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1 5.Motion g through different dimensions[?] Honey I forgot to mention I'm so entranced by you it hurts I'm in love
2 2.Greatest ntion Is you're one dimension I'm a monkey wrench and I can flunk detention I love contentions so welcome
3 1.Ophiophagy beneath a dimensional abscess The birthright of the nexus I the shadow was born from utter nothingness Exhumed within the emptiness alongside ... tic abyss burning through its dimensional fabrics Melting away the molecular barrier The vortex between two worlds enveloped within opposite traction Gravitationa ... to the depths of the physical dimension Followed by the essence of my
4 10.Climb t Veronica Dream of dimensions Then cross through the veil to them Wrap yourself in linen holdingJesus cl
5 1.Now o another dimension I could sign my life on the dotted line Maybe get some shit that just wasn't mine In the end I'd do it every time Take my ... en? I could fall into another dimension What's the worst thing that c

6 13.Why n another dimension I can hear you asking me why Why Why Tell me can you hear me I'm calling Tell me you can hear me don't cry Tell me that yo ... s of why Somewhere in another dimension I can hear you asking me why Why Why Will you wait for me I will wait for you Will you wait for me I will wait for you Tel ... and why Somewhere in another dimension I can hear you asking me why
7 10.Y'all Ain't Ready This is a different dimension Whatever I want get attention My partner stay with the pistols Them pistols
8 1.Rent Money nd now I'm in a new dimension Offered her25 keep tryin' to take some of my percentage I was petrified you
9 6.Galaxy I Sink eyes I can see all dimensions of my life At night at night How can the stars really know me now When I f
10 5.Rest in Paradise nto a new dimension(take me into a new dimension) I tried to give you mine ful
11 2.Black Hollow the final dimension My body is energy a fluid extension Of one's absolution of one's final form This new version of me I truly adore There is ... form Broken through the final dimension My body is energy a fluid extension Of one's absolution of one's final form This new version of me I truly adore Power is ... ncer Broken through the final dimension My body is energy a fluid ext
12 3.The Watcher n between dimensions I am energy I am god Reaper of the fallen and forgotten The unveiling of life facade Betwixt the light and shadow Granted ... All life is mine Torn between dimensions I am energy I am god Reaper
13 3.Closer To Your Heart[feat. Cody Carnes] uch to discover New dimensions of your glory And I've only seen a glimpse You keep drawing me you keep dr
14 3.The Violation ction The dimensional loop Natural law of infinite power The many will become the few Eternal torment perceived as paradise Reflection of time ... You have no future Channeling dimensional energy Forbidden transgression Consequence the violation You have no future Channeling ... You have no future Channeling dimensional energy Forbidden transgression Consequence- the violation You have no future Channeling ... You have no future Channeling dimensional energy Forbidden
15 5.Clarity Through Deprivation ns Slipping through dimensions Dreadful path once binding Now leading to enlightenment Visions of immacul
16 17.Angel of My Dreams Flyin' me to a new dimension Angel of my dreams Look into my eyes Tell me we will never fall Angel of my
17 10.Battle Through Time energizing Diabolic dimensional spell(Chorus) Ten billion lives One scattered mind A death deprived Seek
18 6.Keep on Trying(Sechs Freunde) product of your own dimensions now So keep on trying keep on trying keep on trying will youJust keep on t
19 4.Gallows Omen sides and invisible dimension Behold: the shining path Dead persons that never lived With jaws agape the
20 5.Creating God ng in an artificial dimension but we're not alone Now the master has become just a stepping stone oh Like

21 11.Exist ver-stretching four-dimensional fabric of space and time. However big our world is our hearts our minds o
22 3.Stay be faded in my own dimension You so complicated I swear that pussy Grammy nominated Let's make some musi
23 3.Holy Key orld and the fourth dimension my family's in The big money the fast cars my life produced The blocks I co
24 8.Feasting On The Flowers The next dimension show me in We were moving in the world expanding your realities A force of nature on the verge commanding abnormalities La ... and I don't Oh yeah The next dimension show me in You get a little bit more this time when You give a little bit for your brother's kind Like she always said'Oh ... and I don't Oh yeah The next dimension show me i
25 7.5D(Fifth Dimension) .5D(Fifth Dimension) Lyricist R. McGuinn Composer R. McGuinn Oh how is it that I could come out to here and be still floating And never hit bottom and k ... d paying attention All my two dimensional boundaries were gone I had
26 5.Untitled0509.21.2014. xist in a different dimension Not to mention when I close my eyes I see the distance It's such a scary si
27 5.White Ferrari e taller in another dimension You say we're small and not worth the mention You're tired of movin' your b
28 9.Tied to You you're with me New dimensions open up Insanity can't get enough[Chorus] I won't lie I won't lie I won't
29 2.Death he fourth dimension[Verse2] Death is another place Another time and another age Dawn of a new race Full of fire and full of rage Death is anot ... o the black We are the fourth dimension[Verse3] Death is another plac
30 1.V.A.L.I.S. le are lizards Hyperdimensional3-D phonetics Epic intelligent alphanumerics Spirits are dancing around an
31 5.Cube ving points in four dimensions A paradgim shift Astronomical calculations to decompose the composite numb
32 9.Sulla Strada Dei Ricordi seta ma in fondo ridimensionavo tutto con la viltà. Rimedierò? Non so. Riparerò? Tutta una vita passata
33 1.Long Dumb Road ean Jeans-Tight New Dimension1.Long Dumb Road When I get that funky feeling Long dumb road for me
34 2.Ripped Shattered and Alone ean Jeans-Tight New Dimension2.Ripped Shattered and Alone I'm ripped shattered and alone I quit I
35 6.Last Nite On Earth ean Jeans-Tight New Dimension6.Last Nite On Earth Last nite on earth yes it's true Yeah it's the
36 4.Let Go le it's Goku I fold dimensions I failed to mention I came to tap into your soul too Now tell me what you'
37 6.Whizdom too low That's why dimensions keep my fires aglow As the answers float just beyond halcyon My knowledge
38 10.Don't Look Down g through this vast dimension This glimpse of each other As lost lovers... We wanted much more So the tho
39 6.Ascension casting through all dimensions Get ready to hear the soothing sounds of bliss Kick back and light a fat j
40 10.New Phone Who Dis locusts in another dimension Zombie gang be what I'm repping Pussy so good I need seconds to step in Two
41 7.Slick But No Cigar regrettable and one dimensional will never have me thinking that I can't be exceptional the beat making r
42 5.Fly Low(feat. Lox Chatterbox) tations of a higher dimension I'm lost but I think that I like it here Now I never wanna be feelin' I thi
43 12.Constellations floor Through a new dimension we go Supernatural love and take it shout out Losin' in a sky full of gold
44 2.Rings When you get three dimensions stuffed into two Then it's off to a school where it's all that you do Bein
45 3.Indigo ime awaits In a new dimension A new salvation Rises over again You've been lonely Lonely You've been drea

46 25.The Deadfaced Dimension(with MC Nolz) br>25.The Deadfaced Dimension(with MC Nolz) Retaliation total f**king war Yeah(Fuck[?x]) Motherfucker
47 3.Run For Your Life feat. O.C s ring on Different dimensions I'm in tune with mind body and spirit Which mix would I do? So authentic I
48 9.Don't Touch That Dial feat. Ras Kass& O.C ernate time another dimension I brought down the Earth with my scientific invention[Hook: Apathy] Living
49 1.Throw Down Your Guns 'll give'em another dimension I miss you so much I'd rather be dead Baby take me on a ride up to heaven I
50 3.Of Course We Ghetto Flowers and my Rollie three dimensional Bitches dangerous like Mystikal these niggas clone you get your chemicals
51 12.Poison Ivy ling what dimension you were from We will never know if you and I belong Got me hella weak I can barely speak I need a release can I hit the b ... he bong Ain't no telling what dimension you were from We will never k
52 3.It's Only a Dream ion slip to another dimension as we go fade away wake your photograph none of these good times will ever
53 8.Victim his and that or the dimension after Maybe on another plane We never really met Do you ever wander Feeling
54 10.Depthless re's a town with no dimension A short time I may be subdued And in result a broader path in the future St
55 4.…And The Addled Abstraction of Being ou're alive a three dimensional intimate life My mind implies that i exist although i can't rely on his a
56 1.In My Dreams different dimension And you can tell me all the things you didn't mention Maybe we'll meet in a different ... ybe we'll meet in a different dimension And you can tell me all the t
57 2.Father's Breath as a monument of undimension where death alone is mine to claim this gate is open now peeling flesh from
58 10.Father's Breath As a monument of undimension Where death alone is mine to claim This gate is open now Peeling flesh from
59 11.Metanoia e self transcending dimensions falling down beneath the open eye i look around myself and witness dreams
60 9.Omnivorous world. Torn beyond dimensions cannot escape that Zombie swirl. Caught in a medial comaJust let them oper
61 11.Weltschmerz heart without words dimensions far from fast pace frozen and blind to my fate I reach for the stars the f
62 3.The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Inventions- Live at Norwich Owl Sanctuary ine fly us to other dimensions. Beep beep beep beep yeah!8 out of10 agree that this technology should be
63 6.Embrace theJourney… Upraised reverse Examine the dimensions in suspension of disbelief The search continues The soul escapes Our exist
64 6.Flame on Flame(a Slow Dirge) dows of an infinite dimension[Chorus] Bring on the rain(bring on the rain) Nothing can stop the madness F
65 2.TERROR ZONE any spheres A cruel dimension where time And space distort beyond control A ride to another center of the
66 1.Blackstar Horizon nfiltration Behold! Dimension Adramelech The megalith it calls From depths beyond space and time Crimson
67 9.Right There Thats right another dimension Gotta catch it as it flies Right before the moment dies In the blink of an
68 5.Alien e a jump into a new dimension Thank God I got that gift Ever since I was a little kid Always on that next
69 2.Infinite Pills Infinite Alcohol e Foreign dimensions again But we're back to reality friends Boring's the best that we've been So let's find a supply Take a metal vacation or ... nd find something new Foreign dimensions again But we're back to reality friends Boring's the best that we've been So let's find a supply Take a metal vacation or ... t me more!(Three two) Foreign dimensions again But we're back to real
70 3.Echo Moving through new dimensions Meditate while you're sayin' Words I already know Give me all the love tha
71 6.Die Trme s anderer Dimension Zeigten menschliche Nichtigkeit Ich wollte ihre Bewohner nicht sehen Aber ich konnte nicht erwachen Die fremden Türme zoge ... desert The towers from other dimension Showed the human nothingness
72 1.Forces of Death Gruesome-Dimensions of Horror1.Forces of Death Visions of fast gruesome deaths Coming
73 4.Rotten As we enter another dimension Drones hovering scanning our bodies to take information As we fight alongsi
74 9.End Transmission anscending to a new dimension A million miles away it seems that I don't belong in this place. Is there a
75 8.Beyond The Boundaries Of Death ver right Dimensions unite Faith means bleak survival The selection of the weakJust uptake absorb the black As blood begins to bleed You got a ... ie when none tries ever right Dimensions unite Nothing is where nothi
76 4.Occultated Temporal Dimensions Occultated Temporal Dimensions Demiurge Cultivate Sealed doorways Into flesh Imbue them With the curs
77 5.Punchline ned is Coming A New Dimension of Earth has Begun See the Ends of Earth Crumbling All the Work We Done Her
78 1.4th Dimension 1.4th Dimension I tried and tried Finally I realized Why she left this3-D world behind Whoa-ho hoo(wah) Whoa-wo hoo(wah) Whoa-ho hoo-e ... on Now she's living in the4th dimension Without me I watched as her fingers drew A perfect line in space I watched as she walked straight through Into another pla ... Now she's somewhere in the4th dimension She's living in4-D She found herself a new direction there She's living without me She's living in4-D She's living without ...
79 11.Worth Pursuing ur ways A dimension you can take I've come to realize Fate is in me Wait you can strengthen the display Fourth ... strengthen the display Fourth dimension to partake I come to realize Faith is in me Fate is in me You think the distance is too long Between the present and the d ... e a perception of your ways A dimension you can take Faith is in me Fate a perception of your ways A ... e a perception of your ways A dimension you can take I've come to rea
80 3.NeedJesus ne is what I offer3 dimensional altar with a ego on top of the rock of Gibraltar[Verse1: Tech N9ne] I see
81 17.The Needle And my pocket's one dimension I wanna reach so many hearts and souls is my intention Since2001 is when I
82 7.Wanna Little Something d myself in another dimension I got the killer in my hand I'm laying back I can feel no tension There's n
83 2.Moment for it... in the4th dimension Ain't no one getting over- The relentless Pace forward is out of order with
84 1.Waves s example of tandem dimensions My hands on a candle to cancel the shadows That saddled my mental a sad I'
85 2.Swerve…The Reaping of All That Is Worthwhile(Noir Notwithstanding) rance Back to three dimensions and hands in our pants It was such a force I tried to stop it but I can't
86 6.Six A.M. d another dimension Call out my name my name'til6 a.m. in the morning6 a.m. in the morning'til6 a.m. in the morning Call out my name my name't ... nt Can't be explained another dimension Call out my name my name'til6
87 11.You Rest In My Heart ng We got space and dimensions A thousand questions in my heart Like where to begin and how to start Thes
88 6.Fractal Dimension 6.Fractal Dimension Piece and piece composed infinite order Lacunarity denied A swarm of harmony a libertine in disbelief A symphony of fo ... al momentum so pure A Fractal Dimension So concinnous and clear Apollonian multiverse Of moulds immortal A Fractal ... Of moulds immortal A Fractal Dimension concinnous and clea
89 13.Turn Around point me into a new dimension In the void I'll sink or swim The time has come for speaking out Defying di
90 19.Higher(feat.James Chatburn)[Jaytee Remix] y I spend space and dimension Feelin' like I snap so free from the tension Breaking the connection chasin
91 1.The Spark n of a second a new dimension At a marble size but very unstable In time it would come with the periodic
92 5.Tyrant of Luminous Darkness th Cutting open the dimensions to you Hail Satan-Molok! Apocalyptic monument of change Reveal unto us you
93 7.A-Life Omega Point abase triggers Multidimensional aarrays Metaphysical immortality Terrestrialists condemne
94 9.Zeroth-Energy Graviton x A programmer of a dimension A blue god Uploaded An ontological conservative A biological: individual In
95 3.Plague Dr Mask II I kreep in another dimension alone and I know just where to go Oh Had to go To the unknown pad of PlatoJ
96 11.Dab2 the Face pped in a alternate dimension got me jumping over fences like a nigga on the run Gone off a dab and i kno
97 13.Black Heart(黑暗的心) ant a love on a new dimension You know I'm gonna be Under the blossom tree Come a little closer won't you
98 4.The Power of Three en I saw the fourth dimension another line We move in space and we can move in time Everything existed ri
99 5.True Friendship ace a new dimension Another time another place a ndimension We'll apart but never alone n
100 4.Surrender[In London] et field in our own dimension. We'll step inside a world far less demanding when we allow for something l

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