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1 4.Live Laugh Love e my best lifeJust wanna lay here all night I don't wanna live wanna laugh wanna love Eating chips after they're stale Listening to Nine Inch ... erie Dinners in the microwave Google imaging myself Wishing I was someone else Up until4 in the morning Stressing over global warming I don't wanna go to your par ... runk Don't wanna live my best lifeJust wanna lay here all night I don't wanna live wanna laugh wanna love Live laugh love Live laugh loveJust wanna sit get drunk ...
2 1.FRANCHISE more than Google just to find me(Ah) Uh I just called up bae to get her hyphy(Ah ooh) Incredible ici-ici general I just start the label just t ... tch a fish: sushi maki livin' life London city left the town(Ah) Thug
3 1.Gang Shit s this My life a movie no acting I make'em go through a madness Yeah Gang shit Drippiest nigga to come out the city bitch(Bitch) Look at my mo ... ptions a lot I touch a city I Google the shops She my lil' bunny I fuck from the jump Brought niggas up now they want me to drop I just chill at the top of the sh ... 'm too fly for the landing My life a movie no acting My life a dream in your caption I make'em go do a madness(Madness) Gang shit(Gang gang) Bitch(Bitch) I got s
4 9.Free Lunch[Explicit] ke all my life I got somethin' to prove hoe I shot my teacher hoe bitch I took recess hoe bitch You better ... k recess hoe bitch You better Google me and do your research hoe I fucked plenty bitches under the bleachers hoe I cheat on my bitch'cause I don't need you hoe Wh ... never ever see my dad All my life I had to struggle That's why I tal
5 1.All Nite(feat. E-40& Too$hort) us up on Google You don't wanna fuck with us we'll bust your noodle You don't wanna fuck with us we'll bust your noodle You don't wanna fuck ... all night Like I ain't got no life I don't give a fuck about a clock

6 7.Go Crazy mean your life could change drastically facts Women ain't supposed to work nah I respect it though I respect it Supposed to enjoy every minute ... to enjoy every minute of your life Let a man do a man's job[Verse1: FatJoe] I know you're feeling type-secure Instagram model And at night you're moving gold bott ... hase Giambattista Valli bitch Google search it Now see my boots is a
7 19.Love Letters ll I know life flows with the elements As sunrise kills an evening As stars die and a night sky is grieving As man sees what he has when it's ... t's how much I need you in my life I'm never gonna ever leave you in mlifetime Cause every time I hear line that shows me I'm not alone it's saving me Cause I know that that's a ... me Cause I know that that's a lifeline Like minds—this is our home and they won't ruin it easily Cause the wolf is gonna blow until he's blue i
8 5.Autocorrect ? Or will Google Take over this grind? I'm so tired Of using my headJust wanna be wired Directly into this grid[Pre-Chorus] I wanna get fucked ... d Cause I got Autocorrect(for life) Autocorrect for life[Post-Chorus] I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna get fucked up Get my head hooked up I wanna be free I want a TV[Verse2] So ... d Cause I got Autocorrect(for life) Autocorrect for life[Post-Chorus] I wanna I wanna I wanna get wanna get wanna get.... I wanna get
9 9.Free Lunch ke all my life I got somethin' to prove hoe I shot my teacher hoe bitch I took recess hoe bitch You better ... k recess hoe bitch You better Google me and do your research hoe I fucked plenty bitches under the bleachers hoe I cheat on my bitch'cause I don't need you hoe Wh ... never ever see my dad All my life I had to struggle That's why I tal
10 7.Duck ft.Jae Millz Gudda Gudda Shanell e Can get life behind bars with these murderous quotes The flow is like meth it's like crack it's like heroin Yes I am spitting this dope I am ... s searching for you like it's Google I'm brutal I've been slept on fo
11 2.Much Love ussy like Google I know coo-coos that'll shoot you and voodoo like Shaka Zulu Don't trust niggas that's probably why I always approach with ca ... Facing a bottle and living my life like a dome shot If around the corner waiting for me right now time I don't got But maybe I'm tripping maybe I'm not maybe it's ... 'm sick of this motherfucking life all day living Piss in a bucket in
12 2.Hypnotic off that Google Ad-Sense Make me want a chair or a bar stool Going to Hawaii treating y'all like Sarah Marshall I could take it or leave it I ... worst one Thinking'bout your life questioning if you deserve one You
13 4.Why I Do It ng Called Life4.Why I Do It[feat. Lil Wayne][Verse1:Lil Wayne] Get off my dick let me do me That's a million bucks every two weeks I'm ... our fuckin' business and stop googlin' on me nigga I do Tunechi on th
14 3.Funky Magus using my life and my people and my love to convince the world about how real it was. Give it comfort that it's having an authentic experience ... somebody IE this guy and Dr. Lifestyle-Coach-Party-Dad's got my two tickets to paradise. You know you got pick from some'stupid list endless feeling choice buffe ... e VIP invitation to their own life? Or just selling some new extra steps for validation by generating buyer's remorse and then absolving it for dollars and thenbe ...
15 2.StankaKILLaFornia st on one life For a minimal way to go Late no with these new whores They say will be onthe bottom of my dick And you knpow Ill pay on road Yo ... d let the mama make duggeling Googeling' your mama in Ierusalim But t
16 15.You& The6 ma man my life is a mess Ain't been returning the texts so she been reading the press She got ... een reading the press She got google alerts them shits go straight to her phone She worry bout me from home you know she raised me alone She said'I heard you back ... angel but she don't want this life The timing ain't right Maybe one day but even one day with us is a time of a ... ne day with us is a time of a life We do things that people pay to document You got the swee
17 6.Letter2 Pac hrough my life you inspire me dawg When you died I really cried I wanted to ride for you dawg Say'pac I be going through it just like you Poli ... a spot for me I wish you had Google Can't really tell you in this le
18 6.I'm Serious I'm Sorry computer googling grief cures talking to no one Waiting for ... talking to no one Waiting for life to start feeling better? Waiting f
19 13.Give Me Not Control ime Flys, Life Dies... Phoenix Rise13.Give Me Not Control[Intro][Hook Canibus] Give me control of all the world's media And I care not ... ibus] For the Phoenix to rise life must die And that's just how it is sometimes The narrow path is not always clear cut but don't fear nothing Good karma will amo ... ut I sit around the table and Google Meditate learn the Metu Neter language from YouTube Raw talent force multiplier enforcer The Universe bleeds from every orifi ...
20 5.If Wishes Were Fishes o make my life complete I keep drinking from my wishin' cup But real ... from my wishin' cup But real life steps in to f.... it up If wishes were fishes I wish every God damn body would learn to drive and stop cutting me off on Inters ... lf-serving dick Wish I hadn't googled Anthony Weiner's dick Was our g

21 15.Legends for your life God Kissing they ass you hoeing for your ... they ass you hoeing for your life God Money got low you bout to sell your ice God Music industry treadin' water Was on top now you barely can feed your daughter ... find you and I ain't have to Google Hook Is you legendary first class of secondary Is you executive level or are you secretary Is the hatin' on them young boys n ... ? Is Kobe mad at Bron? That's life you pass the baton But read the Qu
22 38.Time Is of the Essence(feat. Punch) s more to life I know my wrongs I know my rights And while you jog I travel at the speed of light I see the light shades on You got an Audemar ... a year?31558464000 and yeah I googled it But which one of you would h
23 8.Modern World(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) ut as you google'triple x' Imagination kicks in The more you think about sex... boys With someone else the better it gets... boys You have a p ... ys You have a purpose in your life Besides cheating on the wife For f
24 2.Swag ista dein Life ist vorbei Du hast den Ek nach'nem Feature gefragt doch tut mir Leid muss ich leider vernein' Ich bin die graue Eminenz Kauf di ... uch hat ein iPhone dabei komm google mich Mann dann weißt du Bescheid
25 16.To the Light u It's my life It's just a song and some music to you It's just a video You ... to you It's just a video You google youtube it through Criticize me while you watch Everynight it's stupid views You like to talk like I'm not really a user too ... deep inside it cost some afterlife You tryin to get on where I'm at Payin half the price The world's a joke Why shouldn't I laugh at ... joke Why shouldn't I laugh at life I feel sorry for you cats Yet tomorrow's on the wack I
26 15.White Rapper ice on my life I don't like no white rappers[Hook] Growing up it was tough my family said that I sucked They gave up I was just a white rapper ... only one that did I spent my life in that basement On cruise road up in eagle point Cops labeled it a gang house we was doing music We dropped out dreaming of be ... o are you kidding?' I be like'Google me bitch' They always compare us
27 5.Move That Dope Nectel Chirp Let Your Hair Blow Feat. Young Scooter ou better Google search' Money rule my universe Nigga we made it We had the beat and then we heard the verse and said'nigga we hate it' Livin' ... d'nigga we hate it' Livin' my life like I'mJaden(Smith) Tesla the col
28 12.Enter The Uninvited Time and Life GIJoe spam fritter shocking. Cold War sparring Langley spooking Grosvenor Square(the London Station). Elvis hips and Monroe lip ... United Nations. Bubblegum and Google-bum Facebook-frenzied social net
29 7.Pay Mein Gold e Book of Life has no names just shackle and chains Day traders reading Elliott waves Dark entities deep enclaves houses sheep and slaves The ... t of such knowledge is banned Google Glass hardwired to the human gla
30 7.Keep Watch ad and my life got'em slightly mad Cause I shine like chrome inJuly Soldier I opened your eyes noticed the lies DEA say I'm drugging'em I get ... ng on some Wu-Tang'Can It Be' Googly-eyed nigga chop his face in the
31 3.Lights On ain't no Google maps life is like our airline is broken We k
32 3.Peanut Butter Sandwiches about how life is so dreary Enable the laugh track when watching Big Bang Theory Keep magic beans in your left pocket And speak to old thieves ... es among other things include Googling And no one can remember when t
33 3.Really Cool Wig Cuz I was Google Image Searching for a really cool wig.(A really cool wig. A really cool wig.) AND IT WAS REALLY COOL. AND IT WAS REALLY FLY. ... really felt great.) I started Google Image Searching for my wig right away.(Before it could fade. Before it could fade) I LOOKED AT EVERY PICTURE. I SPENT A LOT O ... FORTUNE. I DON'T WANT A HAPPY LIFE. IJUST WANT TO DIE IN my really co
34 8.Bitter Bug r Bug Life on the road is crazy so much sensation so much temptation so many celebrations that I need a vacation it takes a lot of patienc ... ving from critic to cynic I'm Google Analytics I'm over thinking like
35 2.2nd movement MorningJourney& The Arrival legory of life.3) When It's Green My son asked me once:'Dad? Do we see the same thing?.... When it's green?'4) Car Horn Serenade5) ANTS We car ... s like bird shit!Just look on Google Earth– the higher up you climb! And each day we traverse it! An hour from waking up we're driving thirty miles. All the peopl ... disillusion Be a metaphor for life.9) On The Treadmill We all found out too late(that the contract's binding) We could never appreciate that the ads we saw as kid ..
36 7.Before He Walked my joy my life my music.[Verse1:] I'm from a small city but I have big dreams Had some good ideas but I had better schemes I thought the hustl ... soothing like the navy But a lifetime of scars only sixteen bars. So I took the vibe with me using my ... ook the vibe with me using my life Yep I propose the main music my wife. If ever need to call a nigga music's my night And if I need to bring the girls together m ... sounds I ever heard my joy my life my music.[Verse2:]
37 11.Eulogy otten but life goes on The world spins different when you get-get-gettin' it It probably make the sun shine brighter didn't it But all things ... s deteriorating Could've made google but you in that state Bing Who's
38 11.Situations(Prod Statik Selektah) iving the life for me mossing lights Shows and flights travelling through the coldest nights Everybody nowadays wanna hold the mike Rolled the ... ke Sean And yall was living a life of crime And now you good you figured that we woulda understood Oh well(Chorus) They understand Sometimes I lose my mind It's f ... ng water in yo cereal Now the googly standing round at yo video(Choru
39 6.Seamonster cage from Google street view Most of my best clothes have worn thin I think its time for a change but I'm alright I don't want to stale in gre ... psychos see me see you see my life through Google street view
40 1.Rick Kid Cause my life's recorded Futon on the floor Trying make this music shit orbitJust got off tour No more saying that I can't afford shit I neve ... heard I was working with them Googled me watched Feel Tall... In fact this hasn't even gon' to printing You got the exclusive breaking news: Fucker this is just t ... lot if you don't do this shit Life's a bitch she will kill ya Stuck i
41 7.Hey Lover he boring life that I once led Stuffing white spread asshole on a sofa bed Sometimes I hate myself for trying to be so bold But nothing ever s ... sung that wellJust copy paste Google search and send it to myself Hey
42 13.Dasa Bala feat. Timbuktu Aylar YAG dasa bala googooli put your hands in the sky! put your hands in the sky! you cutie Too halo hoolim hamegi shangoolim we are so happy and all d ... ndegi we are so happy and the life is so cool Yag: Emshab mikham in s
43 14.The Star Room Killin' Time(Live) bunch of Google map stars shit They got a app for… that[Verse1] But me I'm still trapped inside my head it kinda feel like it's a purgatory S ... ? I put this music against my life I think I fear the choice And I don't know what I'm running from but I'm running still I conversate with acquaintances but it's ... g your dreams? We wonder'bout life but none of us willing to learn The money we earn is something to burn Why won't they give me a turn–out? Feed the hungry and c
44 14.Road Rage le you're googling nekkid breasteses! These other drivers they're all brain dead I swear the traffic lights see me and they all change red I t ... 's nowhere to park! I hate my life
45 11.Still Real& Raw live in a life loss My writtens are vivid I live it despite loss Crime flaws but I succeed anyway Wanna battle? Then pick please any day Many ... ment My fan base speak for me google the compliments Leave you astoni

46 7.Can't Get There From Here I put my life in rhyme form and recorded it On my debut and stayed true to my coordinates No never recorded it ask my subordinates Since back ... m here without magical poof I google maps'd it I'm there maxin' I've
47 10.Number One Rule be livin life with my whole damn crew'Cause the number1 rule is never be number2 number2 hey!(Verse) Yea I'm the man around my city I'm takin ... s on the internet my lims are Google Chrome yea I'm all over the web baby you can call me Charlotte20k a night man I used to shop the targets In Bang city the sec ... ell me how are you I be livin life with my whole damn crew'Cause the number1 rule is never be number2 number2 hey!(Bridge) I won't stop til I'm the best And I'll ...
48 11.Perception ng Now my google find replace will consume the entire nation I'm moving around and around and it sound confusing And illusion it's all that th ... nd illusion it's all that the life is and there's nothing to it. I'll prove it with cubics and cone and now we've grown into a diamond So what the fuck have you b ... u.(Verse) Songs in the key of life and life is all perception Believe in what
49 13.Everything's Good(Good Ass Outro) ing in my life you know than I am of you and what you've done. Chance you have done remarkable and wondrous things so you don't have to tell m ... g's Good See my name when you google search it Use a card when I make
50 4.Success sk why is life worth living Is it to hunt for the shit that you want? To receive's great but I lust giving The best jewelers wanna make my thi ... y'all drive by like monuments Google Earth Nas I got flats in other c
51 11.Open Letter FreeStyle My whole life changed in a split second Now I understand the hidden outlaw on the dollar They never let a nigga that had a power In the final ... n on sentence My raps is true life events The general man I'm back with info Did you know a haitian was the founder of ChicagoJean Baptiste if you wanna ... agoJean Baptiste if you wanna Google search up a haitian on the map All y'all do is ... an on the map All y'all do is Google eart
52 8.God Hates The Tips ng go and Google it. Now today across the land People still keep his commands And children learn their first lesson right after birth. The one ... they smile and say'welcome to life on earth.' God hates the tips of l
53 1.Clappin n v1- life is like copy right gotta understand ... me… still googling money: mo money- no problem bu
55 9.Future Primitive Art School(feat. KOOL AD+ Big Baby Gandhi) ceanic my lifestyle is tight magic My grapple is too chapel My scramble to too ample Vamp on an amplified sample Toasts up on the spectac-get- ... he internet I don't fuck with Google Lookin' out my window my snipe g
56 10.Success sk why is life worth living? Is it to hunt for the shit that you want? To receive's great but I lust giving The best jewelers wanna make my th ... y'all drive by like monuments Google Earth Nas; I got flats in other
57 1.5 Star(Remix) ota do is google trina See da proof mane Cause ain't nun of deese hoes Doin shows in a recession Dey cars get declinned Now dey sufferin a dep ... ch Eatin5 star meals My whole life style Like comin to america All my
58 7.Get Lost the game Life sucks you gotta rub with the grain We'll never stop until you're hearing the name You gotta lace em up march on search on We ar ... nt a new start Yo I don't use google I use my noodle Pull out my comp
59 1.Lily One In a Googolplex-What Is Your Name?1.Lily Snow and sunny cobblestone she doesn't think too much about it but maybe it makes her fe ... t maybe it makes her feel her life some more maybe it makes her like her haircut i pay attention to the words she uses she gives so many excuses modesty highlight ... d and you could guess that my life's just a mess but when i'm with her i enjoy it more or less Oh when she smiles these shaky shaky smiles she walks a million mil ... d
60 3.Sophia(For the Good of the Others) One In a Googolplex-What Is Your Name?3.Sophia(For the Good of the Others) Will i see her again in a matter of time this clumsy chap ... f youself she knew it all her life she makes me sing And when she sings it's a warm summer day a warm summer day a warm summer day and i'm lost in the most lost i ... yourself you knew it all your life and let me get it And when she sin
61 4.Every Star Is a Thought One In a Googolplex-What Is Your Name?4.Every Star Is a Thought Every star's a thought no lens flare in my eyes the brightest one is ... d the lights i owe you all my life Want to be near to you my love was long gone don't mind if there's no spice don't wanna get it wrong A letter to my love in a l ... one is yours i owe you all my life Truth is i have you all the time i
62 8.Guest List good for life but still I'm far away from perfect Shit I'm straight like12:30 Call me the good Im burping Chillin with brown sugar and cinnam ... booty so big you can probably Google Earth it I'ma hit it girl with t
63 3.Brain Not a Chain e. I just Googled the meaning of annuitize Which stupid guys' rhymes you bumped in lieu of mine?! Who am I? Spose motherfucker! P-DANK to the ... out to Spose Man I owe him my life And I remember back when He told me keep rappin' Look at all that happened Since'John Madden' In Salt Lake when he signed the d ... awesome) Welcome to the music life With theJet Blue flights And on the news at night When it comes to picking cards Gotta choose'em right'Cuz this music ... hoose'em
64 12.RoundTable Discussion mous plot Google maps on your iPhone to give it the spot And location all these apps so they could track yo ass And tap yo line and snatch yo ... omma like your momma give you life lyrically From Rollywood to Hollyw
65 10.Road to Perdition e boy' My life feel like a highlight reel This is lightning striking feel how the Zeitgeist feel Get a slight chill[Bridge:Jay Z] I got these ... pop MichaelJackson nigga rock Google me baby understand where I'm com
66 2.Eat Your Vegetables s Fuck my life they on to us I'm fly as fuck[Hook][Verse3] Fuck y'all I come hard Like Spongebob my friends stars Like Friendster nobody going ... Hulu with two dudes I used to Google I'm frugal with time every girl'
67 8.4 Loko(Remix)(Feat. ASAP Twelvy Smoke DZA Danny Brown Killa Kyleon Freeway) Mob-Trill Life8.4 Loko(Remix)(Feat. ASAP Twelvy Smoke DZA Danny Brown Killa Kyleon Freeway)[Intro A$AP Rocky] Coming down sittin' clea ... real line Got a trap line Got Google voice numbers on both phones I'm
68 6.December Rains shut With Google getting on your nerves And politics left and right Kiss your private ... t and right Kiss your private life goodbye Lights out say goodnight Whenever I get to feeling good You're always on my mind You can satisfy your thirst for ... u can satisfy your thirst for life Some december rain woud dbe Enough
69 11.Thiz Iz Hip Hop rt smoker Googoun drinker Fuck your vest nigga cause I'm aiming for your thinker What up to all my niggas hand-to-hand in the morning Doing it ... on the night shift The night life with the right white White tops go
70 7.Built for This ist it up Life is a blunt and the world is my ash tray I got them quarters and them halves just meet me like halfway And I need a hundred perc ... d me that[Hook][Verse3: StreetLife] It's the world's worst quick to snatch your man purse And leave your body head first in the stretched hearse Murder she wrote ... ng on his linen shirt You can Google my name but you ain't gotta sear
71 16.Our Babies2(Crazy World) n circles google it It's a crazy world it's life we live In a crazy world! So crazy the things you see man You turn the television You look outside your window It's a crazy wor ... here I was gonna go! It's the life we live in a crazy word It's enoug
72 2.School of Hard knocks hances in life i take it I'm following the rules and never copping plea's[Hook] School of hard knocks my nigga I'm like a doctor Lock it down ... d the third opens This street life got my heart frozen Some niggas pay homage i Montage soak it up because ya lesson Ya own trials Never a fool in invisible schoo ... talized on beats with spinach Google my G Bing my sentence Digitally underground illmatic vintage My ... derground illmatic vintage My life after death got me t
73 4.Mind Your Business the coin Google it Read a book Donald Gorge made it humorous Exposing the planet stop being nosy and scandalous Spoken language part English ... th your neck tattoo Fuck your life and your wife she can get slapped
74 14.Masters of the Dark Arts e Tree of Life and feed it though the root of evil For thousands of years power polluted people Now our trusted brand stands amidst the madnes ... n Twitter Skull and Bones own Google and Facebook Face off get your f
75 4.Top of the World o the old life Got the same old car but now a days I don't drive Kicking it with people that do wrong their whole ... ple that do wrong their whole life And yeah I'm still up on that high horse old spice And they don't want to mess around They just want to get in for free Don't w ... this? I went from working at google to watching my google alerts Now I got a buzz bigger thGoogle Earth All my fans are virgins le
76 1.Little Time Bomb ve a nice life I sit and pray For a blue train for a fast train Take you far far away from here Rollin' rollin' Goin' somewhere Rollin' rollin ... e TV Better put some distance Google As much as possible Distance as
77 10.The Thickets zy how yo life seem to play out like a movie? I'm truly one of the baddest motherfuckers who ever do it Done did it done do it again and ain't ... und So shazam me and then you Google dungeon family And when you do y
78 4.Renegade the easy life don't break the seal thats the start to the nightmare ... ts the start to the nightmare life passes by but its always right there Renegade rules so we just don't care live ... es so we just don't care live life like a rebel cos this ain't no timeshare. I'm a renegade I'm a rebel. Don't worry about me don't worry about me. Put your drink ... cool I'm Maxsta search it on Google Put Grime on a stage near you. I'm a renegade Don't worry about me don't worry
79 12.Welcome To My Hood(Remix) uz I live life fast with this bottle full of yak ima sip it slow Singles double when triple beams takeover Now holla cuz they impalas got extr ... and nothin can top it You can google it and you can search it On how
80 5.Legendary o take my life Then take your life after Don't take me light or play me light We two of the same God melted a Rubic's cube into fluid and threw it in my intuitive ... ort of Detroit rap niggas can Google this gat Cause we the reason why
81 15.Love Me Tomorrow ramba you google me I'm beyond the boobies and champagña Bumbaclot don't shrug me'cause I'm the rapper But again you fondled a slacker who's ... u about to cry I was forsaken life taken and you feel the pain Heart
82 4.Puzzled By People s I do to life choosing to lose time instead of doing what I like Starts off black and white and lacking in ... lack and white and lacking in life until pen in blue lends it a hue. Puzzled by people loving isn't easy you can't ... e loving isn't easy you can't google the solutions to people's feelin
83 10.Friends& Family c in they life You know what I'm saying I can't do music with people I'm uncomfortable with You know what I'm saying I can't be on stage with ... 6 In fact it was pretty fresh Google that find that shit It sound goo
84 5.Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes ack man's life span Is like three fifths that of a white man He never put five grand in a ... He never put five grand in a life plan So he can't afford to fall cause he might land In a clinic where the nurse is the night man They're to sign in visitors an ... ed by pain Rap fans shall not Google thy name The day you die people
85 13.Albino Gorillas s is real life I'm a set you up for failure Devastatin' force on land or sea Bar brawler that stand taller then Tranzor Z A complete metamorph ... stash the glock I catch18 in life like Sebastian Bach Then I'm back on the block like an astronaut With moon rocks in my socks mad cash and knots[Chorus:] This i ... ith a heart or two One of you google search King Kong Your the wrong
86 30.Welcome Home the paper Google me and check mine I'm not finished with this by damn far I had to pause a minute tell a bitch get in the damn car Keep my min ... t my money gotta live it up a life is pitiful But eat and sleep and s
87 4.WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!! hem Asked Google how to use them Sent me to a section about used guns New runs nuns'll scream moms with jeans Match their teens' jeans and gen ... ark get set cop em! Imagine a life that revolves around shopping Cons
89 8.Children lose his life every night out here Kinda hot but they talk about ice out here Is all some ill shit12 to19 all ready to kill shit All of'em is ... gas is too rude all I know is Google and YouTube is makin' it easy Wi
90 4.Outta My Mind o Like my life and career's been under voodoo I broke the hex and wrote the checks the coke connect should think I'm bluffin ... nect should think I'm bluffin google-me Ho-hold no hamo how humble I can be? I been watching MTV all my ... e? I been watching MTV all my life now MTV's watching me See[Bridge:] Nobody knows what went wrong with me Somebody tell me what the fuck is wrong with me This is ... wrong with me This isn't the life I was born to see What the fuck is
91 6.The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton ith a low life... Sail you a polo whit vest Gucci.. start to smoke marijuana.. bit**es bad asses and.. change winds no.. igonorance is success ... m over with school To50.. MCs google was with me.. last rail Made it happen with a.. no regrets ow i feel.. recorded song never made it my draws Don't thi ... i.. still I rise.. survive my life put aside my difference social vic
92 7.Textually Active o make my life easy! is there an'app' for this that we can apply? Can you use ... hat we can apply? Can you use google maps to find my eyes? I guess I'll just go ask jeeves if there's anyway that he can help me please!! Because I'm wireless as ... ology was supposed to make my life easy! Come on boy you gotta tap that app it's a jungle out there we're going to the wild wild web and there's lions and tigers ... ology was supposed to make my life easy
93 3.Smoke And Mirrors n sink of life Thirteen years of negligence But you're too far in to jump the fence I bet you rue the day When you took his lovin that night S ... s for keeps Can't you see the goog the bad the ugly They told you it
94 12.Cthulhu* research. Google Youtube W dot something. The future is at your finger tips. Backpedaling into the primordial ooze. Board the windows try to h ... me. Dreamt of a world without life. Woke up and you don't exist. No o
95 8.I'm Da Man se niggas googling me checkin what my status be Where I get my outfit from and what the hell's my salary Actually ask yo girlfriend who her fa ... ga and I get her right Living life got these niggas mad I'm a stud th
96 14.Twin Studies wn with a Google search I've known for about two years but I thought No it's just too weird Baba: What?!? No way what's your birthday? Twin: I ... ind of connection intimate My lifestyle could hardly be more itinerant Twin: You came to my college in2006 you rapped The Canterbury Tales for the medieval Englis ... erent ways I mean I envy your lifestyle– it looks pretty flat-out I d
97 12.I Wanna Go Crazy(feat. Will.I.Am) celebrate life with a suicide girl I wanna go go now go Am celebrate ... nna go go now go Am celebrate life with a suicide girl I need to go need a fuckin go Go celebrate ... need a fuckin go Go celebrate life with a suicide girl(Girl) I need g..g..g..go now go Yeah i'm a celebrate with a suicide girl.l.l.l I WANNA GO CRAZY! Crazy in t ... go aint geographical You cant google map map-quest it when I go loco If you need to know the designational i'm going crazy I aint b
98 9.Three Cheers For The BoostJuice Lady guys from Google Mad Props for CrazyJohn But if coming out your ears Ain't reward enough You got to spare a thought For those who are better o ... bar dirge about his itinerant lifestyle And the breakdown of his rela
99 12.A Lot To Drink About r side of life There goes the yacht there goes the Rolls But you you get to keep your wife And don't forget the auto makers Swimmin' upstream ... it's hidin' Can't be found on Google Earth Citibank's buyin' jets wit
100 1.MyJob ready to Lifestyle I'm living ain't steady boo(Not at all) All I can say(yeah yeah yeah)[Verse2] Ayo I'm lookin' for a job ain't nobody hirin ... ow my history? All he did was Google me no big mystery He ain't diggi

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