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1 2.CaptainJim's Drunken Dream cket2.CaptainJim's Drunken Dream Well you country fools in your one horse town you can laugh at me But it's plain as rain that you've ... you wink your eye and call me captain jim And when i don't do nothin' but walk on by you say baby get a load of him All i need is the sea and the sky and i know w ... derstand Up here i'm a whisky bum but down there i'm a king Sounds just like the angels up in heaven When they sing Welcome home welcome home Such a sight to see ...
2 17.North Atlantic Squadron fife and drum Here we come full of rum. Looking for women who peddle their bum In the North Atlantic Squadron. When we arrived in Montreal she spread her legs from wall to wall. She took the ... om wall to wall. She took the Captain balls and all in the North Atlantic Squadron. We were seven days at sea the ... We were seven days at sea the Captain took to buggery. His only joy was the cabin boy in the North Atlantic Squadron. Away away with fife and d ... ron. A
3 2.Valley Of The Low Sun als these captain's letters Are no use to us now Oh in the day we struggle with fatigue Much greater than any offer was We bow down and worshi ... s Bootlegged and bottled like rum My dreams are humble and lean as arrows And streetwise ready and fair As we ... reetwise ready and fair As we bum rush the ages tied to the rails On
4 1.The7 Seas Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew-Authentic Pirate Hip Hop1.The7 Seas ... te Hip Hop1.The7 Seas CaptainD Avast ye mateys! Captain Dan on the tape deck here Swab the poop deck Man the starboard bow You wanna know why? I'll tell you why after you give me s ... ou why after you give me some rum Here's why I'm the captain of the7 seas the7 seas the7 seas I'm a scurvy bilge rat with authority I'm the meanest sea dog that you'll ever see I'll plu ... rom his
5 5.Chests O' Plenty Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew-From the Seas to the Streets5.Chests O' Plenty(Cap D) I like breasts a plenty not chests who's ... just one sags display us your rum rack.' A bum rap is why I'm never getting any I'm always after chest o plenty How does the ... r chest o plenty How does the captain get so many breast? Uncanny Need an over the shoulder boulder holder then I showed her How this bolder soldier's colder once ... icks cum I lay around and sip rum a

6 21.Blunted Interlude ' to the drum set You silly nimble bad as to my car don't put the bass Oh on the table test the super lantra you got caught all that toe With ... neck check I got a call from Captain Hook in so quick We used to be partners'fore the clip stole my rapper I had to be right'cause you fight like it was a bitch ... s will Be the hand of the gun bum rum pum pum pum pum Is the drop of my snare d ... pum Is the drop of my snare drum freakin' is the beat of my tum tum Ma