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1 1.No Matter What o tell my mother I expected the worst I gathered all the courage in the world She said'I love you no matter what I just want you to be ... er what I just want you to be happy and always be who you are' She wrapped her arms around me Said'Don't try to be what you're not Cause I love you no matter what ... g on the pavement every sunny day was grey I trusted in my friends then all my world came crashing down I wish I never said a thing cause to them I'm a stranger n ... anger n
2 9.Don't Belong In Hollywood that your mother sent? Your pictures don't make sense Are you ... ures don't make sense Are you happy or do you just pretend? You live in a town made by movie stars and educated hearts Might sound like Amy Winehouse singing in y ... laugh Beverley boulevard One day we'll be standing there face to fac
3 10.Wedding Day 0.Wedding Day You got the invites only late last night Flowers and wine hey that's a real good price Don't rush it honey'til that dress fe ... something sweet Like how our mother would've loved to have seen You and your lover so ... ve seen You and your lover so happy I can't wait for your wedding day To see you smiling that look on your face I won't be crying but just in case It's'cause life sometimes it leaves a bitter taste ... to-heart You'll say a perfect
4 1.Closure ike every day in every way So yeah of course we speak and numbers exchange and now im ... d numbers exchange and now im happy as fuck Because now I'm back with the love of my life doing all kind of shit like kissing on North while it was two o'clock at ... her mum even took us on a holiday Couple months in I've got the key to the crib But but then I got distant though'cause I got that iffy vibe Like I'll be catching ... r Pull it off I still told my mother I'm thinking
5 12.Legacy my glory days behind me or beyond me I'm folding like origami My tables turning like interior decorators Levels like elevators These haters g ... ray? And reminisce of another day uh I came from nothing a child born in poverty Went to college to gain knowledge So they would acknowledge me Honestly I got a g ... th for wealth I missed a birthday miss an anniversary There's lots of people in this world that's worse than me I wasn't there for my son's first words But he ain ...

6 14.Last Call was on Friday Night— Nah nah he did it on The Warm Up yo When he did the'Last Call' on The Warm Up I was like'Damn I'm tryna do mine' So since ... Sinatra Yeah yeah Back in the day I wasn't shit homie Penny pinching I couldn't even pay the rent homie Thinkin''bout it I'm wondering where the years went homieJ ... e we was in the A Back in the day I was Young Broke& Infamous A Young Sinatra that was Undeniable Who Welcome-d you To Forever while Under Pressure And told you T ..
7 4.Happy With You tion4.Happy With You I sat around all day I used to get stoned I liked to get wasted But these ... liked to get wasted But these days I don't'Cause I'm happy with you I got lots of good things to do oh yeah I walked around angry I used to feel bad But nowa ... ry I used to feel bad But nowadays my days Don't have to be sad'Cause I'm happy with you I got lots of good things to do ooh yeah Like hear the high clear robin sing Walk a bluebell carpe
8 12.Lift Off(Feat. Chino Moreno And Machine Gun Kelly) from the day I'm off of the earth I'll ride alone Please brace for impact Must have went to space and got sent back But I'm still intact in f ... nned me Now they like Bambi's mother- dead- I'm onto these Grammy's I'm rolling these grams gladly Purple and green like Daphne Shades on like Velma hair long lik ... I sleep but when I'm high I'm happy That's why I need to kiss the sky when I get stuck in the valley Lift off! I'm off of the earth I'll ride alone I'm drifting a ...
9 4.Four Letter Word e me that day I remember I waited for my stubborn to come through Told me why my moods ain't easy Challenge me like I do you This feeling take ... ou'll be my baby I'll be your mother The pain it makes me so impulsive I hate I can't control what I do Even though I know the reason I still cry out for you So m ... knows I'm waiting To be your mother Promises and loyalties My truest dream for you to look at me look at me And feel proud love and eternity When my time comes A ...
10 8.BRACKETS 'm really happy about it And I'm not bragging I just wanna say something I make a so—fuck it's ridiculous But wait wait a minute wait a minute ... Hey if my father was alive today I would go home and say'Dad I wanna tell you how much money I made' You know what he'd say?'You's a lying ... what he'd say?'You's a lying motherfuckerJoe Louis didn't make that much money Come in here get your ass out the house Coming here with that bullshit' hah Niggas ... w I'm controlling my
11 30.Another Lonely Christmas('I Would Die4 U'7' B- Side Edit) ust2 c ur happy dancing silhouette upon the pier Sometimes I think I hear u smiling Sometimes I think ur here I find myself holding every pill ... leave Then u died on the25th day of December oh baby Last night oh I spent another lonely lonely Christmas Darlin' baby u u should've been there oh oh'Cuz all th ... ther said it was pneumonia ur mother said it was stress But the docto
12 1.Happy Mother's Day Hartmann-Happy Mother's Day1.Happy Mother's Day There is someone who I love so And Mommy is her name-o M-O-M-M-Y M-O-M-M-Y M-O-M-M-Y And mommy is her name-o There is someon ... kiss And mommy is her name-o Happy Mother's Day Mommy Happy Mother's Day Mommy Happy Mother's Day Mommy And I love you so
13 5.Blood Brothers ye to eye Happy to jump the line See you in3D Cut my hand gently Helping you make your bed Waiting inside your head You're giving away the end ... Wrap me up in secrets And one day we'll let it out let it out I can kiss you for free now For free now Why why why I feel like a million dollar bill Hanging off y ... chill How might we tell your mother That I'm your little blood brother You sit in my car Like some superstar On the count of3 Lean in check to[?]listen To the wo ...
14 7.Butch Lullaby tiful May dayJust back from the house Checked on the roof Got a call that an old friend died His name was Butch He was tough as nails You coul ... piece of granite On your grandmother's kitchen cabinet We thought he'd always be there like the stars and the moon But we're all gonna end up ashes in an urn or b ... hroom. Butch wasn't the agile mother fucker he used to be and he needed a damn good reason to get up off of that cozy chair. Butch's favorite part of the turkey w ...
15 10.Bergen to Trondheim mple That motherfucker's one of thousands like him walking this earth Out to kill maim inflict pain massive suffering and hurt Got me some fri ... . My flight just landed yesterday in the Czech Republic Turkish Radiohead fans attacked at a listening party at an Istanbul what the fuck I can't say I ever liked ... to death Okay so it was a holiday and it was protocol to be fasting That doesn't justify inflicting pain on those who chose to go out dancing Ran three laps aroun ...
16 1.ShETHER ey of the Day yeah you dumb ass Let's be honest you stole that line'bout bitches bein' your sons—how you take my'09 jail tweet and run? Talkin ... ass popped I was like'Damn90 days and you couldn't have box? Did she at least compensate? Start givin' you mad top? Her name Minaj right? She ain't throw you som ... e you a opportunist Left your Day1'cause you heard he was on some cheat shit Then got with the dude that told you on some creep shit But what happened to Omeeka? ..
17 3.The First And The Last Prayer e I'll be happy and have love My mother talks to me. I'm not alone I want to see her face my faith is strong I feel her heart beat it makes me glad I'll recognize he ... feel her heart beat noise One day she told me sorry and began to cry I've understood with terror I have to die ... ood with terror I have to die Mother don't kill me give me the hope to live ... l me give me the hope to live Mother please hear me you've wanted love to give I want to live to see t
18 5.The Boy And The Priest kened his day Poor boy watched his mother's death Lonely boy heard his last father's breath Angels were keeping silent over the hopeless Angels were crying The boy bec ... e a terrible sound After some days the boy was in sorrow Bitterly crying dreading tomorrow Small boy was blind only could grow Only could grow to his parents' gra ... vestone In his eyes beautiful mother In his eyes powerful father In hidays the sun's rising never Nothing to cure... The boy is bl
19 10.Big Mouth mouth-ass motherfucker talkin' shit. There's always some big mouth ... There's always some big mouth motherfucker hatin'. Always a nigga hatin' There's always somebody that is displeased with what you do. You can never make ... at you do. You can never make motherfuckers happy. There is always somebody unsatisfied. That feels entitled. There is always some bitch on the side line talkin' shit with her ... t while you ahead Because one day I just might not laugh I
20 20.Jacky nd if one day I should become A singer with a Spanish bum Who sings for women of great virtue I'd sing to them with a guitar I borrowed from a ... t virility With some old grandmother That might be decked out like a Christmas tree And no pink elephants I'd see Though I'd be drunk as I could be I'd sing that ... I could be for an hour every day If I could be for just one little hour Cute in a stupid ass way And if I joined the social whirl Became procurer of young girls ...

21 3.House of the Rising Sun 's one My mother she's a tailor She sews those new blue jeans To keep my gambling father drunk Deep down in New Orleans It's a ... ep down in New Orleans It's a happy happy happy happy fun day day Like a bird flying over forest fire My father feels the heat beneath his wings And in debt he leaves for another town Where he g ... and drunk he still drinks My mother hides from pleasure And thinks of Father on her knees Lifted in the arms of God Awa
22 1.The Race les every day Bitch I'm drawing doodles Tay-K paint the way Choppa turn your dudies into fish fillet I woke up too moody who gone die to ... e up too moody who gone die today? Shoot a fuckboy in his motherfucking face We cooking up boy you don't wanna go dat way Gotta go dat way you get robbed for your rackaids Gotta go dat way b ... o dat way boy you not gone be happy I tote50s I'm a shooter like Youn
23 2.Fathers Day 2.Fathers Day[Verse1] Tears still rolling down my face Simple fact it being Father's ... Simple fact it being Father's Day My confidence was confiscated More confrontations shortened patience I'm aggravated agitated Hate to say this I ain't been a fat ... she don't get it though Every day the kids asking where their daddy go Shit still praying for a better way I visualise good times when I meditate To be alone on m ... ne on my own on this Father's Day Tears still r
24 3.Jackie nd if one day I should become A singer with a Spanish bum Who sings for women of great virtue I'd sing to them with a guitar I borrowed from a ... t virility With some old grandmother That might be decked out like a christmas tree And though pink elephants I'd see Though I'd be drunk as I could be Still I wo ... I could be for an hour every day If I could be for just one little hour Cute in a stupid ass way And if I joined the social whirl Became procurer of young girls ...
25 7.Im No Good Then you happy with some money but I'm meaning I'm pissed My girlfriend knows that I love her But I mentally abuse her and I treat her like s ... disappoint my twin I pray one day I'll recover But it's like I'm tryin' to schedule an appointment with the- devil Lords knows that I don't wanna- die So I'm begg ... selfish piece of shit Make a motherfucker wonder what it's gonna take for me to change mentally Bags underneath my eyes cause I lift too fast Grey hairs on my be ...
26 9.Orangutan(featuring Tech N9ne Rittz Ces CruJL B.Hood& Wrekonize) until the day they gotta give us free I'm out[Hook: Krizz Kaliko] Oh let'em out let'em out Animal and he's circling about Keep us free and it ... Times bro Cause I'm an animal happy to damage the stronghold Why you gotta be knocking the ooo-wee switch? We get it poppin' more than often and you do eat shit H ... do eat shit Hit the drop and motherfuckers chop-suey prick This our
27 1.iSpy(feat. Lil Yachty) kin' snow day Ayy boy is good and he knows it he don't say it he shows it I am just like the DeRozen if I shoot it it goes in I am in Cali jus ... t never post it And I'm in my happy place posted I ain't frown since'06 I ain't cried since'01 my bag like Six Flags and your house is no fun You can come back to ... her like piano keys And on my mother's mother I won't fuck a bitch without a d
28 5.Good Ol' Case of the Blues Cause one day I said one day God gonna call out And what you gonna say You gonna be ... at you gonna say You gonna be happy over what you did?Just sitting with your wife and your two kids What you gonna tell'em? Yeah you gonna tell'em Big daddy know ... t you don't think about yesterday Yesterday has gone away You got more people to play You got more time to waste You got more money to snake You got more relationships to f ... the rules So go play another mot
29 4.Streets of New York from your mother So take care me young bucko And mind yourself well and will ya give this wee note to me brother At the time Uncle Benjy was a ... on East53rd I was feeling so happy I was humming a song And I sang'You're as free as a bird' Well to shorten the story what I found out that ... e story what I found out that day Was that Benjy got shot down in an
30 10.Let's Eat cklemore] Happy New Years Everybody got a resolution But the next ... got a resolution But the next day we forget about it never do'em I went to the gym and got a membership Five minutes on the treadmill and I never lift That was fo ... t again that's tomorrow And today man I gotta go in cause it's my lastday Before I lose that weight I gotta get one last plate and go big I ate all night Kool-Aid on ice I woke up and I felt like shit A ... I should probably start on Mon
31 15.Through The Dark(Restrung) The very day you were born your light shone bold in the dark The doctor said you had a hole in your heartJust knew you were making room for a ... heart And loved you from that day until your soul would depart You took your first breath upon my chest I built you a good nest before I left It wasn't that I nev ... asn't that I never loved your mother But two happy homes are better than one that suffered Every regret in this life that I made Have been tempered by the streng
32 3.Happy Day(Sister My Sister) evee3.Happy Day(Sister My Sister) Take all of the grace And all of the sorrow Put it on me Set it free For a momentJust a moment Can I carry ... st a moment Can I carry it? O happy day Thank you my spirit But these games we play Say what you mean When we talk we crosstalk Why do we do it? I was just a fool A rea ... fool I'm not hurting anybody Mother my mother What should I do? Do I walk on t
33 1.Are U Having Any Fun? die Allen-Happy Camper1.Are U Having Any Fun?(feat. Meghan tonjes)[Intro Hoodie Allen and Meghan Tonjes] Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh U ... t become a chef the way these motherfuckers grilling me Meanwhile I got every Will Smith CD And the first two seasons of Felicity Rapping's like a gift to me Lite ... ht under the sun drinking all day anything you want Are you having any fun? Fun fun fun(Hey) I could be the one you really wanted Could've had it all but then you ...
34 2.Too Small the other day So how your heads and let us pray That he finds himself again eventually So put your hands together And burn your polyester That ... the world to me And if you're happy and you know it that's a sin In grand design or grand abandonment Our only concern is in who wins This world is on declineJust ... And has forgotten that their mother is the earth But I think that that's all pretty selfish We renew garbage more than vows And we're all eating too much shellfi ...
35 13.Jay-Z-So Right Remix(Feat. The L.O.X.) hoop]From day til it's dark with the fat man scoop Now you spook you heard Lox about to drop Pop the top we got this in a can like Pringle Hea ... don't even make no sense I'm happy they made them with bullet prrof glass tints If you want beef see you at the Bad Boy cook out Get a new look out pull your bla ... e money then get out the game Motherfuckers better think before they
36 4.Barely Sober(Feat. Lil Wayne) y-Another Day In Paradise4.Barely Sober(Feat. Lil Wayne)[Hook Belly] Trap trapping with the money in the sofa All I smoke is loud she ... fuck it if I die I'm high I'm happy OMG it's Tunechi Lee I sip I drink Pop two pop three And just be free and just be me They will critique I just keep keep I'm p ... em up Gotta bump it like some motherfuckin' exzema bumps They naked i
37 12.Fire in the Booth Pt..1 efore the day that I started secondary And that's part of it not half of it get the picture the rest ain't necessary Growing up got a little c ... ling our brothers dissing our mothers Is right in line with the dominant philosophy of our time But time is a cycle not a line Comes back around you regain your m ... ic baskets Even gave kids the day off school To go see a lynching have a picnic It's fun to watch the little monkeys die Then people act a little dysfunctional Yo ...
39 5.Cooked Food you every day Let me go baby uh just let me go baby You know it's been a generation game From my old lady yeah and her old lady You're gonna f ... na feel me if I see you every day In my postcode and I won't say no so Why you acting like you don't know?[Hook] I love you like cooked food Oh girl I love you li ... body wants a slice Think your mother dropped the egg for them to cut you with the knife? It's a cutthroat business I trust no women I give the world my heart and ...
40 5.Dark Places od Undead-Day Of The Dead5.Dark Places...too much hurt I worked way to hard for this We live in dark places dark places People say I'm ... ng Who wants to fight a lion? Motherfuckers who hateJust wait for me to die trying Like I...--------------------------------------------------[Danny] Dark Places ... ng Who wants to fight a lion? Motherfuckers who hateJust wait for me to die trying Like I'm gonna stop now Like I'm gonna cop out Choke this ... I'm gonna cop out Ch
41 5.Standing on Ferraris ught me a motherfuckin' red Ferrari for my birthday nigga.(I put that on Piru) Told me I was honorary.(Put that on Piru) I said nigga I'm with whatever with this ... a I'm with whatever with this motherfuckin' red Ferrari nigga. Yeah I'll take it. Nigga Game givin' out red Ferraris for no reason it was just a Tues ... r no reason it was just a Tuesday. A motherfuckin' Tuesday. Niggas said happy Tuesday Puff. Now that nigga wanna stand on my Ferra
42 11.Perfect Circle God Speed e I'm the motherfuckin' Bible that's forever the truth And this is not another case of the celebrity blues The devil with me and he tell me to ... you like breaking the law My mother raised me a God(Hey)(Fuck you)[Verse2] Yeah blame the drugs got me sinning on the week ... ugs got me sinning on the weekday Drunk as fuck doing buck sixty on the freeway Giving y'all the freebase hidden in the middle of a briefcase Hidden in a subwoofe ... relay Why I'm so mad on my B-Day
43 18.Fiddle Me This say good day And I hope you say'good buy' when they ask was it worth for you to pay For my music for pressin' play For all the stress that we ... nt directed to my home on the mothership sonar Valet UFOs I go park The dirty south needs a soap bar In the mouth of these MCs but But who am I to judge on what t ... I didn't have one Fuck it I'm happy for him cause he got a bad one I
44 6.AliSpinks2 ew Year's Day in New Orleans And I'm walking to the river with the girl of my dreams And we're walking I have thoughts I'm not sure others hav ... I'm pretty sure I think Yesterday we were hanging'round the swamp and I was thinking about the new year and what I'm gonna do And I thought about the movie Southe ... ite songs in my car until the day I die I write songs that make people laugh cry ... gs that make people laugh cry happy And songs that make grown man shit thei
45 4.My Niggas na make today a better day How can you not feel that my nigga? I grew up in the'jects around killers MAC-11s TECs and9 millis Welfare checks and wild deale ... cks and wild dealers I'm just happy I made it out the slums my nigga We scrambled over crumbs my nigga Tried to get fly to avoid bein' bums my nigga It's rough wh ... iggas I looked inside my grandmother's eyes Promised her I would try

46 14.Junkie tle every day I work harder than you could possibly So nothing you can say or do will change my mind I'm not afraid to die Look at the darknes ... n't waste your time on me I'm happy to be a junkie I might steal your shit. I know I can find a better use for it I ain't nothing to you and you don't mean nothin ... n't waste your time on me I'm happy to be a junkie Motherfucking right. Sleep all day and stay up all night And then I'll wash my hands in the blood of you
47 9.Colors said your mother only smiled on her TV show You're only ... ed on her TV show You're only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope I hope you make it to the ... ope I hope you make it to the day you're28 years old[Pre-Chorus] You'
48 6.Elvis Presley Blues out Elvis Day that he died day that he died I was thinking that night about Elvis ... inking that night about Elvis Day that he died day that he diedJust a country boy that combed his hair And put on a shirt his ... s hair And put on a shirt his mother made and went on the air And he shook it like a chorus girl And he shook it like a Harlem Queen He shook it like a midnight r ... inking that night about Elvis Day that he died day that he died I was th
49 10.The Wood That's me motherfucker I'm finally on(Voilà) Sold out shows we need more of those On the road from Marseille to Bordeaux We rich now but came ... uros dollars we gets more I'm happy cause my shooter just died at the precinct Don't babysit girl just down that Reisling(Throw it back) Let's take a road trip to ... h) Do it how we do it huh(All day) Repeat it when the morning come Li
50 2.Smile Mama Smile Makes me happy just to see a smile on her face Perfect ... e a smile on her face Perfect mother and I love you tell you every day You always was a black queen mama Y
51 8.Baby Duck g home to Mother well You'll never see me being towed by my cumber belt naw That aint my style of ball I live off Michelinas and Tylenol Not l ... he mall I'm tryna buy it next day return it saying that the size too small I've been done over love hung-over For you I bleed myself dry blood donor There's plent ... is your Grandma's eyes Super happy that you finally pushed that man aside So walk away ya heel-toe And smell a real rose Only flowers I smell is Febreeze in my s ...
52 2.Nobody Like Me ry] I'm a motherfucking beast mate getting sick of all the restraint Fuck a tiny cage I just need space I just wanna run I gotta escape Each ... wanna run I gotta escape Each day I'm more sick of eating from the feed tray All they feed me is this cheap gray mush yeah my teeth ache And I'm just so hungry ca ... to jump me though and yo your happy days are done for Man I keep it fonz cool fuckers it's an art form Aye if you're artist what I am I'm kinda unsure They tell m
53 12.Forever and a Day ver and a Day Lyricist Freddie Gibbs[Intro] Yeah yeah Bitch(I'mma make it even if it take forever and a ... even if it take forever and a day now) I done did a lot of... Yeah I done did a lot of... Yeah(I'mma make it even if it take forever and a ... even if it take forever and a day now) I done did a lot of bad things just to get change I done took it to some levels that a lot of niggas won't go Yeah(I'mma ma ... even if it take forever and a day now) I done did a lo
54 11.Whatever Makes You Happy Makes You Happy[Hook] Whatever makes you happy(x3)Just do whatever makes you happy(x2)[Verse1: Term K] I really don't mind being alone But I'm sick and I'm tired of being broke though And there isn't one cent ... bounce Bounce? Bounce til the motherfucking roof cave in True statement no speculation Two cavemen won't never make it to their destination Put an exclamation at ... ng But hey whatever makes you happy right? Now you can break your back or you can ta
55 11.Under Pressure give you motherfuckers is the dial tone Flashbacks of a youngin' sipping that purple Kool Aid Skipping school with my homies and chiefing ree ... s and chiefing reefer for two days Running from the law living how I'm living fuck'em all Bumping Triple Six Hennessy in my cup driving through the sticks Who the ... t finally getting cake like a happy belated Bitch I made it we on Buy it break it roll it light it smoke it inhale it write it record it mix it master it press it ...
56 8.Entitlement can't be happy then you can't be too I'm tired of being told what to do Yeah I'm sick of being told what to do There are children to ... at to do There are children today who were lied to Told the world is rightfully theirs They can have what they want whenever they want They take like Caesar and n ... oiled and getting worse every day Don't they feel like they're cheated somehow I feel like I've been cheated somehow Stop what you're doing and get back in line I ... e all the
57 12.Needle Of Death rong each day You fix your mind to‘scape your misery Your troubled young life Had made you turn To a needle of death How strange your ... dle of death How strange your happy words Have ceased to bring a smile from everyone How tears have filled the eyes Of friends that you once had walked among Your ... urn To a needle of death Your mother stands a'cryin' While to the ear
58 10.Black Dahlia e To your mother when she was your age[Bridge: Angel Haze] I don't know Maybe I would write you a ... now Maybe I would write you a happy ending I would rearrange the pieces to your sad beginning I would put you far away from the decaying roots that bore you And l ... ng these stupid mind game One day it could get better maybe it could get better Maybe we could change shit no more inclement weather Know you hated your mom know ... w nothing is the same And nowadays I s
59 1.Mr. Scarface ck in the motherfuckin house once again! Yea droppin some of that new Mr. scarface two on your ... new Mr. scarface two on your motherfuckin ass So suck a nigga dick or make a nigga rich Or something bitch Verse one: I don't give a fuck about the chatter in th ... ommend you check And ask them motherfuckers how many heads i put to rest I play a game but the game ain't roulette Slangin cane is the thang and i beat That there ... or get fucked Cause laws get happy on th
60 5.Oh My Love told your mother's soul You always gave me such a fever And so much trouble in my soul()Just like always Oh my love I know you're just foolin' ... crying When you ran away that day I never thought I'd find another And she could take the pain away I never felt somebody loved me The way my baby loves me now Sh ... She took my heart and made me happy That's why I'll never let her dow
61 22.Drug Dealer PSA gs and be happy and look at the person and just say You know you doing a good thing man? A lot of people you know what I'm saying the dope-men ... I hate this man I hate these motherfuckers Straight up Had a little message for the drug dealer And the gun dealer had enough Still smoking blunts Still wonder w ... blunts Still wonder why they motherfuckers gotta die I know they put this in the place in the sky While you make excuses kick a neighbor with the juices Selling ...
62 1.Murder Was The Case(Intro) d til the day we attack Mane they done charged me and my niggas Shit too real you come back and don't ratJurors like Rayful Edmond couldn't go ... my momma your son home momma happy mother's day'I heard you had rap beef.' Are you
63 2.The Weather Feat. Baily rned18 My mother how she said to me Everybody will get wet The one thing that you can't forget Cuz when you hear the weatherman say Weatherman ... say Weatherman say on a rainy day One umbrella and a happy face Always seem to make the pain
64 12.Love Yourz hope one day you hear me Always gon' be a bigger house somewhere but nigga feel me'Long as the people in that ... me'Long as the people in that motherfucker love you dearly Always gon' be a whip that's better than the the one you got Always gon' be some clothes that's fresher ... s But you ain't never gon' be happy till you love yours No such thing
65 2.Jimmy Stewart so every day is the weekend The blade ain't tucked away until everybody is leaking I've had it up to heaven with father fuckers critiquing My ... nge friends change every five days Identify snake venom enter my space You're givin em five minutes why wait? Holdin your moment that's gone Develop your density ... that I'm rappin fast well I'm happy to spit slow Cuz everything goes fast I watch as it go past I'm tossin these bread crumbs You're lost with a road map Perusin ...
66 9.Que Lastima(Featuring Angel Davanport) ing Y'all motherfuckers better kneel kiss the ring Fans want me to do a song with And I got to say I don't see that happening Rap at the king ... 're tweaking Scar you machete happy when he feasts Ces call me I know they had me in their speakers Flame bang blow me out in their space All dehydrate leave me i ... lies will miss me Strange all day we've been signed officially Look a
67 2.Chilly(feat. Fat Trel) are more happy being expelled We them bad motherfuckers smoking bogies during gym class Dropouts who got your girl's pants dropping quick fast[Hook: Chris Webby] Ride around ... so chilly(na na na na na) So motherfucking chilly(na na na na na) Everybody rocking with me(na na na na na) So damn chilly(na na na na na)[Verse2: Fat Trel] I se ... of my eye Spring but a chilly day outside They run around my way to get themselves into shape My Desert Eagle and my K outside N
68 5.Good Day(feat.Jitta On The Track) br>5.Good Day(feat.Jitta On The Track)[Intro] We so high'Cos we so high[Verse1: Chris Webby] Yeah I'm feeling lovely please don't judge me ... lling round with hippies everyday I puff trees Getting so high there ain't nobody above me And I'm feeling spectacular chilling at the bar No need for the mean mu ... ds But fuck it yo this a good day Listen when the hook play Baby this them positive vibes and what I should say Is that I'm faded feeling ... say Is that I'm faded fe
69 8.Heatstroke story My mother was afraid They didn't mean to make me But I got made anyway Since I was a young child(wa-oh) I much preferred the rain(wa-oh ... (wa-oh) They asked me'Are you happy?'(wa-oh) I said'I can't explain'(wa-oh) And I say Heatstroke yellow maybe strawberry blue The strongest thing I ever felt was ... ng I'll never give up'til the day I die I'll never give up till the day I die I say Every single time they come back home from the road I say tell me where you'v
70 3.I Get theJob Done b number8 happy to create we scavenge through crates for tracks to mutilate hack a tune tap a beat that we duplicate play some keys boost the ... at. Psyched up... to see you motherfuckaz hyped up... Yo Mika turn this Mic up... Cause we been trapped in the lab getting no sun banging on pads til fingers go ... n a case we leaving for three days. We'll eat junk get drunk speed on the freeways sleep change positions on our seats when our feet ache scream' WAIT!... I need ...
71 2.Cowboy ock knock motherfucks it's me Mr. Clusterfuck What when where how like who gives a fuck Golf Wang M-O-B mopping niggas ante up Ain't been this ... nk all this money will make a happy me? But I'm about as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat Everybody's sparking it yet I keep coughing Can't keep calm in th ... ate him I wasn't present that day I was with Whitney smoking Sitting
72 3.Pigs m But the day I do it will be everywhere When I share these feelings Finally they gon' fucking care[Hook] Grab a couple friends start a couple ... er all the bullies crush them motherfuckers Odd future hooligans causing up a ruckus Its Us. Nigga. I said its us nigga.[Verse:2] Murder murder m-murder the last ... in class. So I'mma keep them motherfuckers there and make sure they pass Huh. My prom date she disses my offer So I'mma[?]and toss her in the principles office O ...
73 9.Happy Day eeze9.Happy Day My friend we are running outta time Another ... re running outta time Another day older and it ain't been kind Been through some shit you look like it too I mean that with love I just wanna wish you a ... love I just wanna wish you a Happy birthday Happy motherfucking day Chase our dreams to end of the street Run outta breath and stop for a drink Never let no money get between us Well I ain't got n ... I'll sing you a so
74 12.Kanday 12.Kanday I met this new girl with big juicy lips An' nice round hips I mean her body's a trip An' when I go over her house you know w ... d stuff for me Her name is Kanday she's dandier than Dandy Don You're mad an' I'm ... Dandy Don You're mad an' I'm happy that she put me on I'll never leave her for nothin' only a crazy man would That's why I had to tell ya that I feel good about ... ya that I feel good about Kanday I feel good about Kanday I feel go
75 3.Runnin path Lost motherfuckers tryna direct your life path The fuck out of here That ain't sensible How you gon tell me how to be ... How you gon tell me how to be happy When you miserable You the one that gotta live your life Wether good or bad Take the wrong advise And you'll be reminiscing On ... keep goin dawg and Know your day is comin Get up and keep on running
76 6.Through The Dark The very day you were born your light shone bold in the dark The doctor said you had a hole in your heart I just knew that you were making ro ... heart And loved you from that day until your soul would depart You took your first breath upon my chest I built you a good nest before I left It wasn't that I nev ... asn't that I never loved your mother But two happy homes are better than one that suffered Every regret in this life that I made Have been tempered by the streng
77 12.Anatomy1:3 aunt's unhappy there's only one way I can deal with that Kill'em all body for body leaves the world empty I'm alright with that I have more l ... in's getting thicker Know the day you go against me is the day you meet God Cocksuckers still think it's a facade(?) Bow your heads and close your eyes Maybe we'll be friends on the other sid ... ou're wondering how? It's the motherfucking Boogeyman I possess gifts that where not made for humans and words can not describe them
78 3.Fish Fry at still smothers me for what it's worth It's just funny when I hear y'all people talk about turf'Cause on what I walk is all mine got the dee ... t I used to like Living every day but days that I feel good about Have become remixes and remedies And verses that I put on tracks for charity I guess she grew up…pushed ... ger fish to fry'Cause I ain't happy with sitting around eating sushi aday But chopsticks walk on Earth talkin
79 3.Patricide Single Mothers-Negative Qualities3.Patricide We're like slow motion shooting stars Mid-swell and dying at the local bar Getting pre ... call for the sacrifice Wednesday night happy hour kind of riot And mornings at the farmers' market I need god about as much as she needs me Something like an ongoing rival ... ioural patterns Like the next day didn't matter Dove head first into
80 6.Happy Mother's Day Head6.Happy Mother's Day Verse1:You kept me clean you brushed my hair Took me around with you everywhere. How did you do it all? You read me books; s ... thing can compare. Chorus1:So happy mothers day and thank you for the Way you always gave the best of your life To show me how to love and how to be myself. No words will be en ... gh to show you how I feel. So happy mothers day. I love you; I love you. Verse2:You helped me reach fo
81 9.Park Bench Brand New Day9.Park Bench[Verse1- Madchild] Red line razor blade gang I'm an outlaw Crack jaw you won't see it coming hit you south pa ... nd a cardigan Thinkin' of the days back when Shane he was partyin' And soon I'll be an artifact Seemed like yester ... an artifact Seemed like yesterday I was picking up a party pack(ha) Now I'm worried about a heart-attack Still child-like AMAX and a starter cap You can't cheat f ... ther timeJust be thankful I'm happy I've h
82 12.Can U Get Away brighter day Late night phone conversations-- would that be OK? I don't wanna take up all your time be the next in line Tell me your size let ... ttle while love(girl) I'm not happy here(2Pac) I know it's hard but can you get away?(girl) So much pressure in the air(2Pac) Let's go man get up outta there.. ca ... o you love him?(girl) I'm not happy here(2Pac) Do you love that man? Verse Two:2Pac Could it be my destiny to be lonely? And checkin for these hoochies that be on ...
83 8.Beautiful Imagine a mother who has no love in her heart How about a child's laugh with no joy(Joy) Man it sounds crazy like life without you What's the ... hat you're real It's plain as day so crystal clear Each time I see you I see the beautiful Beautiful love in your scars Each time I breath you I become beautiful ... we're all safer in your arms Happy to see you because you make life beautiful Beautiful from dusk til dawnJesus you are so beautiful Picture me trying to figure ...
84 6.Martha Moxley(Rest in Peace) ll single mothers that cannot afford they babysitter So they copping liquor then call me to come thru and dick her Get the picture? Life isn't ... picture? Life isn't always a happy ending I'm cool with being positive but not cool with pretending'Cuz way back in the ... retending'Cuz way back in the day when there was still Hartford hockey Around the time when Michael Skakel murdered Martha Moxley My father met my mommy and the r ... land Apathy Demigodz You rich mother(!
85 11.Listen FT. Big Hoodoo You hear'motherfucker' and'die bitch!' from out your kitchen When you intervene your own neck's getting twisted To the sound of broken dishes ... throwing fists it's just everyday business'Get out' my mamma tells him she don't noticed me there's too much distance I fade back see you in hell then It wouldn't ... listened[Hook] I'd be alive today if only you'da heard what I had to say Give me the time or ... ad to say Give me the time or day I probably be alive but I pas
86 8.Happy Homes oker8.Happy Homes Crosses and.... Ask you to don't worry But the hills and the river With the sun on the back I've been thinkin' about ... to think about it? There's a mother and her daughter that's gone It's the daughter that needs now crying Oh baby rest your head now We are all on the side of the ... he road What's the point to a happy home? You send your girl to college She was just16 Promised her until the ... just16 Promised her until the day I saw her I'
87 12.Never Surrender e he your day one Almost had it all then the day comes When they walking through your house with the strap out Pointing at your head got the bread then you black out Bright ligh ... ey say that every doors got a day coming It's like he seen a ghost but he ain't say nothing Eyes wide shut like you looking at me Window pain to the soul say nigg ... pain to the soul say nigga's happy But the pictures ain't say them words and we dry stomach The homie didn't keep it one hund
88 1.R.G. p of this motherfucking hill(Rich Gang Rich Gang) fully loaded Looking at life from a good year blimp boy(yeah believe dat) Size me up guarant ... y paradise on earth Smoke all day nigga- Rich Gang100[Mystikal] Bitch I slapped the fucker crowded out the pistols Shake the dog shitter I ain't playing with you ... that girl from Cancun now the motherfuckers they feel high I got big ass houses plenty cars I'm a gorilla with it y'all niggas spit monkey bars I leave them with ...
89 10.Fuck The Rest since the day I was born. Evil's what they stamped up on my hospital forms. I tried to choke my mom with my umbilical cord. The doctor was too ... er. Believe me I'm living I'm happy I'm winning. Faster faster I am on my way. Shred of this disaster I can truly save save us. And I know in my heart I can reach ... Power of a thousand of these motherfucking zombie cats None of them can do it quite like I can. It's over I'm older I'm alive I'm sober. Believe me I'm living I' ...
90 1.Parve oranis-My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs1.Parve I've tasted all the specials Gone from dish to dish Closed too many late night de ... way Parve Parve She good all day every day I knew she was mine When I read her tattoo Inside a circle of life All that was there was a'U' She can play each part But she mo ... don't care which bowl She is happy hot And cool cold She's as certifiable as Fool's gold Parve Parve My meat and potato ... arve Parve My meat and po
91 3.My Wednesday Balabusta oranis-My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs3.My Wednes ... ther Love Songs3.My Wednesday Balabusta She comes in the back door around nine o'clock She changes right into her red paisley smock She's dusting and poli ... e'll go too by the end of the day She bends down and wipes underneath every door She reaches and bleaches the whole kitchen floor I know that she's leaving at qua ... longer with me She's my Wednesday balabusta She's my Tuesday Weld MyJu
92 12.Asian Confusion oranis-My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs12.Asian Confusion Let's order in like we do every week We can eat everything from contai ... God I'm alive It's an Erev Monday morning no-brainer Let's order in from the regular place It will be here in less than half an hour How'bout we get all the usual ... on I'm always hot and sour Sunday night Chinese food Everything is greasy good Don't worry God is in Church all ... 't worry God is in Church all day today(!
93 11.My Frustration to make a happy home lie in bed and sleep don't come have some peace then give me some and i know the reason why you hold me down i won't let ... n't seem to find the break of day i'll stay just a step away where was i when god had shown how to make a ... n god had shown how to make a happy home and i have become my worst enemy i will survive this instability in my bed i lie alone scrape together bone to bone again ... from me you couldn't take it motherfucker eternit
94 16.Polaroid Picture(feat.J The S Dutch Rebelle& Cyrus Deshield) rld tours Day dreams are interrupted But colds nights and frosty women ye the one who sucked it My culture being high drugs liquor and gamblin ... ent I stay determined for one day I'll be the main event The past move fast every ... vent The past move fast every day I came and win All I got is my memories'cause I can't never see'em since(Hook) I don't need a photograph I got these memories in ... I'm sneaking freezing Let my mother say my prayers'cause I'm living in he
95 4.F**k Swag n you lil motherfucker I'm over and I stick'em up they say they're yellow go and then provoking And it's time for me to tell the difference be ... it about the way I look every day Long hair don't care red pair of air jordans And I wear all black on fuck fuck swag You're a geek(Hook) Fuck swag(x8) You're a g ... rin it a fanny pad What you unhappy the cheddar's back the many pack
96 16.Be Safe ful black days When nothing is pleasing and everything that happens Is an excuse for anger An outlet for emotions stockpiled an arsenal an arm ... senal an armour These are the days when I hate the world Hate the rich hate the ... world Hate the rich hate the happy Hate the complacent the TV watchers Beer drinkers the satisfied ones Because I know I can be all of those little hateful thing ... windshield One of those rainy day car rides my head implodes The atmosphere
97 1.Goodbye Girl your grandmother's scarf As you walked away that day in the park I watched you disappear into the city Smaller and smaller you faded That's that Say goodbye and don't look back So l ... nd don't look back So long to happy every after You are my goodbye Goodbye girl I remember that look The last one you gave me A kiss on my cheek As you were leavi ... nd don't look back So long to happy every after You are my goodbye Goodbye girl Never mind how long it lasted You're still
98 11.BDE(Best Day Ever)[Live] .BDE(Best Day Ever)[Live] I never take a day off work around the clock My engineer gettin' paid off Rock like aseop light the weed and take off So high I cannot see Adolf No ... me with a smile Pursuit to be happy only laughing like a child I never thought life would be this sweet It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek And I ain't get awa ... better this gon' be the best day ever If it ain't about the dream than it ain't about me Gon' a couple four weeks without a g
99 12.Customer e all all day all If the pearches of worthy gonna skin down And be a true hustler. Parapapapara parapapapa be a customer Parapapapara parapapa ... the money she gonna make you happy She a.. at the drop of the dime Gotta..this ... drop of the dime Gotta..this mother*cking fine Come quickly it's so
100 3.The Art of Defeat nobody's happy. Stare at the family with the biggest trouble passionately and s ... est trouble passionately and smother your dreams with subtle distractions of grief for the others who never made it nor displayed for us to replay the ... isplayed for us to replay the day we coulda woulda but didn't because

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