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1 2.IRL plane or car As long as I can see you IRL There's not much to do Staying up till4 trying to get a higher score on my favorite game And I'm st ... vorite place(yeah) Head to LA shop in Melrose Straight to Seoul enjoy the shows Anywhere that you are is where I wanna be(where I wanna be) Straight to Manila hal ... a go far No train or plane or car As long as I can see you IRL I just wanna see you IRL baby(ooooo) All I need is just to see you I R L So stay where you are Don' ...
2 6.Chandler(feat.!llmind) p with no car key Get with the times it's2020 And baby let's come in with stocky Demons ... 's come in with stocky Demons carrying torches Heathens hopping from porches Hoes heel sounding like horses When hermano pulled up in Porsches Took off her Fenty ... tain with friends like Phoebe Shop I need tryna drop You tryna snitch You tryna cop She want the scamily She want the boss She want the homie she tryna hop She wa ... ush To start the whip with no car key Get with t
3 5.At Least I Look Cool I drive a car that doesn't work I shop at Target for my shirts And when I
4 2.Turnpike Ike line your cars should get shot up like it were mine20 round but the voodoo let no harm be allowed My voodoo they all know the spirits when I b ... wenty houses What else? Fifty cars Yeah what that make you feel like? Priceless baby Uh you live for me? Everyday You would die for me? Right now Uh double MG Tur ... that I toss the pistol on the car chase(Woo) Then walked into the church just like the boy Mase(Lord) I'm the man out in Barcelona(Boss) Got a couple of bad bitch ...
5 12.Lame(Feat. Wiz Khalifa& Rick Ross) brain My car insane got so much change I made a hundred mil' and never been the same(Goddamn) I gained everything'cause I've been through the ... e hit my phone said she close Shop in the store and it's closed(Damn) I'm only there if it's hoes They say I'm doing the most Ever since I've been in first class ... ught the fifth floor Took her shoppin' need it all'cause fat boy just

6 1.Run Game hand your car key Ever driven a drop not well come give it a shot I just came to run game Flash my watch and show off my chain Let her know it ... take off belt(Nah) We can go shopping(Yeah) Or we can roll around in
7 1.17 .17 Lyricist Carisa Zhavia Ward Chauncey Alexander Ho ... t Roman Composer Carisa Zhavia Ward Chauncey Alexander Hollis Dustin Corbett Samuel Elliot Roman I grew up in Norwalk Hanging by the donut ... Norwalk Hanging by the donut shop Didn't have a car So we used to have to walk the bloc
8 1.Vossi Bop he coffee shop Getting freaky in the sheets we're takin' body shots Then I finish with a facial just to top it off ayy My bruddas don't dab we ... girl to link me at the coffee shop Getting freaky in the sheets we're takin' body shots Then I finish with a facial just to top it off ayy You ain't got a clue le ... I phoned the boss to bring my car in I could probably take your chick but I just wouldn't'cause she's jarrin' oh I got the sauce(Sauce) don't know what you though ...
9 1.Feed The Streets2(Intro) tch in my car and she love me I can't never get too buddy-buddy Keep that MC Hammer they can't touch me A lotta clips and mags they tried to b ... ockin' Balmain and your nigga shop at Pac-Sun Bitch I've been hoppin'
10 1.Don't Gas Me op in the car rolled up And they said'Sway down' And I said'Don't gas me!' They said'Fam you're a star Can I get a quick pic for the'Gram' And ... I said'Don't gas me!' I went shop and the boss man said'Don't pay me it's fine' And I said...(Whaaat)'You ain't gotta gas I'm gas fam'(Don't gas me)'You ain't go ... tankin'(Oi) Took a bop in the car rolled up And they said'Sway down' And I said'Don't gas me!' They said'Fam you're a star Can I get a quick pic for the'Gram' And ...
11 1.Trust Fund Baby(Acoustic) ho gets a car for her sweet sixteen Or spends a stack of dollar bills on a limousine I want a girl who takes the bus and who wears baggy jeans ... kirt daddy's money don't work Shop until you drop on the town I want a smart girl stronger than her father Someone who will laugh at tryna fit in the crowd(ah-ow ... Her daddy told her how to fix cars maybe she could fix me I want a th
12 5.Love Me Like It's Yesterday take you shopping girl Show you what's popping girl Maybe take a trip away Fly out to Italy I cop you a brand new ... o Italy I cop you a brand new car Have you looking like a superstar Don't matter what you go through Baby I'll come find you Man I'm looking to the end of the day ... oll-ohh I cop you a brand new car Have you looking like a superstar You know how we roll-ohh Love me like it's yesterday Mad about my style and the way that I'm w ... loving my style I'ma take y
13 18.Loaded Drive my car like it's stolen Wipe my nose I'ma blow it Watch cost81 thousand like Terrell Owens Counting up all these checks I'mma flex on m ... eur Bitch I get so fly when I shop at Dover They all in disguise just
14 12.$horty$tory xt to the shop that sell tires It's open24 hours I heard the chicken was fire'Well we out' They turned left and headed back down SouthJoe take ... He told her'Bitch get out the car!' but instead she hit the gas Short
15 15.Come Down d out the car smellin' like a skunk And I'm cleaned up somethin' like a mop Trap wangin' somethin' like a trunk And I stand tall somethin' lik ... y diamonds dancin' You know I shop on Rodeo I'm never tacky(ooh) I'm
16 1.Feel Me a be club Car and pussy at the highest level nigga Ah! Bitch I'm the shit feel me? Them niggas ain't this feel me?911 on my wrist feel me? Not ... we eat in a Bentley Take her shoppin' But can't get that python thro
17 1.$Lay the black card80 of them burners if they counterfeit Seen the money and I know the sound of it It go(vrrrt vrrrt!) That's a lot of it Know tha ... e grindin' on my dick getting careless Man I had to kill this beat I'm a savage Meek Milly top20 on the atlas Back in this bitch and you know we reloaded Look at ... nz She keep it tricking a new shop Went to Miami on Monday By Tuesday I heard that them dudes shot I do not know about situations'Cause I never ever talk to cops ...
18 3.Ninety Bucks r is in a car right now He says isn't far right now If I'm short when he shows up he'll be so pissed Because credit is something he don't do C ... can wander from the flock In shopping malls and parking lots Sometim
19 7.Tangletown n but her car is in the shop She can't pay up but she still wants to rock She can't listen to the people talkJust stares beyond their shoulders And waits un ... nd once he passes out Calls a car and collects what's hers Takes a bottle when she's walking out She's working at the cork when she gets back into her building Si ... ey take half his pay Leased a car that makes it look ok The broker sa
20 1.Starboy s a table carved from ebony Cut that ivory into skinny pieces Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby You talking money need a hear ... take any lane I switch out my car if I kill any pain(Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) Look what you've done(Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) I'm a motherfucking Starb ... terpiece Twenty racks a table carved from ebony Cut that ivory to skinny pieces Then she clean it with her face but I love my baby You talking money need a hearin ...

21 2.Roped Off(feat. Problem& Boogie) he barber shop RIP to G-Man West Side Bompton my city's been on C-SPAN My hood's been on CNN my hood's been on watch My city's in the middle o ... ut watching With your kid out shopping you gon' still yell'Bompton!'? Man I done lost hope Hope you a Thug to the Bone when we crossroads Too many RIP shirts arou ... the A We don't recognize your car you ain't coming in the gate On Wes
22 11.Things In MyJeep er towels Shopgirl: A Novella Deodorant house keys sweatshirt an umbrella A golf club basketball bug spray A laundry heap a pocket knife a bat ... onely Island] Hairspray a toy car deck of cards and some handy wipes A bag of trash a shoe lace a rubiks cube and a flashlight A bandanna with my name on it A mix tape push p ... istration and insurance A toy car a rubber band and a tape of theJimm
23 10.Endless Bummer t tourist shops It's just like a curse you see This bummed out feeling that she's over me She's over me I put my jacket over my head I'm tryin ... are still on the seat of her car[Chorus] Hey hey Hey hey Hey hey Hey
24 14.American Dream n Hit the shopping centers in Beverly Introducing you to the finer things That's the American Dream That's the American Dream baby Let's go ta ... her life hoppin' out of a cop car Fuck a hater they stacking carts at the Wal-Mart Same time. baby we be[?]the first class Got her poppin' that Givenchy on her handbag Passport stamping you des ... s you ain't ever seen Hit the shopping centers in Beverly Introducing you to the finer things That's the American dream That's the
25 3.Voldermort the gift shop you novelty rap Want[?] sucka you guessed it I want it all back[?]real'til you beating with that bat Skull cracked to the white ... st crawled down the boulevard car looking parked Got bars for you bit
26 18.Kicks ed A fast car is all I need Get my kicks on you A lot of time little to do[Chorus] Kicks for depression Need my kicks for my aggression Kicks ... Get my kicks on money Window shopping with my honey Get my kicks fee
27 7.American Crazy hers-Pawn Shop7.American Crazy The same sky the same clouds the same dirt the same ground we all live and die on The same song the sam ... e song the same beat the same car the same street we run down our dre
28 11.Too Sexy(feat.Jeremih) a yellow car and a yellow watch like lemonade3 girl lemon like a dinnerdate Big gucci don't discriminate Got a black chick and she love Lenox ... ong back is recommended She a shopoholic I'm a trapaholic I capatiliz
29 14.Freaky Gurl(Remix)[feat. Lil Kim Ludacris] n her own car face down ass up imma make her love me probably dont love me but let her suck and fuck me gucci wanna sex ya tell me is ya itche ... ywhere I'mma freak so I don't careJust don't get none in my hair Now he callin' me wifey And he wanna introduce me Takin' me on ... nna introduce me Takin' me on shoppin' sprees He wanna buy me Gucci Z
30 11.TUFF Who still shop surplus and can't hold jobs I look like I'm wearing a ghillie suit but I'm not Roll out ghost of Camu on the pegs Might pedal b ... on horchata cup Milf in a zip car Six arms six hand styles like ships on scrimschaw Part DefJam part Dischord My wig picker threw me out of her office Had the col ... ing over Moon set beautifying Cartoon death catfish on a farm And tou
31 14.One in the Same of a cop car But saw the back of a cop soul with his Glock drawn And saw the souls hop out of the women I hopped on And saw Paesos on the V.I ... Rappers doing alotta ugly tie shopping inJune I'm on the other side of the table like none of that's important But still I'm smiling on it cuz it's obviously true ... nd how a rod works And a bent card works and how we thought it the sa
32 1.5 Minutes(feat.2 Chainz) es make a car get the whole thing Broke boy still flex ho with no chain[Hook: Camp] By5 minutes she'll be suckin' dick By5 minutes she'll be t ... nt up From the lot to the rim shop Five minutes just to pull your bit
33 10.IDKW2D(Ft.2 Chainz) t I still shop with the boosters Riding'round the city in that rari and that rooster Yeah I pull up in front of the party Whipping that brand ... all on my body Hop up out the car lot and buy myself a Masi Every day my birthday I throw myself a party Pull up to the strip club and sponsor me somebody I got s ... utopilot my auto need a pilot Car super tall the motherfucker need a sidekick And I'm gon' get money I don't need a fucking sidekick I just left the Polo store Po ...
34 8.The Crib when the car parked Try the backwood baby I spark Wanna go rounds baby? I'll spar Can we put on BET After Dark? I'ma beat it beat it at the a ... a and Lashay From71st and May Shoppin' Louie and Chanel errday Yeah m
35 12.Real Easy(Freestyle) with the car keys and easily was jacked When the pussy way too easy its so easy to get laxed Everybody eavesdropping so you easily get taxed' ... n' for yourself it was easier shopping Now everybody want something a
36 8.Don't Shoot Stacy and Shop at the mall only Ralph Lauren they'll lace me in I had the Montclair remember begging moms for it Walking home from school I al ... d butch building into the new carter Pooch did a bid and came home the same nigga Bully did a bid and came home the same nigga My moms working all night I had lat ... tryna build They follow every car I try to ride in I'm just praying this ain't the ... m just praying this ain't the car that I die in I guess with this hoodie
37 52.Jay-Z-Hell Yeah(Remix)(Feat. Dead Prez) e Dominos car headlights White boy in the wrong place at the right time Soon as the ... at the right time Soon as the car door open up he mine We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose By the look on his face he probably shitted in his clothes ... work Then fill out the credit card application And it's gonna be bout three weeks of waitin' For American Express Discover ... For American Express Discover Card Platinum Visa Master Card Cause when we was boosti
38 4.Cant Let You Go s and the shops you run through So i cop her one and cop you one too You always get a daily page weekly ring Plus you aint too shy to do them ... loss on my throwback She wont care if im a platinum rapper If she catch me with an empty magnum wrapper So keep it on the down low call the ... p it on the down low call the car celly You seen what happened with Mr. Big and R Kelly[Lil Mo] You know I ... nd R Kelly[Lil Mo] You know I care for you Anytime this chick is ther
39 5.Live Live Live an empty car and the sing the Little Shop of Horrors Theme Or just let out a
40 4.Sriracha e I'm EBT shopping Credit Card Max bend the bars back Fuck your hoe get brain and all that Run in your house and bring your whore back Sever your face and dea ... to fall I'm gonna fit in the car I can do better than yours I can be
41 7.Bills Bills Bills to use my car Drive it all day and don't fill up the tank And you have the audacity To even come and step to me Ask to hold some money from me ... Now you've been maxing out my card Gave me bad credit buyin' me gifts with my own ends Haven't paid the first bill But instead you're headin' to the mall Goin' on ... headin' to the mall Goin' on shopping sprees Perpetrating to your fr
42 3.Conceited You don't shop like I shop nigga Never never I'm in new[?] you just got to Lennox Trap Trap hat shoes sweater Call it triple threat Niggas still tryina be ... up started in the lobby Your car know your rent[?] All my niggas know[?] All my bitches know it's semen Diamond dance like Chris Brown hallelujah jesus I know th ... I got to Benji's I don't ever shop at Lennox[Hook: TrinidadJame$] Som
43 5.Corner Store Showdown wn Barber shop next door church two doors down Tirshop is adjacent owned by Africans Talk politics and get your flat fixed On summer nights the block looks a lot like Freaknik Park a ... se but he was hard to find No car no employment record of any kind Life time drug addict real grimy Did time for raping chicks and missed most of the90s Still run ... Came back hand tucked in his carhartt jacket Ski mask on his face and a long ass ratchet So I learned over and grabbed m
44 23.That Time We Went to Wal Mart in Memphis to Steal Some Shit Before We Me T Fuck a shopping cart Put that bitch on Walk back to the car Heartbeat pacing Never racing Fuck a security guard Yeah my paper so thin I ain't got no tree shading me[Verse3: Yung Christ] I ... ly Sick of this all of these Icarus wanna be'
45 7.A Boy Needs a Bike ks in the shop til eight Mom's on the phone and she's kind of irate Sally's doing sommersaults on the lawn Pop slams open the front screen doo ... the front screen doorJust to scare mom She says'what the hell did you do that for?' He washes his dirty hands in the sink And things around the table are kind of ... the night Pa always works on cars when he gets in a fight As though he could figure out that woman by working on that Old ... woman by working on that Old car

46 13.Satisfiction e ceiling Cars expensive blow this action True revealing Satisfiction Yeah I mean I listen to these rap records Half the time I'm suspicious Y ... ree times and plus Big houses cars jewelry bad bitches all around us Motherfucker uh I seen it all and guess what It's the'satisfiction' you feel me? Oh yeah I se ... your section You leased your car leased your house leased your spouse No she leavin' if you run outta paper And might be smashin' your neighbor I know you think ...
47 18.LA Cadillac car[Hook: Fergie][Verse3:] I got LA poppin' ... :] I got LA poppin' cars be hoppin' No refreshing these hoes they keep ... freshing these hoes they keep shoppin' Sunset droppin' chicken heads flockin' No recess my flows there's no stoppin' DeLorian rollin' pockets stay swollen Drive d ... -la-la look at me in my fancy car[Hook2: Fergie] In LA The
48 4.No Basic tch nigga Carbon15 don't you take it personal Shorty wanna spend? Fine nigga. Away let's go Let's go California dreams every single day we kno ... osses and ran with it I go to shoppin'[?] Order that car and an Audemars I'm reminiscin' about my passion I gotta go get the cash up Ten mail trucks I put a bird inside a Porsche She a ... e yeah I caught a jugg at the car dealer Paid it right there on the s
49 7.Trap House Stalkin Feat. Young Dolph& Cap1 od of the car is not in the front I did it fo' them no I did it fo' me so they did it fo' them And I like when that pussy go splash so I told' ... 20k on good weed and designer shoppin' Summer time just made it I'm t
50 6.Trap House Stalkin od of the car is not in the front I did it fo' them no I did it fo' me so they did it fo' them And I like when that pussy go splash so I told' ... 20k on good weed and designer shoppin' Summer time just made it I'm t
51 8.Big Problems USA ving your car down by the beach fueled by contamination you'll see washing up down by the beach a sleeker new sensation and they're closing up ... sation and they're closing up shop down by the beach now that the cle
52 3.Chuuuurch up in the cartridge Four runnin the house hopefully God can vouch for us We outlaws Dropped out of school so momma trusting the lord with some ... Say you see O? That's for the car jackin' me Know I keep the mac on me Living out here ... the mac on me Living out here carelessly Ended up burying I'm listening to the pastor preach Now I face[?]earth askin' what it's worth My sons in the dirt my nigg ... purity All she banking on is Cartier's and some jewelry Winning at t
53 7.YAY y And I'm shopping to the top I'm not gon stop unless I'm robbed Like my version they some rastas Yay-yay You a sweet nigga sweet lit turn up ... sweet nigga sweet lit turn up shop this finess Got yayo coco get my ear fills from Pedro sippin' on lean got a nigga in slow mo On the block running from the po-p ... ce elbows You would Think I'm Carlos in the trap way I got em for the L-O!(L-O) These chickens bought me a Bentley The diesel it bought me a dulley Your main bitc ...
54 6.Wuzhanindoe he opened shop huh? But ain't no money getting made right here From the south to the west make them bow to the best Burned a bunch of money an ... k Drop bombs on your mom fuck car alarms Tats on my face back belly l
55 2.Narcos r Took'em shoppin' got the car squattin' down on Forgiatos You ain't fuckin' you a friendzone nigga you a Roger Freddie Kane still hang with the killers and th ... hy you got a chopper and you scared to bust nigga? Some nigga tried to kill me man it's hard to trust niggas But my momma raised a drug dealer not a fuck nigga I ... hy you got a chopper and you scared to bust nigga? Some nigga tried to kill me man it's hard to trust niggas But my momma raised a drug dealer n
56 5.Pi¤ata girls go shop Every window tinted but the rooftop That money I'll just spend it to get you shot Can they be hating they got no reason Right w ... Madden tackle you Steal your car keys and crash your coupe in the bo
57 2.Boyz In The Hood ' Another car pulled up and what did he say I know you ain't get that off GTA Hey look them boys and the ice is always sauce And when we pull ... o buy it whatever it costs We shop at Neiman Marcus we don't shop at Ross[Outro
58 8.Wake n' Bake acked boy car jackin' switchin' lanes Yeah we found a chop ... n' lanes Yeah we found a chop shop took it with a day Came up off of
59 5.StrayDog LoveSong e and the car-horns beep An old woman sleeps next to a trash heap Crowd of pigeons gathered up right at her feet I see comedy drama and traged ... dollars to make Don't window shop but I walk in the bank Thinking I
60 14.Dayum! like Shaq car Tear drops in your face and you ain't killed none now what the tax for? Blew a M in one day that's what you call a sack boy Migh ... with me Got some money nigga shop with me My day one's on top with m
61 5.Beautiful Lie Feat. Wale he pretty car I seen her pretty ponytail When she pulled up to the crib I seen her pretty pair of heels So I hit her with my street game No I ... g saw20 of'em eryday Took her shopping she was slacking on her purse
62 3.Losing Haringey spare pawnshop everything in my life felt like it was coming to a mysterious close. I could hardly walk to the end of the street without feeli ... e terrace of chicken and bomb shops and long dreads near the tube station. I crossed the street and headed into virgin territory I had never been this way before ... back to school; the memory of shopping malls cooking driving in my mothers ... cooking driving in my mothers car all gone gone forever. I just sat t
63 13.Symphony le+ with Scarface Uhh+It Ain't My Fault+ that my style Silkk enough to Shock ya Hit you with the fifth block-a block-a If I get caught you can ... t stripped and thrown out the car? It's Funk Doc you know my name HOE My style dirty underground or Ukraine po' When it hits you pain pumps Kool-Aid through the v ... ck with fuckin broads in nail shops Hydro? Got more bags than bellhop
64 12.I'm So Indie ft. Geeze pped like car-seat crews Indie is the term to let em know that we're not idiot Richy-rich city slicks making poppy kiddy hits! So as long as t ... is so over! Girl2: I stopped shopping at Value Village now I just st
65 5.Dope Boy she ain't shopping where she want to shop or staying where she wanna stay And hey I know a ho gon' be a ho So every now and then I might make a bitch get it off the flo' ... ge If her finger dont have no carats Stingy nigga shawty said you hate to share it Dressing rooms shes asking me if she could wear it I took out them tennis shoes ... all shit nigga She like to go shopping that small shit nigga She want car nigga that small shit nigga She nee
66 11.Benjamin Trillington(Pug Life Remix) ds in the car And then and then shopping That's bad parenting It's not a good look[Verse1: Martymar] Feel likeJohnny Cash in that all black Told my friends and they ... you living for New house new car Got the same spouse with some new k
67 4.Hide& Freak t like ya car was in the shop Remember wound the way we play hid
68 5.The Locker Room a foreign car Say I've got them black bottles they thinking we own the bar I was out grindin you was playstation Tony Hawk No cab fare could o ... s lonely dark Harlem This for CarverJeff Wilson AK's1199[Johnson?] they make cake Blowing exotic in the tropics in a linnen shirt Harlem till I'm in the dirt leav ... ts never won a Grammy or an Oscar Keep a good lawyer just in case they try'na knock ya It's hard to leave the crib without the hammer they'll rock ya Got kicked o ...
69 6.AliSpinks2 ith Keith Carradine Fred Ward Peter Coyote and Powers Boothe And the slide guitar soundtrack of Ry Cooder And how Powers Boothe could've playe ... ongwriter I write songs in my car until the day I die I write songs that make people laugh cry happy And songs that make grown man shit their pants like little fu ... sed with the Doors But didn't care for the perspective ofJohn Densmore This past Christmas Day my dad's friend Dan Engelberg died In a hospital bed at the age of9 ...
70 7.This Is My First Day And I'm Indian And I Work At A Gas Station cross the Carquinez Strait And to the wind blowing through the eucalyptus trees Watching Paolo Sorrentino's'The Great Beauty' Fell asleep last ... but I didn't like the way the cars blew past it Fell asleep last night here in Flims Switzerland Reading theJohn Connolly book'The Wanderer in Unknown Realms' Boo ... hotel phone to my girlfriend Caroline This movie set's doing weird things to my head I'm not Italian I'm not Swiss and I can't act and I don't exactly fit in Wen ...
71 15.Pourin The Syrup ack Monte Carlo and a'Burban I was in a grey MonteCarlo and a Tahoe He was doing shows bad hoes up in[?] I was speaking Spanish with the plug havin' convos[?]ran lips hit the line ev ... y know I keep the lean by the carload In the top hit the boulevard solo Big Right know I got soft for the low-low In a drought me and Nook only ones had dope Nigg ... him Praying to the Lord that Car came from under that charge Free my nigga Head when I bow my head[Hook:] Late night whe
72 6.Wit Me calls You shop with me no I.O.U.'s if I don't fuck with y'all Ball[Hook][Verse2] We hit the mall in this we don't look at no tags No dirty mon ... r that's that light weight My car has horse power around the USA My L
73 5.Who Dat I put my car in this shit Crip rap bitch got the cuz in this bitch Flowing kinda slow just because of this shit I'ma nasty ass nigga wanna nu ... man a fan get that man off my car'Fore I tear your ass up and hold you for some money I know he ain't got it I was doing it for fun I'm smoking hella blunts and g ... ith these shells like a nigga shopping beats Sending out this Gucci time like the nigga Swizz Beatz Smack the bitch cause she ain't call me So this dumb hoe calle ...
74 7.Flattered eatin' my car look like neon You know I got D-Money I'm flexin' like I'm Deion Your weed stepped on guess what? My shit peed on I'm hot up in ... u going bald is at the barber shop like Eva's(?)[Hook] Cause you're t
75 9.Get Your Mind Right -10 in my car they like'this nigga savage' I got the Glock Tony Sosa I'm Sammy I'ma dog and a lion bitch I ain't Bambi Catch the bag like Rand ... lie Push your hairline barber shop I got aJordan shot you shoot like
76 6.Four In The Morning I hired a car Hit each town never stayed Left the motel bills unpaidJust defied the way they say things are In my mind I see that final town O ... ires I wonder when the corner shop is open If the wind'll drop before
77 4.I Apologize t up with shopping sprees Cause money can't buy you all the things you need But baby girl you got to trust me try to understand I do the best ... ou that house you wanted that car And hell I'll even let you shop for me(?) Tell your folk they ain't gotta trip Cause when they hear my music Shawty yo we out here And all them dreams and them ... know I can't make it up with shopping sprees Cause money can't buy you all the things you need But baby girl you got to trust me
78 9.She Kills Me Valet my car and I head to the front She waiting outside when a playa rolled up Face so legit ass hard to miss People stop to stare skirt bar ... id If I was a store she would shop she said Want me to take her strai
79 2.Everything Gets Old d We were shopping mall pilgrims outlaws at yard sales We wrote our names in ash and cigarettes on guardrails So if they do report me missing ... y do report me missing and my car bails I was21 the day the engine in my heart failed Someday I wanna leave the state move away and gone Every wrinkle in my face ... the way Cause heaven's just a car crash away from real life Until then I'll never know what paradise feels like[Chorus: Dylan Owen] Yeah well everything gets old ...
80 5.Crush2016(feat. Lord Narf& Father) ws up the car parked Of the Shell I ain't worried bout the smell now Fuck12 we got money for that bail now I ain't even gotta worry bout the m ... high just like a pilot When I shop you know I gotta cop for two Girl I had to let you know I got a crush on you[Hook: Ethereal] I know you seen me on the internet ... u say run it run it Don't be scared to spend that money throw a coupl
81 12.Christmas Wrapping(with Iggy Pop) year ski shopping counter most interesting Had his number but never the time(Most of'81 past along those lines) So deck those halls and trim ... ast minute have-to-do's A few cards a few calls Cause it's r-s-v-p No thanks no party lights It's Christmas Eve gonna relax Turned down all of my invites Last fal ... for him to show This time his car wouldn't go(I'm sorry) Forget it it
82 3.Love Somebody the next car Somebody on the morning train Somebody in the coffee ... train Somebody in the coffee shop That you walk right by everyday Somebody that you look at But never really see Somewhere out there is somebody Across town in a ... ove with Somebody in the next car Somebody on the morning train Somebody in the coffee ... train Somebody in the coffee shop That you walk right by everyday Somebody that you look at But never really see Somewhere out there is somebod
83 13.Go Hard p out the car Women gather'round like'Oh my God he's in my iPod' Peace to the god sayonara bitches There's no second time around like Shalamar ... the same chick you take to go shopping Young niggas[?] Leave'em talkin' through the box like[?] That's why nigga act so hood I roll up looking at you like'what' I ... ls in ta swap meet Your barbershops' gettin' faded Finally the weakes
84 13.Grown Men Don't Cry into the shopping center And saw a little boy wrapped around the legs of his mother Like ice cream melting they embraced Years of bad decisio ... erything they own livin' in a car I wanted to tell'em it would be oka
85 13.Satisfiction e ceiling Cars expensive blow this action True revealing- satisfiction[Verse1: Dr. Dre] Yeah I mean I listen to these rap records Half the tim ... ree times and plus Big houses cars jewelry bad bitches all around us Motherfucker uh I seen it all and guess what It's the(Satisfiction) you feel me?[Verse2: King ... your section You leased your car leased your house leased your spouse Know she leavin' if you run outta paper And might be smashin' your neighbor I know you thin ...
86 11.Save It took you shoppin' girl I know Don't let him buy his way up in it You know that I can't let no nigga get one up on me no no And you know this ... And you know in this foreign car whippin' out And you know you know And you know in this foreign ... And you know in this foreign car let you go Gots to break it down fo
87 4.Definition Of A Fuck Nigga Feat. Problem& Lil Debbie Don't be scared lil nigga cause the way she poppin' Every night I party but we keep it on the low She wanna look good puttin' powder on her no ... all his motherfuckin' dough[?]Shoppin' and I'm poppin' everything up in the store it's go Gucci Louis Fendi Prada Throw the coochie at him made it happen like vio ... ound[?]fucking pussy no[?] No car no crib newJ's he gotta[?] You sure
88 1.Spitfire ving nice cars Tryna park it don't you holla if it ain't my Gualla Growing up where I'm from iPhone to get you towed on Located in bankroll my ... cash credit and visas Not the car but the passport feature Need the passport if you're riding with the asshole Tell her no bags we ... e asshole Tell her no bags we shopping on tour freak We make a nice c
89 2.Hood Nigga buy that Shop Right? Cause you ain't come in this store Nigga with your glass jaw Why you think you hardcore You don't want this.44 pointed a ... pper fronts manhunt that's my car Gold fronts and a manhunt from clapping that bar You ain't no hood nigga We don't believe that Now check the bottom of this brow ... You ain't no hood nigga You scared to leave your section Relying on the police for protection I don't know your kind of hood nigga You got your face all mean roc ...
90 9.Trap Stories C vitamin shop. Everybody white boys is comin' to cop. My little shooter that I brought from up top? He stay packin' but had a kid buy some ch ... l the mechanic. I get out the car I hand him some shit He hand me some money I count it real quick. Now I'm ready to flip. I ask the nigga do he know Felicia. He ... that bitch duct taped in the car I pull out the thing he started to
91 5.This Old Man ontalot's shopping for the top of the hill. Should have bought a burial plot soon as I got ill but I foolishly thought that I could put it off ... ners; get a little tiny funky car and be a Shriner; go to the haberda
92 10.Hipster Mom 's always shopping local and avoiding GMOs scoping out the Lululemon infant line on her phone using Amazon Mom cause she's always on the go wa ... IRAHybrid mini van up in the carpool lane But Hipster Mom is ding okay[Hipster Mom:]'This may seem like a stupid question but is breast milk vegan? Can I call yo ... .' She looks so good when she shops organic Because she cares about her baby and the future of our planet But life has gotten hectic now that she's become a mom
93 6.Migos- Falisha took her shoppin' Different color diamonds Dennis Rodman If I throw gotti turn to a goblin[Hook][Verse3: Rich Homie Quan] Stop beggin' ho Whe ... ggin' ho When she came to the car askin' for the microwave Prolly fuckin' Falisha Shout out Debo he be gettin' a ho for everything Young Migo my people Yeah that ... Hundred thousand bought a new car Get wrong at the mouth I'ma break y
94 8.Slanging y foreign car my nigga you name it(skrtt) We up in the game my niggas not in the bleachers Trapping and capping to20 thousand a feature Trappi ... s got me selling cocaine I be shopping in the mall a couple thousand Balmain When I'm done shooting the chopper you gon' need you a cane Slang slang slang50 thous ... n she gonna choke Then I told Carlito to come with some more Some mor
95 11.All Wit My Hands Out yacht shopping boat hunting car lot copping Call me if you want som
96 3.The Great American Novel my rental car mostly though I've seen a lot of bars. I've seen a few music venues and a shitton of bars London got meJFK Boston Baltimore to t ... ubstep and to punk rock and I shopped in record stores I read the Great American Novel by the Great American Novelist and give me half a chance I'll build myself ... churches the prisons and the shopping malls the ballparks and the stadiums the junk-food drive-throughs the fast ... -food drive-throughs the fast cars and the
97 2.Ot(feat. Wiz Khalifa) in every car Takin shots rollin up money so long can't fold it up They talkin lyrics ain't dope enough Talkin them pounds ain't smoke enough ... f I like how it tastes Set up shop in a city I ain't from Overnight i
98 8.Still a Regular Nigga(feat.Javonte) those in car shows I still got'09 tags on my Mitsubishi mirage No gas need new break pads new tires to inspire to get money like Arabs.Jewish ... ' regular shit Got my regular car got my regular bitch Still dressin' the part in my regular fit Like being regular is some irregular shit I ain't changed for shi ... p no top No Gucci no Louis no shopping on Melrose I asked for the bitch number she looking like'Hell naw' No record no street credit I'm probably in debt No work ...
99 20.Regular Nigga(feat. Rapper Big Pooh) a regular car got my regular bitch Still dressing the part in my regular fit Like being regular is some irregular shit You niggas is living th ... w shit on who's dick? Bargain shoppin' a walk-in closet Until my mone
100 21.Day in the Life st of the shoppers we finna be closing I locked up like Akon and hit the street It's8 PM and I ain't had shit to eat All day KFC snackers a do ... huck the deuce headed for the car to finish off the night right But i

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