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1 1.Aggressive Beartooth-Aggressive1.Aggressive I might be in too much debt with the hell in
2 2.King of Anything Beartooth-Aggressive2.King of Anything Can't take another second of this hell
3 3.Rock Is Dead Beartooth-Aggressive3.Rock Is Dead The only way I could feel okay Turn it up
4 4.Find a Way Beartooth-Aggressive4.Find a Way Finally feeling change New life new book wit
5 5.However You Want It Said Beartooth-Aggressive5.However You Want It Said I keep pushing for more pullin

6 6.Censored Beartooth-Aggressive6.Censored Who knew[?]was such a[?] All the thoughts I ha
7 7.Sick of Me Beartooth-Aggressive7.Sick of Me I lost6 of my years Fighting fire with fear
8 8.Burnout Beartooth-Aggressive8.Burnout I want free I want change I want it written on
9 9.Fair Weather Friend Beartooth-Aggressive9.Fair Weather Friend Losing patience you're so complacen
10 10.Hated Beartooth-Aggressive10.Hated Who knew you'd be hated for being who you are an
11 8.Survive eat. Caleb Shomo Of Beartooth] Be the victim or claim the victory Move past your fears so you can finally
12 1.Relapsing Beartooth-Disgusting1.Relapsing It's dark It's cold My mind is not my home[x2
13 2.Keep Your American Dream Beartooth-Disgusting2.Keep Your American Dream Go ahead and keep it go ahead
14 3.Sick& Disgusting Beartooth-Disgusting3.Sick& Disgusting Remember the time you said son it'll b
15 4.In Between Beartooth-Disgusting4.In Between Woah-oah-oh-ohhhh-oh-oh Woah-oah-oh-oaahhhh
16 5.Body Bag Beartooth-Disgusting5.Body Bag One life one decision[x2] Make sure it ends wi
17 6.Beaten in Lips Beartooth-Disgusting6.Beaten in Lips Everything that I say won't mean anythin
18 7.The Lines Beartooth-Disgusting7.The Lines Am I the son in or out of law How many chance
19 8.Me In My Own Head Beartooth-Disgusting8.Me In My Own Head If there's a problem then go and fix
20 9.One More Beartooth-Disgusting9.One More Sitting alone in my basement again Staring at

21 10.Ignorance Is Bliss Beartooth-Disgusting10.Ignorance Is Bliss Pick up the pieces Fix my diseases
22 11.Dead Beartooth-Disgusting11.Dead...1234! Pick it up! Pick it up yeah! Oh! This is
23 1.I Have a Problem Beartooth-Sick1.I Have a Problem I found my vice I found my vice It lives in
24 2.Go Be the Voice Beartooth-Sick2.Go Be the Voice Go be the voice of god Go live the life putti
25 3.Pick Your Poison Beartooth-Sick3.Pick Your Poison When did it get so hard to listen? When did
26 4.Set Me on Fire Beartooth-Sick4.Set Me on Fire I'm in love with the end of my rope Ripping ap
27 1.Westwind Westwind In the Beartooth Mountains where the twin peaks touch the sky There's a homemade cabin out o
28 1.Always Dead Beartooth-暫存1.Always Dead Losing it get a grip turn it around No one here car
29 2.Loser Beartooth-暫存2.Loser I've always been a fan of the night life cause it's the o
30 3.Finish Line(B-Side) Beartooth-暫存3.Finish Line(B-Side) Carry your hearts Carry your minds Bring us
31 4.Give It Up(B-Side) Beartooth-暫存4.Give It Up(B-Side) Oh! With all of who I am At the pouring fait
32 5.Blitzkrieg Bop(Live) Beartooth-暫存5.Blitzkrieg Bop(Live) Hey ho let's go! Hey ho let's go! Hey ho l
33 6.The Lines(Low Gain Mix) Beartooth-暫存6.The Lines(Low Gain Mix) Am I the son in or out of law How many
34 7.Hated(Acoustic Version) Beartooth-暫存7.Hated(Acoustic Version) All alone in a wall-less prison Didn't
35 8.Fair Weather Friend(Live in Columbus) Beartooth-暫存8.Fair Weather Friend(Live in Columbus) This one is called Fair W
36 9.Sick of Me(Acoustic Version) Beartooth-暫存9.Sick of Me(Acoustic Version) I lost six of my years Fighting fi
37 5.Ghost In The Mirror(feat. Caleb Shomo from Beartooth) t. Caleb Shomo from Beartooth) Lyricist Kenta Koie Composer Crossfaith I Am Here So Try To Control Me Can You Dig D