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1 1.Familiar Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass1.Familiar
2 2.Golden Green Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass2.Golden Green
3 3.Stretch Your Eyes Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass3.Stretch Your
4 5.It's Happening Again Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass5.It's Happenin ... ain Producer Agnes Obel I swear it is true The past isn't
5 6.Stone Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass6.Stone Producer Agnes Obel They say every sin will have a tho

6 7.Trojan Horses Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass7.Trojan Horses ... ses Producer Agnes Obel These bare bones are made of glass
7 8.Citizen of Glass Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass8.Citizen of Gl ... ass Producer Agnes Obel Rend a black drop from my heart Wi
8 10.Mary Agnes Obel-Citizen of Glass10.Mary Producer Agnes Obel Heaven hid her face as we fell dow
9 2.Fuel to Fire Agnes Obel-Aventine2.Fuel to Fire Do
10 3.Dorian Agnes Obel-Aventine3.Dorian They won'
11 4.Aventine Agnes Obel-Aventine4.Aventine Will yo
12 7.The Curse Agnes Obel-Aventine7.The Curse Have t
13 2.Riverside Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)2.RiversideAgnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel down by the river by the boats Whe
14 3.Brother Sparrow Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)3.Brother Spa ... row Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel voices in the street footsteps on
15 4.Just So Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)4.Just So ... So Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel black turns beat me bright turning
16 5.Beast Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)5.Beast Lyricist ... ast Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel i would know who roars mostly like
17 7.Avenue Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)7.Avenue作 ... nue Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel what is wrong at the end of the da
18 8.Philharmonics Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)8.Philharmoni ... ics Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel guess who died last night In grey
19 9.Close Watch Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)9.Close Watc
20 11.Over The Hill Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)11.Over The H ... ill Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel over the hill i will be waiting fo

21 12.On Powdered Ground Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)12.On Powdere ... und Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel go back and forward but all is mel
22 17.Philharmonics(Live In Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)17.Philharmon ... en) Lyricist Agnes Obel Composer Agnes Obel guess who died last night In grey
23 18.Close Watch(Live In Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-愛樂人(Philharmonics)18.Close Wat
24 1.On Powdererd Ground(Piano Sessions) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics1.On Powdererd Gr
25 2.On Powdered Ground Agnes Obel-Philharmonics2.On Powdered Gro
26 3.Over the Hill Agnes Obel-Philharmonics3.Over the Hill
27 4.Close Watch Agnes Obel-Philharmonics4.Close Watch
28 5.Philharmonics Agnes Obel-Philharmonics5.Philharmonics
29 6.Avenue Agnes Obel-Philharmonics6.Avenue What
30 7.Beast Agnes Obel-Philharmonics7.Beast I wou
31 8.Brother Sparrow Agnes Obel-Philharmonics8.Brother Sparrow
32 9.Brother Sparrow(Piano Sessions) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics9.Brother Sparrow
33 10.Riverside(Piano Sessions) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics10.Riverside(Pian
34 11.Avenue(Piano Sessions) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics11.Avenue(Piano S
35 12.Close Watch(Live in Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics12.Close Watch(Li
36 13.Philharmonics(Live in Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics13.Philharmonics(
37 14.Sons& Daughters(Live in Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics14.Sons& Daughter
38 15.Katie Cruel(Live in Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics15.Katie Cruel(Li
39 16.Smoke& Mirrors(Live in Copenhagen) Agnes Obel-Philharmonics16.Smoke& Mirrors
40 1.Over the Hill(Itunes Live in Paris) Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris1.Over t
41 2.Philharmonics Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris2.Philha
42 3.Over the Hill Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris3.Over t
43 4.Katie Cruel Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris4.Katie
44 5.Between the Bars Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris5.Betwee
45 6.Philharmonics(Itunes Live in Paris) Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris6.Philha

46 7.Just So(Itunes Live in Paris) Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris7.Just S
47 8.Riverside(Itunes Live in Paris) Agnes Obel-Itunes Live from Paris8.Rivers
48 1.Arches Agnes Obel-Under Giant Trees1.Arches
49 2.The Curse(Live) Agnes Obel-Under Giant Trees2.The Curse(L
50 3.Fuel To Fire(David Lynch Remix) Agnes Obel-Under Giant Trees3.Fuel To Fir
51 4.Words Are Dead(Live) Agnes Obel-Under Giant Trees4.Words Are D
52 1.Over the Hill(Live) Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris1.Over the
53 2.Philharmonics Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris2.Philharmo
54 3.Over the Hill Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris3.Over the
55 4.Katie Cruel Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris4.Katie Cru
56 5.Between the Bars Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris5.Between t
57 6.Philharmonics(Live) Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris6.Philharmo
58 7.Riverside(Live) Agnes Obel-iTunes Live à Paris7.Riverside
59 1.Just So- Original Mix Agnes Obel-暫存1.Just So- Original Mix
60 2.Run Cried The Crawling(Deezer Session) Agnes Obel-暫存2.Run Cried The Crawling(Dee
61 3.Dorian(Daniel Matz Rework) Agnes Obel-暫存3.Dorian(Daniel Matz Rework)
62 4.Sons and Daughters Agnes Obel-暫存4.Sons and Daughters We
63 5.Smoke and Mirrors Agnes Obel-暫存5.Smoke and Mirrors Oh m
64 6.On Powdered Ground(Brandt Brauer Frick Reinterpretation) Agnes Obel-暫存6.On Powdered Ground(Brandt
65 7.The Curse(Cloud Boat Rework) Agnes Obel-暫存7.The Curse(Cloud Boat Rewor
66 8.The Curse- Robert Hampson Remix Agnes Obel-暫存8.The Curse- Robert Hampson
67 9.Stretch Your Eyes(Ambient Acapella) Agnes Obel-暫存9.Stretch Your Eyes(Ambient
68 10.Poem About Death Agnes Obel-暫存10.Poem About Death It f