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Papers Please: The Musical

Player:welcome to our most glorious nation!
Papers please! And we'll get you on you way
Please, provide some identification
Tell me now, how long do you plan to stay
Arstotzken:Please sir let me through!
My family has the flu
They are dying in Arstotzka while I'm stuck in here with you!
Player: sir your state ID
Is out of date i see
But since you've implored it,
I'll simply ignore it!
The rest seems good to me
Welcome to greatest country Arstotzka
Papers please! Or you will not be allowed!
Just a few simple quastions to ask ya
I will stump your passport once this things you have avoud
Is this here your name?
Your Visa's not the same
Lady: i changed it only sunday!
Player: where's the proof to back your claim!
Lady: please i have not lied
I am a brand new bride
My husband's awaiting, consumating!
Player: your entery is denied!
Leaders: we the learders of Arstotzka! Hereby raise security
Every permit must be signed,
Upside down or you'll be fined!
Glory to Arstotzka!
You will tare up every Visa,
From a person with a beard
Every woman, child and man
From Antagria is banned
Glory to!
Glory to Arstotzka!
Player: welcome to our beautiful country
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Papers please or I'll have you thrown in jail
Please forgive, i must put this quite blantly
In this card, it says that you are a male!
Terrorist: oh! I got that changed
I've since been rearranged
Player: if you're no man, this body scan sure looks a little strange!
Terrorist: surly this could make a tad or small mistake!
Player: a false alarm mam! Do no harm!
Terrorist: I've got some lives to take!
Leaders: in the interest of Arstotzka! We impose new protocols!
Every migrate over-weight
You must now interrogate!
Glory to!
Glory to Arstotzka!
Ezic: hey! Yes you! Do you back the rebellion
'Gainst the state and it's grip upon the land
Vile! Corrupt! Truly Machiavellian!
Join the revolution! Now's the time to take a stand!
Player: listen sir you seem, suspicious and extreme
Ezic: it's true my covert goal's to overthrow the whole regime!
Player: which side should i choose
When either way i lose!
My occupation or my kids and the wife
My aspirations or my worthless life!
Deny! Or aprove!
Cause no trouble...
Ezic: I'm a hooded figure
It's what i do
Player: next!
Papers please
The beard: ooough!
Player: nope! I quit


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