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Leave, But Nothing Changes


Reflecting the mirror of I, pain tears like a thousand scabs.
We know those harm has passed, But shall we never back.
I choose the place to leave, but I know.
We're never back again, back again.
I'm so sorry for I caused and what we've become.
I didn't mean for what it shouldn't be like.
The day we still survive within scars.
But there's nothing through my mind.
I hope we could back to the days that we used to have.
The days we've passed is nothing at all.
The place we've been is filled with broken sores.
I choose the road I want to, you're just aside with my curse.
I can feel those hurt as I see into my fuckin minds,
Throw back in the dozen days, yah you're still there.
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I can feel is nothing change.
Nothing change , Nothing change
No, don't leave it. Back to my side
Just like we used to promise.
My heart, my shelter like you said.
Everything goes wrong since the day you left,
Those whispering must be the answers like the sworn I used to say.
And after all of mine confessions, the truth has come deeply,
I won't regret what I've chosen.
But I hope the miracle will come back with no price.
Get Back. I won't forget.
Heart still beating, I see the fireworks through my face
Within my tears, I hope we'll never leave this way again
With blurry sight, with blurry sights.