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I want you to understand that I have never ran in the face of danger,
And i am not a man to learn to be a coward now

Deaf to opinions while i build my reputation
Clouds of smoke while we have this conversation
Boy patiently waiting for the right time my gee
We dont just do it for the flashlights
We do it just for the thrills
Underground just like an armadillo
Every punch a thousand kilo
Simple but pivitol
Dont get me twisted like a tornillo
Born sinner Lord forgive my peccadilloes
I'm taking every chance like its my last
Break rules slay rappers leave a print while history remarks
Or say things my favorite rappers failed to mention
Fuck the pressure it takes just more than efforts
Lately i find it hard to believe even myself
Everybody screaming 'me' while i be chasing wealth
Or maybe i should pretend fuck it
Or maybe i should pretend
On the net watching rules of success from amazing rappers
Dont give up my inner man playing badger
Ideas of how to make them listen and vibe
With the kid give me fruit from the tree of life
I'm busy scoping the game in search for an opening
Show them what we blessed with see i'm just focusing
On every strength let em know the kid's coming
Music they make? feels like they just humming
808's to make my name buzzz
MakE songs hope they relate just like my lil cuzz
Who the dopest?? no dey ask me bros
My two cents till the money long
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My worth left to me to decide that
I'm rocking off the wall with a pale back pack
Loner with dreams of my name on gold plaque
No kiding we know this things just never lasts
What else can i say how can i put this
The same cycle pls get me out of dis mud pit
Flows hot sick
Just give me the floor like a coulisse
I'm in a class of my own like i own the school
Is success guaranteed by just going to school
Guess we caught up in that trap
How would just giving back what you gave me make me smart
And i'm just saying my thoughts bouh a dying system
Pls lord BLESS me bless me with wisdom
Cus its cold outside
They just never talk about the downside
Just give something i can relate with
PursUit of happiness my will am tryna play smith
Different day omo same shit
I'm on my way B
PLEASE dont JUST forsake me

eh eh eh
and you dont stop
And we dont stop
and we dont and we dont and we dont stop
this shit crazy mehn
DEAF to opinions deaf
Deaf to opinions
its T to the U to the FRESH on this