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1 8.Where's The Catch? d and discover gold Alchemists make it silver before you know it Negative nickels until it's void Aluminu
2 4.Really Doe s a spliff my uncle Alchemist puff I strike a birdie on'em while I hit your mouth with the club I wake up
3 8.White Lines ite Lines Producer The Alchemist[Verse1] Smoke so much I faint Drink so much You'll think I'll make you walk
4 5.Growing Up d that you read'The Alchemist' Listen to your teachers but cheat in calculus Tell the truth regardless of
5 1.Only Lies Need Believers The Alchemist-Fear Business1.Only Lies Need Believers There was a man and thousan

6 2.I Am a Tree The Alchemist-Fear Business2.I Am a Tree When I was a boy I was like a twig I was
7 3.Necropolis The Alchemist-Fear Business3.Necropolis Somewhere in the deepness of my mind Ther
8 4.Rays of Moonlight– Song for Youdrayka II. The Alchemist-Fear Business4.Rays of Moonlight– Song for Youdrayka II. It was a m
9 5.The Killer in My Blood The Alchemist-Fear Business5.The Killer in My Blood Magic and sensual is the mome
10 6.The Greater Good The Alchemist-Fear Business6.The Greater Good How would you think that you can ch
11 7.Secret Mystery The Alchemist-Fear Business7.Secret Mystery You can dive the deepest sea You can
12 8.Riahder– Song for Youdrayka I. The Alchemist-Fear Business8.Riahder– Song for Youdrayka I. As sky is green as gr
13 9.Nothing Is as It Seems The Alchemist-Fear Business9.Nothing Is as It Seems Red clouds on the horizon div
14 10.Muse VI.– Fear Business The Alchemist-Fear Business10.Muse VI.– Fear Business There are too many diseases
15 11.Muse V.– Metalchemistry The Alchemist-Fear Business11.Muse V.– M ... se V.– Metalchemistry I don't know how to care about my health Some people say that I must be deliberate There are too many poisons which ... I choose my way thanks to metalchemistry I don't care about my healt
16 13.The Turning Point ur aim is clear you alchemist of archetype Your hiccups be autograph Counter to mismanaged history You re
17 2.Black Rally Stripes g pot full of money Alchemist left the oven on for me Coke not bubbling Crack is not coming Up to the top
18 5.Dissapearing Ink ft. Styles P zone With alchemist and curren$y with alchemist and curren$y Mommy told me fl
19 12.Chinx& Max Paid For iors Rick Steel The Alchemist& Harry Fraud Part1- Chinx& Max[Intro] That's my nigga man that's my bro I s
20 1.Impose My Will Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner1.Impose My Will Come here come here come here co

21 2.Maintain(Fuck How You Feel) Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner2.Maintain(Fuck How You Feel)[Intro] Uh check me
22 3.Out the Frame Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner3.Out the Frame Get your fucking paper now that's
23 4.Seize Power Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner4.Seize Power Uh yeah Uh huh Hold on to it My ham
24 5.Never Trust a Soul Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner5.Never Trust a Soul Yeah Yeah H.A.V.O Uh It's li
25 7.Smooth Ride Music Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner7.Smooth Ride Music Now I see it clearly My whole
26 8.Buck50's& Bullet Wounds voc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner8.Buck50's& Bullet Wounds[Verse1:Havoc] I got a bird's eye view like bird and swine flu I'm sick ... years plus in the game! Yeah Alchemist I love you kid
27 9.Just Being Me Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner9.Just Being Me Uh yeah Yeah Here we go Yeah my l
28 10.Throw in the Towel Havoc & The Alchemist-The Silent Partner10.Throw in the Towel Ah yeah I got that H on my
29 8.The Alchemist 8.The Alchemist I bought a foreign factory With twenty thousand employees Slaving away for me Did I say slaves? I meant to say people ... are to be seen by me I'm the alchemist of stunted being I play the rarest instrument As my fingers twist they cause notes with a long decay How lucky they are to ... o be seen by me Cause I'm the alchemist of stunted being Woah woah We
30 16.Like Father Like Son2 Busta Rhymes Producer The Alchemist[Intro Harlem Taylor and KingJustice]x2 Remember me? Like father like son Ha
31 2.The Venetian Probably with that Alchemist Free myself then I only see myself like Malcolm[Hook: NIKO IS] I do this sh
32 5.Voodoo(feat. Action Bronson) The Alchemist-Retarded Alligator Beats5.Voodoo(feat. Action Bronson)[Intro Sample
33 6.Letter F ron to gold like an alchemist Nigga there's only one F in the alphabet[Sample][Hook] It be the F-A crooke
34 3.Yacht Rock Side B(Feat. Big Twin& Chuck Inglish) zing Part Five (The Alchemist Edition)3.Yacht Rock Side B(Feat. Big Twin& Chuck Inglish)[Verse1:B
35 5.Thelonius King(Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man& Tristate) zing Part Five (The Alchemist Edition)5.Thelonius King(Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man& Tristate)[Intro
36 7.Tomorrow(Feat. Step Brothers& Rakaa Iriscience) Five (The Alchemist Edition)7.Tomorrow(Feat. Step Brothers& Rakaa Iriscience)[Verse1:Evidence] Sat on a bench penning a verse Yes it's ... But I can't rush[Verse2: The Alchemist] Sat in the back of theJimmy
37 8.The G Code(Feat. Action Bronson& Domo Genesis) zing Part Five (The Alchemist Edition)8.The G Code(Feat. Action Bronson& Domo Genesis)[Verse1:Act
38 23.Blowin Them Horns usiness I became an alchemist over instrumentals I'mJim Dear over here that's the mayor say your prayers
39 1.Play It Cool(feat. Samuel T. Herring& Earl Swea No & The Alchemist-The Alchemist & Oh No Present Welcome To Los Santos1.Play It Cool(feat. Samuel T. Herring& Earl Swea[Intro Samuel T. Herring] On ... they fly Play it cool[Verse1: Alchemist] Strumming the notes on the g
40 2.Trouble(feat. Aloe Blacc) No & The Alchemist-The Alchemist & Oh No Present Welcome To Lo
41 10.Creown(The Alchemist Remix) ls10.Creown(The Alchemist Remix) Down with the shame Down with the shame Used to walk traps in th
42 7.Steam over the Mountain new world Are thou alchemists or fools? Yet I do not know Curse you all for what have you done the Earth
43 19.Snapshot of Infinity he religious from a alchemist chemistry[?] Vocabulary illuminated speech and wizardry Every single living
44 9.Eye Opening love like alchemists My wife My life My everything Life's a storm Keeping each other warm Whatever threatens the way Game­changer No matter th ... he meant everything love like alchemist
45 1.Alchemy encil I think I'm a alchemist and it's gon take courage no cowardly dogs In the pound we don't want'em ro

46 7.The Gusto ft The Alchemist Evidence and Roc Marciano to ft The Alchemist Evidence and Roc Marciano[Verse1:Apathy] An outlaw dressed in black where the tumbleweeds and dust blow Cut throats wh ... m going for the gusto[Verse2: Alchemist] Ayo I scribe fly sentences a
47 9.I.M.D.K.V. The Alchemist-Rapper’s Best Friend 3: An Instrumental Series9.I.M.D.K.V.[Prodigy]
48 10.Give Em Hell The Alchemist-Rapper’s Best Friend 3: An Instrumental Series10.Give Em Hell[Intro
49 13.1010 Wins The Alchemist-Rapper’s Best Friend 3: An Instrumental Series13.1010 Wins[Verse1:D
50 9.Spencer Reid g to you You little alchemist you let the uninspired formulas Be gone for ages With tattered pages lots o
51 11.Silentium vel Mortis shadows Beneath an alchemist lair Second age of witches Breeding death and dispair Can't see Can't speak
52 7.The G Code(Feat. Action Bronson Domo Genesis& Blu) Budgie & The Alchemist-The Good Book7.The G Code(Feat. Action Bronson Domo Genesis& Blu)[V
53 25.With My Soul(Feat. Action Bronson A$ton Matthews&J. Rocc) Budgie & The Alchemist-The Good Book25.With My Soul(Feat. Action Bronson A$ton Matthews&J. Roc
54 41.In Heaven's Home(Feat. Prodigy& Roc Marciano) Budgie & The Alchemist-The Good Book41.In Heaven's Home(Feat. Prodigy& Roc Marciano)[Intro
55 17.Cry Now(Shady Remix) ady!{'A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist'}[Eminem]It's'The Re-Up!'{*echoes*
56 3.The Alchemist 3.The Alchemist In death I rise! I fight To crush the phoenix To walk alone To burn the bridges that bar my way I live To seek the tru ... the last of my kind I am the Alchemist I think Therefore I hunger I hang inverted I see this world through different sight It seems Decree alone will Claim this ... the last of my kind I am the Alchemist War and peace exists within me The Elixir has been given to me Pierce my flesh now I fly Into Orion's crystal eyes Wisdom ...
57 7.Leave Me Alone(feat. LostPoet) des- see it thru an alchemist eyes. I'm5000 dowsing my sorrows creep to my ride man i ain't blind your cr
58 10.@mrevidence Interlude nd me you know from Alchemist on down to Rakaa you know my mom. Everybody. You know anybody around that I
59 6.The Alchemist Amanuensis6.The Alchemist We all live in a world where thoughts are over taken by chaos. Realize
60 3.Incessant Existence Hemotoxin-Alchemist3.Incessant Existence A heart beat never ending Life that shall neve
61 4.Postwar Civilization Hemotoxin-Alchemist4.Postwar Civilization Civil liberty at stake It's your life that th
62 5.After Forever Hemotoxin-Alchemist5.After Forever Have you ever thought about your soul- can it be sav
63 3.Brainbox king bread I am the alchemist yep yep Yo I am not like them I use the dao te ching a little Zen and the p
64 13.Zones rom the tarot I'm a alchemist strategist internet rap star Saw ya bitch hanging backstage at my snack bar
65 3.Cbs(feat. CJ Fly Dessy Hinds& Nyck Caution) The Alchemist-The Cutting Room Floor 33.Cbs(feat. CJ Fly Dessy Hinds& Nyck Caution) Intro Great one for the whole family[Verse1: ... he47th president Stay a young alchemist Gold is on my pallet Got my p
66 15.Perfectionist(feat. Rick Ross& Meek Mill) The Alchemist-The Cutting Room Floor 315.Perfectionist(feat. Rick Ross& Meek Mill)
67 4.Divine Intervention r o y c e Alchemist lace me motherfucker imback Second rounds on me order some yet? They dont speak my name man Only only to give you Give you ... uate Obie trice motherfuckers Alchemist(!
68 5.All Hail the Alchemist Hail the Alchemist bluer snow piled in the alley derelict remains earthly weight displaced sauntering in the night parade the future loom ... in deep sedation all hail the alchemist make us numb when we want tak
69 7.The Alchemist Winter Sun7.The Alchemist Bound within these gloved hands; molten The crucible of our transmutati
70 1.Seven Hells he evolution of the alchemists aim? The element of man reduced to flesh A vessel of our consciousness Reb
71 2.Nine Eyes he evolution of the alchemists aim? The element of man reduced to flesh A vessel of our consciousness Reb
72 16.Brilliantaire l before the weapon Alchemist of the sinister To heal within the message To build effervescent I feel sha
73 16.Fly feat. Crown City Rockers ay play in the wind alchemist watch me transcend and then blend with the all that is was and will be get
74 8.Bird Killer is who I am With an alchemist smile ill work my magic These birds will fly no more; I'll make them meet t
75 4.The Alchemist 4.The Alchemist'Waiting for my own rebirth Through countless ages I will burn Centuries ago I was born From the darkest scrolls to ris ... adows are deep In silence The Alchemist sleeps Dreaming mysterious dr
76 7.Lawn Mower Man n to gold like I am Alchemist Hardest I'm top dog now top of the food chain Opposite of mellow spitting y
77 12.Strange Brew nge Brew[Verse1:Alchemist] Ayo we back from the dungeon for rap rugby the stats runners Sack them bri
78 1.geometry and theology said another clumsy alchemist Like he just learned predicate and calculus The existential quantifier a ba
79 4.The Alchemist 4.The Alchemist[I. The Alchemist's creation] In a strange gallery an old man's work takes form Illuminated by a candle his visions light the dome In a sea ... to blend it with his own The alchemist's work is done To procreate w
80 16.State Of Mind Goldie-The Alchemist The Best Of 1992-201216.State Of Mind I realize the state of mind w
81 25.Inner City Life(Baby Boy's Edit) Goldie-The Alchemist The Best Of 1992-201225.Inner City Life(Baby Boy's Edit) Come to me
82 29.Isobel(Isobel's Lonely Heart)(Goldie Remix) Goldie-The Alchemist The Best Of 1992-201229.Isobel(Isobel's Lonely Heart)(Goldie Remix)
83 16.Dead People nfamous1st Infantry(Alchemist this shit raw like fresh beef playa We boyz in da hood... wanna see a dead
84 2.Apollo's Last Stand The Alchemist-Russian Roulette2.Apollo's Last Stand[Verse1:AG Da Coroner] Balboa
85 3.Crushed Kremlin The Alchemist-Russian Roulette3.Crushed Kremlin[Verse1:Meyhem Lauren] Steak and p
86 4.Decisions Over Veal Orloff The Alchemist-Russian Roulette4.Decisions Over Veal Orloff[Method Man and Redman
87 8.Never Grow Up The Alchemist-Russian Roulette8.Never Grow Up[Verse1:Evidence] I play the low end
88 9.The Turning Point The Alchemist-Russian Roulette9.The Turning Point[Verse1:Roc Marciano] Swab the d
89 11.Don Seymour's Theme The Alchemist-Russian Roulette11.Don Seymour's Theme[Verse1:Midaz] Pick your poison a pen and paper are pointing at ya You can b ... 'm your nightkin and with the Alchemist we back for licens
90 13.Adrian's Words- Champion Song The Alchemist-Russian Roulette13.Adrian's Words- Champion Song You didn't push hi
91 15.Kalashnikov Guns The Alchemist-Russian Roulette15.Kalashnikov Guns[Verse1:Guilty Simpson] The demo
92 16.Flight Confirmation The Alchemist-Russian Roulette16.Flight Confirmation[Featuring Danny Brown& Schoolboy Q][Verse1:Danny Brown] I popped a E pill a ... a Cause ya'll whack nigga Met Alchemist'07 in miami Fifty K jewels on
93 19.Junkyard Fight Scene The Alchemist-Russian Roulette19.Junkyard Fight Scene[Verse1:Killer Ben] Since bi
94 20.Oleg's Flight The Alchemist-Russian Roulette20.Oleg's Flight[Hook Fashawn] This is dedicated to
95 23.The Kosmos Pt.1- Lift Off The Alchemist-Russian Roulette23.The Kosmos Pt.1- Lift Off[Verse1:Chuuwee] My bar
96 24.The Kosmos Pt.2- Power Glove The Alchemist-Russian Roulette24.The Kosmos Pt.2- Power Glove[Verse1:BoldyJames] We on that Kool Moe Dee Wild Wild West Broad da ... orking on this joint with the Alchemist(!
97 26.The Kosmos Pt.4- Moon Probe The Alchemist-Russian Roulette26.The Kosmos Pt.4- Moon Probe[Verse1:Big Twinz] Ti
98 28.The Kosmos Pt.6- Life On Another Planet The Alchemist-Russian Roulette28.The Kosmos Pt.6- Life On Another Planet[Verse1:Willie the Kid] This ain't rap call it carpentry ... when I combine minds With the Alchemist burning like turpentine no sa
99 29.The Kosmos Pt.7- The Explanation The Alchemist-Russian Roulette29.The Kosmos Pt.7- The Explanation[Narrator] On a
100 4.In the Twilight you can't ignore An alchemist a shaman A rose by any name You're from another world Can't believe You'd f

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