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INCELS! (feat. Vincent, The Owl)

作词:Kazuo Green・Vincent Valente

Hi, my name is Akuma
Well, this is my last video. It all has to come to this.

I don't got a lot of friends but the ones I have are fucking dope
We don't care if you're disabled, fuck with us, get jumped and choked
Used to wanna be a college boy that was before all the drugs and hoes
If it was possible I would fuck up the guy I was couple months ago
I wish I could have his neck deep in a noose
I'm awesome as fuck now I'm petty and so rude
Though I'm living in the city where felonies are cool
And I got 12 guns (Are you daring me to shoot?)
You dont wanna die but it's better if you do
Dont try to impress me, I'm never in the mood
Sniffing on the white, cause it's getting me a boost
Got more shit to try like ketamine and shrooms
Hennessy and juice got my chemistry diffused like the
Energy's 10 of me on the loose, weaponry and brews,
Kennedy getting popped by his enemy on loops how this
Industry plotting to bury hoot, very cute
Fuck B-Rabbit this be owl, you
Spaghetti in the shoe, puke-ready headed excuse, you
Spit shit smell between your tooth, I spit y'all
Quit, all my enemies'll truce, Betty Boop
Looney Tunes when the booze he consumes by the
Breweries, 2 of these'll put pussys in the
Tombs, sushi seasoned with shrooms
Me and grau bleeding out leaving us in the room
Kazuo is in the theater with the heater out, boom
Konnichiwa sayonara peace see ya
Soon, this piece hold 12, what a coinkydink
My timepiece reading noon, pop like balloon

Motherfuckers ask why I'm angry
I am not angry, I'm just crazy
I let the chopper spray in these safe streets
So the next mass shooting better blame me
Let's go!
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
I'm an asshole
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
Gosh I'm kidding geez
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
I am cancelled
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
Peace, love, positivity

Ya, bullshit hook, but the point will still stand
Can't wait 'til I get some annoying ass fans
When your boy's in Japan making noise with the brand
I'll be foiling your plans and destroying your clan
Have you fiends lurking through every tweet searching
Hoping to get shit from my past to resurface
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Not even wee nervous, y'all so determined
To make me look bad I do it through these verses
Emerge from the deep sea like sea urchins,
OWL gang a 93 person deep circus,
93 proof neat leaking out my Thermos
93% of what I thinks bleeps and curses
Edited versions of my raps be like the vocals silent
Fuck, shit, pussy, bitch, shit, coke, and violence
I'm off to Rhode Island, Joe Biden my co-pilot,
doing so much dope flying
We both dying
Fuck you to the labels that I wont sign with
Cause I told em that they buggin owning my shit
try my best living good with no violence
But it's less chance than me ever going diamond
So high both eyes bent, closed sinus
Hold tight around my throat like bow ties fittin'
Clothesline bitches off the rope flying scissor kicking
Ropes tied, oh my, no signs of giving in
Equipping with missile fists hit'em with ninja kicks
Infinite ritalin liquor mixed tripping piss
Flibbity gibbets these bitches buzz round like they
Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio poke it I
Lickety split it, you sick of me dipsit?
I'm bringing the misery
Bitches thick as a snicker delicious, quick let me hit it
Quit with the kissy shit, quit with questions

Motherfuckers ask why I'm angry (why why)
I am not angry, I'm just crazy (oh my god)
Maybe should've died when I was 18 (grrah grrah)
Might as well make the whole world hate me
Let's go
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
I'm an asshole
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
Gosh I'm kidding geez
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
I am cancelled
Grrrat, Grrrat, Grrrat!
Peace, love, positivity

Shut the fuck up, go sit down, fuck yourself
Fuck your thoughts, fuck your prayers
Fuck your feelings, fuck your comments
Cancel me
Go do drugs, drink and drive
Kill anybody that piss you off
Do anything that you fucking want
But don't blame me if you do get caught

And now a word from our sponsors..
Tomorrow is the day of retribution,
the day I will have my revenge against humanity...