (Remastered)
9.Nightwish (Demo) [Remastered]
10.End of All Hope (Remastered)
11.Slaying the Dreamer (Remastered)
12.Élan (Remastered)
13.My Walden (Remastered)
14.Storytime (Remastered)
15.I Want My Tears Back (Remastered)
16.Amaranth (Remastered)
17.The Poet and the Pendulum (Remastered)
18.Nemo (Remastered)
19.Wish I Had an Angel (Remastered)
20.Ghost Love Score (Remastered)
21.The Carpenter (Remastered)
Bless the Child
1.Return to the Sea
2.Dead Boy's Poem (Live at Pakkahuone)
3.Walking in the Air (edit version)
Bless the Century Child
1.Intro + Bless the Child
2.Beauty of the Beast - Long Lost Love / One More Night to Live / Christabel
3.Slepping Sun
4.End of All Hope
5.Slaying the Dreamer
6.Over the Hills and Far Away
7.Deep Silent Complete
Angels Fall First (Remastered)
1.Elvenpath (Remastered)
2.Beauty and the Beast (Remastered)
3.The Carpenter (Remastered)
4.Astral Romance (Remastered)
5.Angels Fall First (Remastered)
6.Tutankhamen (Remastered)
7.Nymphomaniac Fantasia (Remastered)
8.Know Why the Nightingale Sings (Remastered)
9.Return to the Sea (Remastered)
Amaranth Pt. 2
2.Poet And The Pendulum
3.Wish I Had an Angel (remix)
4.Ghost Love Score (instrumental)
5.Ghost Love Score (Live) (Edit)
6.Creek Mary's Blood
7.White Night Fantasy (Bonus Track)
8.Dead Gardens
9.The Siren
10.Higher Than Hope
11.Live To Tell The Tale
12.7 Days to the Wolves (Made In Hong Kong) [Live]
13.The Siren (Radio Edit)
14.Sleeping Sun (Radio Edit)
15.Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
16.Dead To The World
17.The Phantom Of The Opera
18.Bless The Child
19.Ghost River (Orchestral Version)
20.Feel For You
21.End Of All Hope
22.Ocean Soul
23.Slaying The Dreamer
24.Forever Yours
25.Slow, Love, Slow (Orchestral Version)
26.The Wayfarer
27.Scaretale (Orchestral Version)
30.The Kinslayer
31.Come Cover Me
33.Two for Tragedy
34.Turn Loose the Mermaids (Orchestral Version)
35.Bare Grace Misery
37.Rest Calm (Orchestral Version)
38.Dead Boy's Poem
39.Passion & the Opera
40.Last Ride of the Day (Orchestral Version)
41.Song of Myself (Orchestral Version)
43.Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
44.Sacrament of Wilderness
46.Moondance (提供)
47.The Riddler
48.The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
49.Walking in the Air
50.Storytime (Orchestral Version)
51.Lappi (Lapland)
52.7 Days Of The Wolves
53.Walking In The Air (Live)
55.Nemo (Orchestral Version)
58.Where Were You Last Night
59.Symphony Of Destruction
60.A Rose For The Dead
61.Shudder Before the Beautiful- Single
62.Storytime (Edit) [Live at Wacken 2013]
63.Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore)
64.Storytime - Live (edit)
65.Beauty of the Beast
66.Once Upon a Troubador
67.The Carpenter (single version)
68.The Greatest Show on Earth (Instrumental)
69.Élan (Instrumental)
70.Shudder Before the Beautiful (Instrumental)
71.Storytime (live in Wacken)
72.Élan (Radio Edit)
73.Deep Silent
74.The Kingslayer
75.The Islander (Long Version)
76.Deeper Down
77.Amaranth (single version)
78.7 Days To the Wolves (Instrumental Version)
79.The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (radio edit)
80.The Heart Asks Pleasure First (Instrumental)
81.Ghost Love Score (edit)
82.End of All Hope (live at Summer Breeze Festival)
83.Storytime (Live at Wacken 2013)
84.Endless Forms Most Beautiful (radio edit)
85.The Kinslayer (live)
86.Symphony of Destruction (live)


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