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Macy Gray


Macy Gray

I Miss the Sex

Say say say leaver, Yeah u left me alone
For a young bitch with a lighter skin tone
I wanna beher, when youve been home
You know Imma hold u tight, tell ya everything u do is right
But i know ya and i love ya and all the bullshit that u do
There's sunshine in my parlour now that i'm without you

But iiiiii... miss the sex,
Yeh iiiii... miss the sex

Say say say reader, yeh you're reading it wrong
Extra extra, i'm the one you adore
Yeh yeh fever, I'm sick and alone
Aint had a kiss like that since he been gone

But remember, he's a hitter, all the bullshit that he do
And there's sunshine in my parlour now that I'm without you

But iiii... miss the sex
And iiiii... miss the sex
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Say say say loser, how you choose her over me
I'm the one thats been through it all and I pay for everything
When you do her do you ever think of me
Then again do you ever think of me

He's a loser and he choosed her, Why am i still holding on
Cos there's sunshine in my parlour, ever since he's been gone

But ii... miss the sex,
yeh iii... miss the sex

Nobody do me like he do me, since he's been gone
Nobody kiss me like he kiss me, since he been gone
And iiii... miss the sex,
yeh there's sunshine in the parlour
Feeling good on the hour since he's been gone
But I miss the sex