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1 5.Sink s It just goes on As we slip inside Don't try to swim backwards When the night gets dark Can we make it on time? Do you feel it beating Lives ... glitter in the sky Covered up by this iron gray If any chance is left Can I start again? I feel Sometimes I'm sinking deep in this tiny room Greetings to you Dyspnea Time ticks Then tocks ... Time ticks Then tocks It just goes on As we slip inside And I'm still
2 4.Somebody Like You there's a chance I'll meet Somebody like you somebody like you But another day ... body like you But another day goes by I'm alone and you're still thriving Give me any kind of sign there's Somebody like you somebody like you I don't have a lot but I ... I don't know why you said goodbye I don't know why I didn't fight it
3 1.HER Love e as time goes by When it's truly true it don't die I see you in L.A. I see you in N.Y. I see you in the A I see you in the Chi I hear you whenJAY ... en you sing But you gave us a chance to dream In young thugs you see a future You recognize little uzi ain't here to shoot ya At21 you knew I was savage But you s ... 'm the mane like Gucci With a chance to rap and make movies You gave
4 6.White Roses Greyson Chance-Portraits6.White Roses White roses on a pastel sky Broken vows on our lips run dry I see you out with your friends yo ... you smile It's funny how that goes I haven't slept in a while I never saw it coming I thought we had it all I feel you in those moments Those nights held in your ... ents So wild and free blinded by love devoted But now it's just me un
5 1.Happy Now e the sun goes down We're afraid to admit it but I know you know know that We should've known better we kept on trying I just stand now and se ... that I see this we're out of chances now And I just want you to know that You and me it was good but it wasn't right And it'll be hard but I know I will make it ... know I will make it out Step by step I'll move on and get on with life So I let go and I hope you'll be happy now You and me it was good but it wasn't right And ...

6 10.Dominoes t As time goes by we'll laugh and cry It's in the past We can start to begin Living in the world we're in From day to day we'll fight and play For ... ts with no regrets And take a chance We can start to begin(to begin)
7 4.Demons N Distractions y it's no chance tryna get through to me now uh Can't hear you anyway the weed is too loud uh demons too loud uh All the shit that I ain't pro ... he shit that I ain't proud of goes away when I smoke the haze Sour makes hard times sweet as donut glaze Hour after hour seems to go away This is it first place i ... f you... But it's not fuckin' by surprise because you're a fuckin' do
8 5.Don't Say You Don't If You Do know time goes by so fast There were one too many chances This time I want this time to l
9 22.Do Not Disturb st how it goes Last table left in Carbone callin' plays on a rotary phone I take a glass it don't mean'Nah don't go with me home.' Might move ... have been poppin' Seasons go by like I'm binge-watchin' Went from Club Palazzo in the Bridge to Club LIV To not even showin' up to a club'less we doin' bis' I ca ... tension and the urgency Last chance I get to make sure that you take
10 19.I Can't Forget You Not a day goes by that I don't miss your face You can be warm under the covers We make love and like no other I regret not doing more than make you ... ways be right here If I had a chance to bring you back to me I would do it in a heartbeat Never doubt it I'll always be right here As much as I pretend I can't fo ... r lips So how do I live? If baby you're the air I breathe(Cuz baby you're the air I breathe) Oye mami We can't help without feeling you owe me Holding
11 7.Objective Reality . My mind goes blank with no chance of a spark. All recent issues inhaled ... rk. All recent issues inhaled by the dark. The pressure of the world
12 6.Julian's Dream(Ode to a Bad) d Get low by her plot She shows in rareness she's robed It's the ode to a bad Control what she rock She ... bad Control what she rock She goes I got to get chose She got the ice eyes nice thighs Voice glides moist vibes Choice sundae plum taste rum cake Sprung lace test ... ancing stars dancing it's our chance The prince in expensing purchant
13 12.Black Rose s unnamed by your fate Go unplayed all the records you've reclaimed But it's easy in the winter Where the white smoke Rises slow like finding ... omething waiting Where no one goes It makes a sound like dying Was it trying to say'I'd give you all and diamonds just for one more replay'Just one ... for one more replay'Just one chance to say Keep me close I'll never weep My love's asleep I've kept it close and guarded tight From dead of night And laid a cros ... for one more
14 1.I Believe In You Time goes by And I've been holding everything inside But now I've got nothing left to hide When I'm with you oh you But I can see How strong a ... you move And all I want Is a chance to prove Show all I can do I bel
15 10.4 Your Eyez Only e me Life goes in cycles maybe you'll date a nigga just like me I hope not—I'm tired of dope spots And fiends that smoke rocks I've seen far t ... ce Don't know if I ever had a chance at a glance I'm a failure Addicted to pushing paraphernalia But Daddy had dreams once my eyes had a gleam once Innocence disa ... am once Innocence disappeared by the age of eight years My Pops shot up—drug-related—mama addicted So Granny raised me in projects where thugs was hanging Blood
16 8.Starve(feat. Singa B) t Tainted by the Trap I could never work at a desk When Pop left home all he left was his Debt So moms had to hold it down all ... moms had to hold it down all by herself King ass nigga wasn't born into wealth ... nigga wasn't born into wealth Chances of making it is smaller than an F I'm just keeping us from falling I'm sort of like a belt Momma ain't agree with the decisi ... even once i'm dead life still goes oneJust another black man no hero
17 1.Last Of The Old Folks Chance’s End-Rich Girl1.Last Of The Old Folks The last of the old folks are leaving behind A boy who's as young as the digit ... ide. The cloud's the place he goes to retire What of the suburbs he no longer requires? When he inherits his ancestral house He'll let it crumble with the click o ... hear what he's gonn a be told By moving out expanding into space He's
18 20.Sleepless Nights the less By tempting making youth want you more than success That's why I refuse to rest I've seen the light And don't get me wrong but it's ... e They see I'm bright so here goes another sleepless night.. you feel me[Chorus: Roblak& D. Ciano] Do You remember those sleepless nights? Reaching for Dreams tha ... shington Talking] Because the chances you take the people you meet Th
19 3.90 Degrees h the car by the roadside We're gonna lose my head just for a minute and do a360 Oh she don't like no Oh we'll go as far as it ... e no Oh we'll go as far as it goes Before I have a chance to stop and finish She got me90 degrees90 degrees I'm lying90 degrees90 degrees[Verse2] Woke up this morning again And we're ... ed light Go and crash the car by the roadside We're gonna lose my head just for a minute and do a360 Oh she don't like no Oh we'll go as far as it ... e n
20 6.All Alone sdom that goes around(round round) Raise your spirit might frail and let go When you be their with me(let me know) Cause your always alone And ... one Oh deep down deep breaths by you Pucked up conciousness Hmm tell me[Hook: x2] Why ya ya ya ya Why ya ya ya ya[Verse3:] Why do you ever keep your ghost to your ... best they won't give you the chance The wrist is song long in here F

21 5.Crash the heat goes by Don't you want me here tonight? Don't you wanna help me? Lemme sober up here tonight In the morning we'll head for the northern l ... tonight? Don't you want me baby? It isn't love you'll find When you run and hide And that's why I can't let you stay tonight You know I heard about your other ma ... burn it all down tonight Last chance if you wanna be by my side I'm gonna finish it off toni
22 1.The Thirst Pt.6 we have a chance to say'Yeah you're right. We're too wild. We're too out of control. We're too full of our own shit.' Or we have a ... f our own shit.' Or we have a chance to say'Hey fuck you you're wrong! Fuck you we're right!' Because you have all made it to the dance. Cause believe me this is ... tread Then life's a road: it goes one foot after the next So I headed away the day my third was born Feelin' blessed that I waited and made your first of dawns I ... ivin' for t
23 7.Tough Towns nist Gold goes to the cold war marketing Our hearts have gone monuments Now it's just a part of country you can feel the center picsJust Ameri ... Ask how the hell do you punk by the tongue Can one ever leave the place they are from? Is it to fry for life like??? But you're not stronger a ... ??? But you're not stronger a chance of fire Turn to fry up in acoust
24 8.This Moment ve us the chance to love And time goes by There's not enough To tell you you have All my heart All my love All my life Forever more I hope that when you feel my touch For ... e until This life gave us the chance to love And time goes by There's not enough To show you you h
26 3.Roller Coaster eath This chance is like a step just got to take it Whoa oh Countdown to here we go Hold on tight slide a little closer Up so high stars are o ... e on our shoulders Time fly's by don't close your eyes Kiss by kiss love is like a thrill ride What goes up might take us upside down Life ain't a merry go round It's a roller coaster It's a roller coaster Can't lie and won't preten ... e on our shoulders Time fly's by don't close your eyes Kiss by kiss love is lik
27 8.fiddler's farewell last soul by you dooms stone I pay my respects alone Dreams fail dream at least they are falling I face socking frost alone There ... ace socking frost alone There goes the summer I am so cold iiiiiiiii Never thought we ended like this Sheltered from snow i watched as you(??) Breathless and deep ... nt now I carry on alone There goes the summer I am so cold iiiiiiiii Never thought we ended like this If i had one ... ended like this If i had one chance to go back I wis
28 8.Starts with a C ends with a U ll your baby'Go be lazy' On ya holds the front of Hades In the garden they'll be watchin' All the evil people talking Getting with the program ... unk hands Saying shit like'no chance'(I don't really need to be here)[Pre-Chorus1] Smashing through the smoking session Pick my brain for some affection[Chorus] T ... ossible if you'd approve This goes as deep as my panic You've got to do some more damage Ba ... got to do some more damage Baby baby you have the advantag
29 5.Drive-By Truckers A World of Hurt Drive-By Truckers-It’s Great To Be Alive!5.Drive- ... Great To Be Alive!5.Drive-By Truckers A World of Hurt Once upon a time my advice to you would have been go out and find yourself a whore But I guess I've ... hem now before something else goes wrong Know it's a wonderful world if you can put aside the sadness And hang on to every ounce of beauty upon you Better take th ... k that it stands a reasonable chance and whatever's broken seems fixa
30 16.Mortal Man s off a baby step mobbed by the mouth a bit Pause put me under stress Crawled under rocks ducking y'all it's respect But then tomorrow put my back against th ... that now that I finally got a chance to holla at you I always wanted to ask you about a certain situa-- about a metaphor actually you spoke on the ground. What yo ... keep a level of sanity?[2Pac] By my faith in God by my faith in the game and by my faith in all good things come to those that stay tr
31 12.The Kingdom That Worshipped the Dead t stand a chance When reality falls heavy as an avalanche The rock n roll hall of fame mind frame rhyme scheme Man of war I don't chase trends ... real but still phony The six by eight in the box is real lonely I'm tired of these muhfuckers that's in my coat tail They're only in my cypher cause they know th ... rciano and Shala hope that it goes well This traitor over here he a s
32 6.The Year That I Was Born 't escape Bye bye bye When all your life goes by Bye bye bye and bye I didn't want to let you down but I thing I might have spoke to soon I never said I could be friend with everybody in the room G ... now the night is getting late Bye bye bye When all your life goes by Bye bye bye and bye Monday another whistle blows Tuesday I'm going to a show Friday I'm working stiff You don't know how
33 9.Anno Domini the time goes by Chances are escaping out of the front d
34 3.Another Chance 3.Another Chance I just need a chance to show you To make you understand That I can't change the past But I control the future What is meant to be will be There's ... a moment sooner I just need a chance to show you To make you understand That I can't change the past But I control the future When I'm living in the moment I'm no ... in the moment I'm not haunted by the past I look forward to the future But it's never gonna last Time waits for no man I just need a ..
35 4.Love At First at first chance at dancing real close with the lights down low It was love at fist aw love at first yeah Love at first ba ... at first yeah Love at first baby let your hair down Love at first whisper honey don't ever let me go It was love at first and now it hurts It was love at first an ... s she was walking Another guy by her side I wish I went on up and started talking And gave him some good advice It was love at first sight love at first sip Love ... ng off her lips Love
36 4.Independence Day once last chance that I just threw away I wish to God I'd just said no'Cause ... to God I'd just said no'Cause by now you never know I got my wish on Independence Day It's red white and blue Staring at me staring at you And I'm red-eyed and bl ... st like that it was over Life goes on despite the blood and tears No
37 9.Hummingbird Stance two cans By mean the news have formed a loop like fruit and toucans Another high-rise skydive story to gran The liquor store had told the paw ... an Andreas Fault The windmill goes to work in tears waving its hands Keep the energy efficient keep'em tipping Never listen never give any ... g Never listen never give any chance to any building And that's what
38 1.All Love Lost(Intro) o grow up By now I'm sick and tired of layin' in my own throw up It's a given then self pity hits me And I start to feel like I don't deserve ... funds Too busy waitin' for a chance that ain't never come But this is bigger than havin' a debt I mean I can't stop my brain from imaginin' death Then out the cl ... sceneJoe[Hook] When the love goes the trust goes It's like you hit my heart with a snub nose I don't give a fuck though Where did the love go? Guess it's all lo
39 14.Fighting Chance .Fighting Chance The city burns down When it agoes up in flames When you're losing ground ground And life turns into a hurricane I'll be standing here I'll be standing ... tanding here I'll be standing by your side It's never been this bad but we're gonna get ... this bad but we're gonna get by yeah Yeah I know we're gonna get by yeah I got your hand in my hand And I'm not letting go If you're my girl I'm your man Till the end of the world Walking through f
40 5.The Less You Say this all goes away this all goes away.Just give me a chance to change your mind Speak with the others you will see. The place that you now hope to find your peace will cut pieces right ... ke this all go away You swept by us like seas and we slept by ourselves to see we hid hope in our sleeves and all the world knew we believe This life took me ... we believe This life took me by the hand God knows where you'll find yourself You better run you best not st
41 2.Draft Day e gettin' by Brunch with some Qatar royals and my cup is all oil You know it's real when your niggas will take the fall for you All loyal so y ... l after And if I left shit to chance I would've picked a name like Chance the Rapper No offense cause I don't know that nigga I'm focused on makin' records and gettin' biggerJust hits no misses that' ... we'll wait for him in the lobby And I gotta tell him chill Sprite got me on payroll Let that man live they say'Okay if you
42 8.The Secret to Happiness take your chances Some say they've stood in line for nigh on twenty years Sustained ... igh on twenty years Sustained by a hope that it'll be worth it In a flash their cash simply disappears And so it ... h simply disappears And so it goes with the weight on their shoulders The lecture of a lifetime the trick to life It's time to move on with the show I'm selling t ... without a price So take your chances Don't follow the SOS'cause you're not yourself when you're in d
43 5.I Love You Still are tied By thoughts I had lost still burning deep inside And I love you still I don't know why you you should hurt me so All the feeling's g ... the feeling's gone and so it goes And I'm waiting here and I want to hide And I'm waiting my last ... hide And I'm waiting my last chance here to see you one more time An
44 23.Remembering Tomorrow Untouched by hands of men Those days were so long ago Today no one remembers when Destruction devised ... bers when Destruction devised by those in control They'll be long gone and we'll pay the toll Consciousness void lives are at stake Ignoring the risks it's a ... ake Ignoring the risks it's a chance they take Toxins splash in our face Catalystic vehicle quickens the pace Balance corrupted claim to leap ahead No place ... claim to leap ahead No place goes uncorrup
45 4.Ask.Me take your chance I told you this in odd reference to melody. so return these thoughts'cause I said'It's fine'. I can't leave myself beyond you ... ome back or go as far as you. By the way Caught up in a time against a reference to the here and now. It would be if you'd try again it would be if you tried. In ... would just go repeating. Time goes anywhere it wants without you to s

46 6.Workin ft. Big Sean& Travis Scott t another chance tomorrow I don't hustle like that ... ith Cîroc by the tub We ain't had fun we working In the DJ booth like an independent group like Look this a record we working Play this s**t a ... other her when she jerking It goes down behind these curtains Got to watch out cause these ni**as lurking Got to watch the block when making these purchase Got to ... l working I call up my girl baby I can't lie this s**t not working Yo
47 4.If You're Feeling Sinister ain If he goes back to the house then things would go from bad to worse what could he do? He wants to remember things exactly as he left them ... s' picked up for deliberation By the people listening at home By the people watching on the telly By the people listening at home By the people watching on the telly But if you are feeling sinister Go off and see a minister ... ter Go off and see a minister Chances are you'll probably feel better
48 1.C'est La Vie the song goes You're looking good but the fact is you're lazy But people love you'cause you're funny and crazy7-11 buy a six pack o'beer If t ... a Vie I said come on pretty baby take a chance on me(We don't belong anywhere) I said shame on me cause I didn't see That you were looking at me ba ... That you were looking at me baby by the Ferris wheel[Verse2] I know you're cool but you think that you're chocolate Get off my nerves cause I still got a soft spot Y ...
49 11.Humble and Kind ight that goes by the front door Don't forget the keys under the mat Childhood stars shine always stay humble and kind Go to church cause your momm ... says too Visit grandpa every chance that you can It won't be a waste
50 10.Shining Lights Silenced by shining lights A satisfying delight A resolution never seen before Reality won't be a friend no more'Cause the further it ... no more'Cause the further it goes the less you will grasp In this dying world of yours It won't ever let you go It won't ever let you grow The infiltration of th ... nt for you...Just ruined your chances too soon You're one with the fr
51 23.That'll Be Christmas ing and a chance of snowJonah Lewie on the radio French beer and mistletoe That'll be Christmas Cars queuing on the edge of town Afternoon wit ... wn It's just the way the deal goes round That'll be Christmas I was going to head for high groundJust forget it all But the line's busy and I can't make that call ... noJoin the others in the bar by ten Peace and goodwill to men Me missing you again That'll be Christmas A tired waiter in a stupid hat Muddy boots on the welcome ...
52 5.Looks oks Producer By Lavish[Intro] She keep givin' me looks I can't stop them eyes from givin' me looks Don't let me lie to you girl I looked All you ... better shorty Oh-oh now now baby oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Here with the plan I got money to spend And uh you got somebody ba ... end And uh you got somebody baby we got a good thing yeah yeah Let the frame down When I beat that pussy up you wanna lay down Now I wanna roll I'm smoking Backwo ... ut the bitches down to take a cha
53 8.Apparition of the Revolution our knife goes gliding in Cut my vein to the spirit Of the child I have been My life screams as you carve me Hold my guts inside your hands He ... ow all your lies Yet consumed by rage I learn only to reside In fear of the apparition of the revolution Apparition of the Revolution Poised at the edge of destru ... ce We mocked at Time Fate and Chance Singing'God isJoy andJoy is Love' And in our eyes there flashed a glow Of brightness to and fro And in this all our song aros ...
54 10.Triple Threat I woke up by the fire hydrant I would have to learn I gotta stop! or I would die in violence But my environments left me with the vicious driv ... than citizens Rip shows. Kid goes like pistols and gauges My previous engagements slammin' bodies in the basement Poor liquor on the pavement family devastated K ... first? Yeah right fuckin' fat chance You grind like it's a lap dance I grind like it's my last ... nce I grind like it's my last chance(I'm not a midget I'm a m
55 16.Did I Ever Wake Up(Pt.1) roken one by one. This isnt the kind of freedom my president speaks about. This is real. The exhilaration of this foreign feeling had made me ... t what we're about to discuss goes far deeper than those layers of the mind. The brain is a muscle and like a bicep the more you use it the stronger it gets. It c ... pens because now you have the chance to exercise the ability to shine. Even a situation as devastating as someone's death has a light of positivity. Of course we ...
56 11.TheJourney(Ft Mic Righteous) istracted by higher earning Yearning for more than what's on the surface What if I told you that inside you were perfect(Would you believe me ... still wreck it given a second chance? Now that we've even said it nah we ain't no better in fact) We're just as wreckless and we ain't got the answers(These are j ... plane? This one right here it goes where I say The journey is allowing me to focus my pain To spit phrases moltonize flames You'll get burned and frozen that's on ...
57 11.So Close said goodbye And all of the times we never got to say hello We said that someday We'd have the ... id that someday We'd have the chance to make it right Baby I thought that I would be there by tonight('cause) we were so close and yet so far And I was almost to where you are I thought that I could hold you in my arms I wa ... rong But that's how the story goes How it ends no one knows But I will keep you here inside my heart So close I never see you It isn't enoug
58 2.Violence(Album Version)(Explicit) hing that chance to try your breath in this cool room chill long hair that blows side to side you speak and make time stand still and each tim ... d each time you walk right on by... Like violence you have me forever and after Like violence you kill me forever and after. Can't count all the eyes that stare c ... bleed one drink and the pain goes down soft shadows lay by her feet lay soft as you slowly drow
59 5.Black Synagogue truggling by So I think I talk about it Wait I drink I tell somebody Wait I sink I fail my body Wait I scream I'm fucking shouting Cuz these v ... ble But nothing under the sun goes unrecycled Take every shot you have with a fucking rifle Cuz you rarely ever get a ... fle Cuz you rarely ever get a chance for revival So just think just t
60 1.On And On It Goes And On It Goes River starts with a drop of rain Somewhere in this world Light years shape this arc of sky And sand a precious pearl And yo ... will light a stranger's life By letting yours unfurl And on and on itgoes Sparks upon the wind Like aJuly4th a crown of stars And a good time grin On and on it flies on a new bird's wing In a beating h ... can change a stranger's life By letting yours begin And on and on it goes Chance is everywhere Like the trai
61 5.The Dreaming Road ravelling by our code that north is true Once upon a time these same bright stars did shine Down the center line leading here Nearly thirty ye ... s France got home on one last chance And without a backward glance I began again And the days just kept on rolling and I just kept on going Without a thought of e ... l back in But you had me then by the throat And a strange futility came washing over me Almost peacefully I felt the rope A million miles ... felt the rope A million
62 11.A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die ace] Life goes on in the streets of my hood when you die But some cry and gets ... you die But some cry and gets by while others choose to wonder why.. His life was took at such an early age A young nigga who lived in a rage died ... igga who lived in a rage died by the gauge He used to hustle on the street corners His mom would always beg him to quit but he didn't wanna As he got older he got ... he died as a crook He had a baby that he couldn't raise And she will nev
63 2.Dreamin' your love goes When he closed the door We have understanding and that means much more But I don't have to worry where he ... don't have to worry where he goes'Cause I know that he'll be coming home You better give up or you'll never win You better give up hanging on to him Can't you se ... ic in your eyes when he walks by But I know you wanna touch him Honey don't you try'Cause you don't stand a snowball ... se you don't stand a snowball chance in him You'll make up t
64 2.All Through the Night riginally by Cyndi Lauper) All through the night I'll be awake and I'll be with you. All through the night this precious time when time is new ... e start a meter clicks and it goes running all through the night. Until it ends there is no end. All through the night a stray cat is crying stray cat sings back. ... ight they have forgotten what by they do lack. Under those white street lamps there is a little ... treet lamps there is a little chance they may see you a c
65 6.Fire Squad to take a chance how the fuck we gon' get rich? Come here ba ... we gon' get rich? Come here baby why you always insecure? Hold on tight to a nigga and be sure[Verse1] Ain't a way around it no more I am the greatest A lotta nig ... er missing As fate passes you by half of you try The other half of you fry too high to actually fly One day yall have to decide who you gon be A scary nigga or a ... itself and thats just how it goes Same way that these rappers always
66 2.See Me When You See Me urrounded By Giants2.See Me When You See Me[Verse1:e-dubble] Hey yo1996 was different Lost B.I.G. and shit we miss him We need it back ... re I embrace my inhibition It goes backseat windows up Smoked out boxed up Two toned two cups(See me when you see me) I got one ... me when you see me) I got one chance one life We roll no dice We sold
67 5.Juliette were Gatsby Ain't it great? She get so trashy she can't hail down a taxi and she at least an8 But I don't judge her I just walk her home tuck ... rying to retain the magic But by the end of the night I'm still mixed up as shit Tell the mirror that this doesn't help a bit But he just say[Hook] Tell me tell m ... ow no tomorrow[Verse2: Kai] Baby I love you more than you'll ever know But I think I've got to find a better way to let it show We always breaking up although we ...
68 1.Only In Atlanta(Ft. T.I.& Shad Da God) very good chance them niggas will rob you[Hook:] All we ever do is rock ice board gold Ever since we was bout12 years old Middle of the summer ... side you getting yo fake crap by fuck shit We hit our measure tryin to get a plane of shrimp shit RIP to Double D king of that pimp shit[Hook:] All we ever do is ... born in the town where it all goes down Since the roll had the white
69 2.Heaven h other baby Now what if I never made a wrong turn that night? And what if you played it cool and just passed me ... ed it cool and just passed me by? In years in fading unpredicted your thing ba ... ding unpredicted your thing baby Your love is now the only song that I sing ba ... w the only song that I sing baby Girl every time I look into your eyes it's like I see the morning sunlight And when I see the smile upon yo face it's like I got ... are my sunlight All the
70 2.When the Crazy Kicks In now crash goes the coffee cup My only chance to be still and listen Lord don't let don't let the kids wake up A little time with You the only way to get me through the da ... zy kicks in Pushed and pulled by a thousand expectations And all the
71 5.Turn It Up lant-lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar5.Turn It Up On Charley Patton highway The mist the rain the mud Somewhere east of Tunica I'm cl ... 'm close to giving up The car goes round in circles The road remains the same For help and consolation I'll turn it on again Turn it up Turn it up Alone with disc ... ard so much about I'm blinded by the neon The righteous and the might I'm stuck inside the radio Turn it on and let me out A touch of serendipity A little stroke ...
72 3.FREEBASE everybody goes and then people will start goin.... No. Let me..I gotta talk about what happened to me[Bridge] See where we're from it's all or ... hing But we take penitentiary chances like its nothing We came from nothing Freebase from top of the oven Get money my type of discussion Yaw can do this shit for ... t a shit tapeJust went playin by no rules; every night I freestyle on Pro Tools Tell Flex come to the A we'll carjack him ... me to the A we'll carjack him by o
73 10.Stronger n the sun goes down seize the day what it remains i've lost many years without keeping anything for me Run away so far over that you can see s ... d the story speaks for me any chance that's coming back like a hidden memory But i'm stronger yes i'm stronger oh i'm stronger stronger... You can turn the page t ... oh' i'm stronger let me stay by your side stronger... Please don't c
74 3.He'd Be A Diamond e had his chance again he'd be a diamond. When you dab your eyes the tears keep on falling And when you blow your nose it still gets blocked u ... look beautiful And he swears by all the saints That if he had his chance again he'd be a diamond. Is he lying to get what he wants or does he mean it this time? Is he running low on affection and be ... you still think of days gone by And when a heart is broken it still goes on pumping And he told me just last night Th
75 3.Can't We Fall in Love Again out you baby But oh how the months have flown so fast ... the months have flown so fast By chance we meet and magic's happenin' once again The second time around let's make it last Come on darlin' Hold on tight don't turn o ... ve again So we live and so it goes baby How it will turn out no one knows But here we go babe Oh ba ... nows But here we go babe Oh baby can't we fall in love again? Let's hold on tight don't turn out the light Can't we fall in love a
76 8.I Remember ed up and goes by the Aye I was just hollerin' at my nigga Cool and shit Y'know he locked up I guess he be listening to the radio and shit He say h ... sweeter than some candy no baby bottle pop Pour me up on the rocks pour me another shot Gave me another ... another shot Gave me another chance I got another shot It's time to hit the top the crackas let me up Momma said wait your turn ba ... p Momma said wait your turn baby don't rush success Up all night try'na
77 5.Canal ing-So It Goes5.Canal[Intro] New Ratking! Canal canal Stop soul soul stop[Verse1: Wiki] You best die my way On the West side highway O ... ng every motherfucker passing by on[Hook: Wiki]x2 Now the power in my brow Make a thug uptown come down To hustle on Canal Whats the bustle all about? Sweet kid w ... w wait mom Always gave me the chance But I stay blind Outlive me lots
78 21.One for the Road ne & Slim Chance-Ooh La La: An Island Harvest21.One for the Road I've had my friends All them that come and ate with me All them that ... em that said they would stand by me All them that said they could see what I could see I've had my friends I've had my dreams New moon and roses like a foolish ki ... like that doggy in the story goes But night-time comes and he's got
79 16.Lose Yourself Inspired by the Motion Picture8 Mile2002 prod. by EminemJeff Bass and Luis Resto)[Intro] Look if you had one shot or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted in one mom ... he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud He opens his mouth but the words won't come out He's choking how? Everybody's joking now The clock's run out time's up ... Snap back to reality oh there goes gravity Oh there goes Rabbit he choked he's so mad but he won't Give up that easy
80 12.Nefelibata d blinded by the girls but I'm tryna not to backtrack More fire to the people that's a match Backdraft reenact the backpack Lab rats in a maze ... he can't keep up never had a chance Reality is in the mind we in a trance But you gotta wake up if you wanna advance I'mma take my time up here friends come some ... ting the throne but this life goes on If it's too deep sheep better r
81 11.Waterfalls riginally by TLC] A lonely mother gazing out of her window Staring at a son that she just can't touch If at any time he's in a jam she'll be ... time he's in a jam she'll be by his side But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much But all the praying just ain't helping at all'Cause he can't seem to keep hi ... his self out of trouble So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how Another body laying cold in the gutter Listen to me[Chorus:] Don't go chas ... a
82 6.ID Thieves es burn baby burn The muted trumpets in my chest take turns When I release to spit valves gag on Gabe's germs Some of this is fiction written ... ho are they? They are killers by association(Got my ID ready) Who are they? They'll hurt your credits with misappropriation[Verse2:] You can't just get comfy and ... le I ain't done in a while It goes pure Himalayan intelligence Braving the elements from a man cave and haven't shaved ever since Never forget you were the sperm ...
83 12.Major Tom(Peter Schilling) g left to chance All is working Trying to relax Up in the capsule'Send me up a drink'Jokes Major Tom The count ... ink'Jokes Major Tom The count goes on Four three two one Earth below us Drifting falling Floating weightless Calling calling home Second stage is cut We're now in ... e thrusters on We're standing by' There's no reply Four three two one
84 7.The Grey and Gold n road it goes on for miles But your eyes are stuck transfixed ... our eyes are stuck transfixed by silver lines Like spider webs across the mirror But if nothing dies how can we learn to live with it? Surrounded ... n to live with it? Surrounded by traces and ghosts If it's everywhere and it's all the time Don't you know that it's all there if you want it still It swallows it ... ties itself Is there still a chance to forget
85 1.AWOL given the chance to do wrong again and again. Summer romeos casing the park ... Summer romeos casing the park by the uniform urinals of love's rural province. O don't you know time with its petty vial of sands inscrutable face and merciless h ... espair… And I know when grief goes unchecked There's a kind of relief in the wreckage for the wrecked… Weren't you alone last time I saw you? How do you keep runn ... picture of a dick and a fanny by a smear of regret. And
86 6.Reincarnation ill never goes to church that much! New me realize the shit we're only getting older Old me wouldn't bury the hatchet until it's over Old me w ... on't get people vision Second chance cleans my sins please forgive them! Here I am new me always gets this all! New me has hope regardless this risk involved Old ... relate if he wasn't scraping by Old me thought it was easy his lyric
87 16.Gas Land(Frack Off) sided Led by rhyme writers our fight fire ignited They don't care about our health or even that of their fam They don't even fear the courts t ... courts there's no justice fat chance He made a movie now we compose a rap jam Follow the fault lines beneath us welcome to Gas Land[Hook: AWKWORD(2X)] We gon frac ... ck for freedom And this award goes to the best frack of the evening In Gas Land they Hollywood think they act as we would But where we live we like hands off frac ...
88 12.By The Evening ker12.By The Evening Your eyes run now I'm backin' up my things When I'm leaving Do you hear me? How everyone ... Do you hear me? How everyone goes You got to meet me Your eyes are running And no one sees that How everyone ... no one sees that How everyone goes And if you're lookin' for some kind of feeling You're taking every ... f feeling You're taking every chance I see that by the evening And we'll be long gone I will be long gone I'll help you out
89 2.Paint a Lady wagon and goes to a room somewhere His life's like cotton candy an illusion not much there Another man is working in a park across the town Wi ... treet People glance but hurry by for fear their eyes might meet He sells his red balloon so he'll sleep in a bed at night He'll ... sleep in a bed at night He'll chance he'll have one for there's no pa
90 4.Advice To Daughters ign peace goes unearned No child that you'd not sell No memory you'd not chop or fell No corner that you'd not plough Duly burn and cast down ... ke ploughman's lunch reach it by path And take that luke warm pint of mild Until every path we may tread upon And everything we ever see Is more valuable to them ... no you're not You're overpaid chancers On an oversize yacht Message i
91 25.They're Leaving Me Behind hind. The chances they come but the chances have been lost Success can be gained but at too great a cost For some there's a future to find But I think they're leaving m ... ehind. The wind sweeps up and goes back to its tree The rain flows by and moves on to the sea For them the
92 15.Headlights aken away by the state at8 years old and That's when I realized you were sick and it wasn't fixable or changeable And to this day we remained ... n get to witness your grand baby's growth But I'm sorry mama for Cleaning Out My Closet at the time I was angry Rightfully maybe so never meant that far to take i ... And I'm mad I didn't get the chance to thank you for being my Mom and my Dad So Mom please accept this as a tribute I wrote this on the jet I guess I had to get ...
93 15.Headlights aken away by the state at8 years old and That's when I realized you were sick and it wasn't fixable or changeable And to this day we remained ... n get to witness your grand baby's growth But I'm sorry mama for Cleaning Out My Closet at the time I was angry Rightfully maybe so never meant that far to take i ... And I'm mad I didn't get the chance to thank you for being my Mom and my Dad So Mom please accept this as a tribute I wrote this on the jet I guess I had to get ...
94 11.Holdfast held back by the ropes that tie me down I've been here a thousand times somehow I keep breaking out I know it's the fight in me denying your e ... o chant it loud! If this ship goes down then I'll go sinking with it I will fight for all of the things that I believe in I won't die I won't die here tonight I w ... ait for you This is your only chance to leave behind your legacy Don't let it slip right through your hands I won't die I won't die here tonight I will fight only ...
95 3.Tight itch that goes back to pediatrics Early left rappers like you were straight vexin[so] So recognize i make a nigga eyes come alive Off of five ... oops like the eight figures Baby i'm hard represent the feminist god[what?]that gets blunted- watch rhymers runneth over See me in the camel range rover[chop]and ... t stop for jake And keep heat by the waist for those that playa hate[now]show you the way to blow better than i tell you Word to my beeper and my cellu-lar[what?] ...
96 2.Home Again rainy day goes by I wonder where you are Maybe it's right to keep it dark No ... it's right to keep it dark No chance to open up the door It was me th
97 6.Time Is the Enemy wn And it goes Make money money take money money money When I make believe you can't take nothing from me Every traffic one lane no one to vot ... p Dishonesty over all We down by the law if you nothing Cut you off like the hand of a thief I seen a buisness man in a suit and tie Anybody selling second ... nd tie Anybody selling second chance round here Diamond on his finger like lucy in the sky Told me nothing is forever boy lend me your ear And let me make this cl ... wired
98 5.Blow My Candle Out k for the chance to go back You and I both know I can't shut my mouth But before you blow my candle out Would you please just listen to me her ... he stencil But you're tempted by the devil Content to just to settle get a bronze medal You laid your picnic in the wrong meadow Cause now you're trembling and mu ... 'll blow your candle like the chances you blew Yea you had some moments in the ratings But then you'd always go skulking in the shade again You disappointed your ...
99 4.One Of Us(ABBA) dish Hitz Goes Metal II4.One Of Us(ABBA) They passed me ... f Us(ABBA) They passed me by all of those great romances You were I felt robbing me of my rightful ... elt robbing me of my rightful chances My picture clear everything see
100 6.ShiiKno Feat Lloyd head day by day she ain't worried from that She understand the mood she know to have patience She know the B on car she know I rag racing She ... now I'd marry if I only had a chance to(She knows) about the game how goes But she don't give a fuck and she

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