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1 3.Goldfish Workout(Feat. Sooski) ITOC3.Goldfish Workout(Feat. Sooski) Lyricist FiFi Rong Sooski Composer Benjamin Dunkerley Side to side up and down turn around pout Side to side up ... up and down turn around pout Goldfish workout Goldfish workout Goldfish workout Turnaround pout Turnaround pout Side to side up and down turn around pout Side to side up and down turn around pout ... up and down turn around pout Goldfish workout Goldfish workout Goldfish workout Turnaround pout Turn
2 3.Free ompany Bought her a goldfish- she named it after me. We look at old photographs of lovers come and gone I
3 8.Let's Fall In Love English soles do it Goldfish in the privacy of bowls do it Let's do it come on let's fall in lov
4 10.Kirby rich with bowls of goldfish Skittish in the company of stranger danger Otherwise chase drawstrings tails
5 14.Water Tower whether disposable goldfish Or theist we certainly become the Earth as equals in a circle Unique until t

6 9.Non-Believers n't smell You and a goldfish Only thing Got a similar smell I ain't trying to find Nemo Looking for no Sq
7 4.Law& Order a shark but you's a goldfish Boy ya ass a parrot get your nose hit I'm somethin' like pour some water on
8 13.Escape From Czarkham Asylum sound of the spark goldfish fuck around with the sharks No bitch no cowards at heart no matter how big a
9 4.Trash Fish(Fishin' All Day) her got a goldfish put him in a little dish brother got a ... n a little dish brother got a goldfish put him in a little dish turne
10 2.Goldfish arnt2.Goldfish[Intro] Maybe in another life If we get another life Maybe in that life... Maybe in that life...[Verse1] Where is your g ... as you[Chorus] You're just a goldfish swimming in a bowl Stay up to
11 55.Elaine re like a goldfish in a bowl Elaine Elaine Elaine They have your mind they'll take your soul You come you stay you go It really doesn't matter ... e Elaine Elaine You're like a goldfish in a bowl Elaine Elaine Elaine They have your mind they'll take your soul Nowhere to go you know they're gonna get you Nowh ... e Elaine Elaine You're like a goldfish in a bowl Elaine Elaine Elaine
12 14.Grooveline Pt.2 override your Green Goldfish ass So for every heo you clown I'mma crown too And anything good hurts and I
13 8.Little Plastic Castle right away They say goldfish have no memory I guess their lives are much like mine And the little plastic
14 2.Fresher Than Ever start now? You boys goldfish swimming with the sharks now Fuck what you drive just know you will get park
15 2.Explode ning like a bowl of goldfish And I'm telling Rittz cause I know'bout that dole of go-gets Sick of penny-p
16 14.Baby Brother Non-Album Track imming round in the goldfish bowl. Since nobody told him that he hadn't oughta He swam around for hours w
17 9.Go n told Every little goldfish is not gold Every little viper's not your friend And a million dollars is no
18 1.Cantaloop(Goldfish Remix) Goldfish-Three Second Memory1.Cantaloop( ... Second Memory1.Cantaloop(Goldfish Remix) Ladies and Gentleme
19 2.Choose Your Own Adventure Goldfish-Three Second Memory2.Choose Your Own Adventure If you head to work e
20 3.One Million Views Goldfish-Three Second Memory3.One Million Views Long gone back in the day oh

21 4.Followers Of The Beat Goldfish-Three Second Memory4.Followers Of The Beat It's a bang bang bang It'
22 6.Away Game Goldfish-Three Second Memory6.Away Game Headed for a big night gonna have a f
23 7.He's Crazy Goldfish-Three Second Memory7.He's Crazy I'll do most anything and everything
24 8.Take Back Tomorrow Goldfish-Three Second Memory8.Take Back Tomorrow By this time You're waiting
25 12.Three Second Memory Goldfish-Three Second Memory12.Three Second Memory And oh Lord From the ghett
26 21.Mountain of Strange chine Seven million goldfish swimming in vicious circles in vicious streets Where were the virgins as far
27 2.Waiting on the clock u said you'd eat my goldfish you were so hungry so on our shaking knees we went to try sushi and each nig
28 1.Casting Out Demons oking like a pretty goldfish with some piranha teeth I try reclining on the sideline comfortably Ain't wa
29 3.Playing God end and now I got a goldfish Bullshit I built the planet had it linked and locked That's why it's hard to
30 8.We Be Runnin' This focus.... a game of goldfish When it comes to the magnified rhythm we got you open Precise is apparent an
31 8.We Be Runnin' This focus.... a game of goldfish When it comes to the magnified rhythm we got you open Precise is apparent an
32 15.Windows Half Down o you's a goldfish I'm a shark nigga yeah Warrup nigga to them sharks nigga[Verse1:] Yeah I'm hollin that sneaky diddy I see you peepin me I'm ... n Let him drown nigga You's a goldfish Yea I'm a shark I could spark in the dark If I blast at your knees you can't walk If I put a muzzle on you how you talk spe ... nigga You's a dolphin you's a goldfish You ain't bout this and I know
33 12.Kill Kill Kill k up like'Fuck them goldfish' M-m-m-madness and mayhem P.M. to the A.M Stomp like the collector got a col
34 8.The Gus Haynes cribbage league(feat. Busdriver) hire Trapped like a goldfish Oh my lungs they're two atavistic steamboats Filled with negroe spirituals a
35 5.No Love d at my back Smokin goldfish at the photo mat Load my clap clap can't trustem never did What it is You're
36 3.Cool Zombie trip to London town Goldfish eyes and a permanent frown A cool zombie Well we haven't seen ya in a while
37 10.Name Me King(featuring Pusha T) as fish scale not a goldfish My young baby sitter now my old bitch Blowjobs cause what I sold made her no
38 34.The Place I Love lourful flowers And goldfish that swim in a pool there's a small brick wall With neon lighting controlled
39 1.Fort Knox[2012 Edit] Goldfish-Goldfish1.Fort Knox[2012 Edit]
40 2.Soundtracks and Come Backs[2012 Edit] Goldfish-Goldfish2.Soundtracks and Come Back
41 3.In Too Deep Goldfish-Goldfish3.In Too Deep Rescue me
42 4.Humbug[2012 Edit] Goldfish-Goldfish4.Humbug[2012 Edit] I s
43 5.This Is How It Goes[2012 Edit] Goldfish-Goldfish5.This Is How It Goes[2012
44 6.Woman's a Devil Goldfish-Goldfish6.Woman's a Devil In th
45 2.Deion Sandals May5th in the candy goldfish Bi polar paint seats look like tiger paws Eating lobsters sharks screen's on

46 6.Sick As A Dog It's like I'm in a goldfish bowl Faces staring at me cold When there's no backbone in your spine You sho
47 1.Muffin Purper-Gurk ce romance hey your goldfish sucks alpakas make me angry come on everybody put youring hands up what? fuc
48 4.Pet Store alive with dancing goldfish snakes and lizards diving in their food dish all the crickets safe within th
49 8.Slippery Slope ery slope Goldfish in a bowl Got my brain full of holes Left half right half No one's in charge here ... half No one's in charge here Goldfish in a bowl Got my hands covered in Blood and I cannot Stop this haemorrhage ... cannot Stop this haemorrhage Goldfish in a bowl Got my hands covered
50 1.Rollin'(Freestyle) nympho Drink like a goldfish That's right you know this Hold up: click-clack OK I'm reloaded F*ck with Li
51 4.Reynold's Park football You had a goldfish and you killed it on the spot This is how our bad habits made their first re
52 17.Love Done Live Here s dark. shes like a goldfish they got her swimmin with the sharks. a year later found her murdered lying
53 11.Sleep By The Sink gh Bullet holes and goldfish bowls with teapot spouts Take control and tell me what to live without Take
54 12.Sick For No Reason killer whale into a goldfish bowl Now we must fight your lyrical pistol don't even bust right Mine can sh
55 4.Lars Attacks! because I ate your goldfish Cause I burned your house down took your cat and sold it This is hardcore al
56 13.A Crash Of Rhinoceros two. A troubling of goldfish a cluster of cats A bloat of hippopotami a cloud of bats Ostentation of peac
57 9.In California the fox pick off my goldfish from their sorry golden state- and I am no longer afraid of anything save th
58 12.Numb e track mind like a goldfish Stuck inside my pantry dish. I can't breathe and I can't smile This better b
59 3.Juliette any. I bought her a goldfish She named it after me. We look at old photographs Of lovers come and gone As
60 1.CrunchyJoe Goldfish-Get Busy Living1.CrunchyJoe Looking under my shoulder looking over a
61 2.Call Me Goldfish-Get Busy Living2.Call Me I wasn't sure if it was you I couldn't see
62 3.Get Busy Living Goldfish-Get Busy Living3.Get Busy Living When it's music that you need* And
63 5.Humbug Goldfish-Get Busy Living5.Humbug I see your eyes they look like thunder Thant
64 7.We Come Together Goldfish-Get Busy Living7.We Come Together Hold on we brave the waves don't f
65 8.In Too Deep Goldfish-Get Busy Living8.In Too Deep Rescue me now I'm falling in too deep o
66 16.Miraculous Machines(Linda Gold) it's the bowl of a goldfish But inverse that- it's a fisheye then it's fly Came a long way since the Fri
67 11.Reformation tel Tiles Goldfish bowl Blimp[3] TF[4] Traitor Post Arse Reformation post TLC Love[? Deafen]mit uns Arbeit mit uns[5] Arbeit mit uns Reformati ... For a reformation Salutation Goldfish bowl Goldfish bowl Back'89 Back'89 Floorboar
68 6.Press7 nger floats for you goldfish Go dig another ditch'cause I'm dead done with this I'm hangin up now my new
69 3.Goldfish himi3.Goldfish I belong to a world to a race I practice unconscious cannibalism and the punishment as well As a human I thirst all the ... Nobody is wondering why? The goldfish is upside down. I belong to a world to a race I practice unconscious cannibalism and the punishment as well As a human I th ... nobody is wondering why? The goldfish is upside down. We smash this
70 10.Jupiter's Critic& The Mind Of Mars n all around like a goldfish Where's your bowl? Where's your soul? You said one too many things nigga let
71 17.Totally Addicted To Plaice show. The goldfish are dressed up to the nines The thought of eating ... e nines The thought of eating goldfish is so fine. Suddenly I'm back
72 6.Omc ike a lonely little goldfish? We fit together like soap in a soap dish. I know you think that it's hopele
73 8.My Very First Nervous Breakdown gutter selling envy Goldfish in the bowl is screaming free me! Breaking down down to the ground My head i
74 9.Abandone bowl and we're the goldfish. It's just our love. We all We fall Don't stop Don't sto
75 1.Soundtracks and Come Backs Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha1.Soundtracks and Come Backs I wanna take you to
76 2.This Is How It Goes Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha2.This Is How It Goes I'm sitting here on my own
77 3.Fort Knox Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha3.Fort Knox Hold on to the moment when there is
78 4.Just For Tonight Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha4.Just For TonightJust for tonight Forget what i
79 5.Fort Knox(Carlos Lamar Remix) Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha5.Fort Knox(Carlos Lamar Remix) Hold on to the m
80 7.Cruising Through Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha7.Cruising Through Seven years beyond2000 years
81 8.Cruising Through(radio edit) Goldfish-Perceptions Of Pacha8.Cruising Through(radio edit) Seven years beyon
82 1.Like The Rest Of Us t hold me like this goldfish bowl is the whole sea see? stuck with yourself like the rest of us dirt gets
83 12.Color hey even killed his goldfish[Hook] Okay kids we done learning color schemes Using words like white horse
84 12.Go Mental ental Staring at my goldfish bowl popping phenobarbitol Life is so beautiful i've gone mental mental ment
85 14.Imitation Of Life(Live In Dublin) frozen pond like a goldfish in a bowl I dont want to hear you cry thats sugarcane that tasted good thats
86 2.Mr. Baby o call Their hero a goldfish jockey Their hero remains mr. baby Mr. baby spills it by the ton He wraps hi
87 5.Careful What You Pack g all around By the goldfish pond She's gonna get in trouble now Shaking up the bees swinging from that t
88 4.Goldfish osts4.Goldfish Lost is where she feels at ease It's written in a code She can't read It haunts her And how how can there be hope When ... es out Should she flow like a goldfish in a bowl She doesn't see it o
89 9.Without You u Sensei says'Catch goldfish blind' Venice beach without you Sandy feet in my new shoes I'm driving fast
90 2.Ms.Philadelphia has two dogs and a goldfish She say's after law school she wants a career before kids We spoke forever o
91 4.Goldfish d Go4.Goldfish I'm leaving this morning I'll call when I can I'm going fishing on the Rio Grand Tell'em all I love'em I don't care wha ... say cuz I'm gonna catch me a goldfish today and I'm gonna catch me some quiet today I went by the circus but the doors were all closed and the kids were all scre ... say cuz I'm gonna catch me a goldfish today I'm gonna catch me a goldfish today I packed all my things and it didn't take long I remember what you looked like w
92 7.Hell On Earth r Let the goldfish swim outside Let the smokers smoke Let the politicians lie Let grandma be a bitch Athletes be filthy rich Let the stoners g ... e children get abused Let the goldfish swim outside Steal from the ol
93 5.Close nd you Life in this goldfish bowl The necessary price That we go through Because of the things we do So I
94 7.Confessions Part III onium I killed your goldfish accidently just replaced it with another one These are my confessionsJust wh
95 2.Shoot Down The Stars o small to hold the goldfish We filled our gills with water and ripped that mother fucker like So take a
96 5.Communicate(album Version) odgy location Its a goldfish situation Yeah im staring out at the world Everything is going to be alright
97 17.Let's Do It Let's Fall In Love English soles do it Goldfish in the privacy of bowls do it Let's do it let's fall in love The dragonflies
98 1.All Night Goldfish-Caught in the loop1.All Night When I'm out at night Take in all the
99 2.Love and Hate Goldfish-Caught in the loop2.Love and Hate When you're down and steal all nig
100 3.All Night(radio Edit) Goldfish-Caught in the loop3.All Night(radio Edit) When I'm out at night Take

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