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1 1.逃出深海洋 ive for Disaster we contrived and so we sign the terms and give up our souls Now I sail towards the seven
2 3.Without Moon or Rain e to my hello Don't contrive any charade Gentle man's walking away Love's mellowing here I know Birds of
3 6.この夜を止めてよ despair Laughter we contrived Could never really hide Our souls were gutted dying in the tears..... All t
4 7.現実を嗤う verbs as if you had contrived them i know your arrogance but do not point it out and you've not changed a
5 1.Without Moon or Rain e to my hello Don't contrive any charade Gentle man's walking away Love's mellowing here I know Birds of

6 1.YourJokes Aren't Funny me Your humor[?]so contrived It's no surprise what you want from me Got no quarters in my pocket There's
7 2.Echo n something someone contrives Your movements echo that I have seen the real thing Your biggest fear will
8 7.Bad Way [Bridge] In a world contrived I swore it on my life That I'd never be the one to leave your side Time hea
9 4.What You Mean to Me wn i feel contrived under the head of every love that i ever have dreamed of i dont know how to read books anymore i cling not to what i am bu ... tonight counting down i feel contrived under the head of every love that i ever have dreamed of advance my heart this is all a phase i can react to this for days ... tonight counting down i feel contrived under the head of every love
10 10.Good Women Do to be so contrived you're my main event i hate you that does not mean obsessed a dog chewing its own bones and i won't ever go home i can not ... you know that i love to be so contrive
11 8.Evergreen line Inside it's so contrived Black box that knows nothing Repeats it all again I stumble while I'm stari
12 4.The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook For I'm a Pessimist Contrive my tongue if you complicate it I feel left out[Pre-Chorus] Fate can tell you
13 7.Nostrum ication Deceitfully contrived Synthesized fictitious Dreamed up by remote prototypes Opiate for the yearn
14 9.Irreversible eath the surface of contrived pleasantries Be aware so as to always hold tighter Speak softer There is no
15 9.Eyes me And at the long contrived horizon of our life I know it's oh so wrong but her eyes are what I saw Lea
16 1.Farewell Evolution d a line Somehow we contrived to lose our soul where did it go where did it go Goodbye farewell evolution
17 12.Love for you(Feat. Emanny) atever thoughts you contrive I can't help you with But you've been tossin' it for a year and I derail the
18 1.Don't Lose Touch re coming off kinda contrived and pretentious. You're not saying anything we haven't heard before. You're
19 11.Burned Out On Bono tter than this cash contrived placation I need to find a better motivation Something better than commerci
20 12.Disorder Control ollected Dream eyed contrived Relapsed on lies Tongue tied you bite Wasting alive Disorder control Resusc

21 27.Reduced to Ash(Live) one left but unborn Contrived devastation see all is ruined Bodies now corpses bent broken and strewn Red
22 7.Sea Castle es Of worlds that I contrive They're in my sleep my dreams I speak them slow so you can read And not stan
23 11.Carousel ips it all seems so contrived Butchers in coffee shops we're know to cannot_____(?) Fighting bleeding bli
24 13.One Hand Washes the Other ice I'm concise and contrived And my imperfections run to me And there's flies in a pile where my hopes g
25 9.Manner Of Words at this burden I've contrived Will give its sorry self to the wolves Cover all of the walls that surround
26 6.Nihil ? Morals and values contrived systems used to control and invent realities realities made for us not buy
27 2.Vengeance Falls Death arrived Smile contrived He pulled me close But I survived This attack Turned life black Now I own t
28 5.Ratified ople wrecked as you contrived signed with x ratified genocide ratified genocide ratified genocide our lan
29 5.Sacred Sorrows ties hold onto your contrived misery repeat your sob story look at your pathetic being the dying swan is
30 8.Furnace e to survive what's contrived Realize use your mind cut the ties Cut loose the dead weight Fuel the Furna
31 6.World Shapers hey impel Contrived convent fabricated for constituents they will restore A fertile laboratory made for life to excel but most will still fail ... odden lands unseen they impel Contrived convent fabricated for consti
32 2.Krazy Bitch that this world can contrive. Fire it up breathe it in exhale out. Filled with rage temper climbs to boil
33 2.Black Snow emise in this world contrived Everything I once was and once defined I'm too blind to perceive the blindn
34 9.Tree of Suffocating Souls drown in this blood contrived Creator of suffering divine Of baseness surmounting these minds Of reflecti
36 20.Waves ry---over confident—Contrived-cuz--Im still trying to hide my flaws-- waves crashing pulling shore-----li
37 1.Composure(feat. Trenton Woodley) ced inside my hand: Contrived(Trenton Woodley): These snakes I see seething Bring promise redeemed for yo
38 8.Hope for the Best en things were less contrived. Oh I hope for the best Im prepared for the worst If you were in my shoes Y
39 7.Speak nd our survival was contrived by nothing more than hanging vines When all is said and done All we beckon
40 6.Language I: Intuition m your seed to seek Contrived sense of inception Intuition speak to m
41 5.We Wait Too Long t common prayers so contrived The ugly rumors have me gathered yeah Things are still polite But I will so
42 5.Deny Me was devised Excuses contrived I'm not who i seem. I'm out of my mind. Without a foundation for actions to
43 4.A Careworn Heart p my many hardships Contrive to rest my careworn heart. All my loves are fatally outcast Far off in some
45 11.Penthouse Serenade(When We're Alone) thouse we'll always contrive To keep love and romance forever alive In view of the Hudson just over the d

46 2.King of the Elves e disheartened bars contrived with hurt A weave of broken dreams is caging me yet I will run away*Tear it
47 6.Chemical Insomnia light from medicine contrived Golden treasures turning off the lights Forbidden fruit tastes better when
48 1.Up My Sleeves ish like magic Feel contrived to see you snatch it[?][Interlude] Snatch my fetish I keep it up my I'll ev
49 14.All I Want Is Everything ut barely I feel so contrived A leaning tower of possibilities built up On all these lies'Cos it ain't wo
50 11.Blocked Out poor penmanship and contrived ballpoint ink. I'll drive down the all too familiar roads and highways with
51 1.Sacrifice to Nothing saved they piously contrive Chorus: Get off your knees You have been deceived You are a victim of lies Y
52 9.Artillery Ghosts inguish…) Artillery contrived through the pulse of the spirits Claimed within the umbral webs The coffin
53 3.Belle a tactic; a method contrived. It was the first summer I was truly alive. I ran away to Bethlehem where I
54 4.Shady Existence itical. It's barely contrived no it's me telling some kid through a microphone he might be fucked in the
55 6.The Penultimate Year e talented from the contrived For a gentlemen soaked to bone in gin doing anything to leave that void he'
56 4.Starting to Believe to believe In their contrived little fantasy. But now I know this feeling Takes over my soul And lifts me
57 8.Origin Locus hould I flout Was I contrived did I evolve How come this quarrel hasn't yet been solved The time is lost
58 6.In Charge of the Scythe ir minds soiled and contrived now they're running out of time oh let their souls be mine fate lays in my
59 2.I Am Shit I say seems far too contrived. What are your intentions? I'm afraid of mine. Every word that I say seems
60 5.Taken Down(Marfa Demo) want it to feel so contrived Beginning of the day using up the time We'll want tomorrow decline Passing
61 9.Off Screen nd a mask contrived Lose ourselves a thousand times inside This is where we draw the line There's nothing else to give but what you see Only s ... s Hide our face behind a mask contrived Lose ourselves a thousand times inside This is where we draw the line There's nothing else to give but what you see Only s ... s Hide our face behind a mask contrived Lose ourselves a thousand times inside This is where we draw the line There's nothing else to give but what you see Only s ...
62 1.Overseas Now ooks so awkward and contrived But I know it's not my business And I know it's not my right And I don't kn
63 1.These Fevered Days e is wearing thin I contrive peers on my way The letter the rope the bones Descried nothing which atones
64 1.Antiphon or all ignored Head contrived tongue applied Nevermore nevermore Antiphon antiphon antiphon antiphon… Ant
65 2.Echoless Chamber oughts That man has contrived Enter the echoless chamber Deep inside the core Enter the echoless chamber
66 2.No Wisdom Brings Solace appear so contrived And science the paragon of devious crafts I struggle to assimilate this fact: No wisdom brings solace I start to realize t ... significance Axioms appear so contrived And science the paragon of de
67 7.Let Me Die victim of storms I contrive I feel like the best is behind And I can't go back The eye of the storm sati
68 9.Spirals at you hate All you contrive All that you love Burns in the sky And as you decay I am reborn All that you
69 1.Exit Strategy agedies I contrive survive Little battles in my mind Yeah I make my exit strategy I deny I don't try I don't try You say there's nothing to fi ... I face my pretty tragedies I contrive survive Little battles in my m
70 4.Keep Virginia Beautiful n with poetry their contrived metaphors and forced rhyme schemes It won't help me face the facts I'm down
71 6.Warsaw dless despair As we contrive our stand Torn away from all we knew With every morning stolen away Our waki
72 1.Mountains eams endeavoured to contrive Insignificant before your eyes Gods of the earth forged out of death Mighty
73 1.Catfish n we follow along I contrive you with Whiskey and Sam Cooke songs And we lay on our backs Soaking wet bel
75 4.Andromeda Sinister aggregate Contrive conclusion Deht diffusion Sycthe and Medea punishment is near Hades beheaded
76 15.Opposite Repellent s if by the[common] contrived proxy Developing the giant misnomer Enhance land and then strip Accelerant
77 3.Omerta's Sons u in your deception Contrive an answer Explain to me The rationale behind your treachery Now there are fi
78 9.Subtract l away So contrived See the falseness of the worldJust to get by Lose the truth of the real world Everything leaves me Nothing can hide Nothin ... ust throw it all away It's so contrived See the falseness of the worl
79 4.End of Us can't describe how contrived And your salvation all relies on financial class Right now is the rise and
80 1.Burning the Bridges to Nowhere c life was censored contrived No point of reference This used to mean something I used to feel something
81 2.Misled ng for something so contrived. Eyes never felt so pure I was searching for solace with intentions wrong.
82 7.Seaweed fer a look That was contrived? Or a look that says how I really keep with you? I have no plans in my mind
83 4.Black Death at miracle we could contrive I think I must be next well overdue Got nothing much left here to hold onto
84 1.Tip-Toe The Fault-Line d say Is hopelessly contrived A machine works to feed itself And so becomes alive… After so long on this
85 10.Dystopia nturies patient and contrived Pray on man's naivety gullible and blind. If you try to resist me you'll fi
86 9.Of Insect And Allegory that these eyes do contrive.'Gregor.....Gregor Samsa....' Where once were hands now seems unto me To hav
87 12.Drano-Ears endered our actions contrived And you sit and you think'til you've come unwound But if you can hear my vo
88 3.Missing Out Moving On apt that your fake contrived act Has come back around and caught up with you And it says more about you
89 4.Temp Files Infect Survival is contrived Absorbing the flow of data My physics are at my command Who commands me
90 13.Rip Vs. Poet Laureate ide ethereal time Uncontrived and alive by design Tiger tooth Spiderman diving off the roof Smile it's th
91 4.100-Kiloton Blast eminate the heroin. Contrivers of a false escape Indifferent to the suffering It creates. Died with a nee
92 6.Vaalbara life you contrive will have no place. Beget and begotten your will erased. Its geography has been razed. You are falling forward while fallin ... d and disgraced. The life you contrive will have no place. Left with
93 3.As The Fire Burns eparing the assault Contrived divisions strike! Purposes merged as one(Purposes merged as one one) Settin
94 8.Vital Signs signs all contrived To hide the vacant space behind my eyes This heartbeat's just a lie to fool the sky Cause I'd fake life in death To keep m ... to stay alive Vital signs all contrived To hide the vacant space behi
95 1.Born In Vein tion. Constrict and contrive as to derive that it's a sure bleed out in hopes of reaction. Inward replace
96 4.Oceans is is not contrived It's just how I feel about you And you and you... A calm and fickle breeze blows through Sand rolling between the toes of ... nd I am alive And this is not contrived It's just how I feel about you And you and you... The heart collides in small bursts of sparks And holds true sometimes to ... ut I am alive And this is not contrived It is just how I am feeling a
97 3.Hiero HQ suicide in a letter contrived and synthetic nice with the rose plyers cold killer fo' hire go til your ho
98 10.Twisted e confide in you So contrived were the words you sold me Now nothing can swallow The feeling so shallow i
99 2.Contrived And Treacherous Home2.Contrived And Treacherous Contrived and treacherous- You can live the life you choose* ... can live the life you choose* Contrived and treacherous- Don't subject us to your views I remember when you kissed our asses back then Now you deny it just to sho ... nts and keep them to yourself Contrived and treacherous- You can live the life you choose ... can live the life you choose Contrived and treacherous- Don't subject us to your views ... on't sub
100 5.Vulnerable I good enough can I contrive to keep this show on the road will I survive? I know you must sometimes thin

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