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我的祕密情歌 】 【 歌詞 】 合計32件の関連歌詞

アルバム ( ページリンク ) ソング ( ページリンク )( 部分歌詞 )
1 1.Because I love you 合輯-我的祕密情歌11.Because I love you Artist Shakin Stevens If I got down on my knees a
2 2.Dust In The Wind 合輯-我的祕密情歌12.Dust In The Wind Artist Kansas I close my eyes only for a moment and
3 3.Emotion 合輯-我的祕密情歌13.Emotion Artist Samantha Sang Buy this album! It's over and done But
4 4.Sometimes when we touch 合輯-我的祕密情歌14.Sometimes when we touch Artist Dan Hill You ask me if I love you And
5 5.Just When I Needed You Most 合輯-我的祕密情歌15.Just When I Needed You Most Artist Randy Vanwarmer You packed in the

6 6.I'd love you to want me 合輯-我的祕密情歌16.I'd love you to want me Artist Lobo When I saw you standing there I
7 7.Lead Me On 合輯-我的祕密情歌17.Lead Me On Artist Maxine Nightingale I have often heard you say You
8 8.Angel queen 合輯-我的祕密情歌18.Angel queen Artist Dara Sedaka Floating down from the sky Lovely ang
9 9.Music(Fr David) 合輯-我的祕密情歌19.Music(Fr David) Music David F.R. Music you're making me blue While I
10 10.Reality 合輯-我的祕密情歌110.Reality Artist Richard Sanderson Met you by surprise I didn't reali
11 11.Youre my everything 合輯-我的祕密情歌111.Youre my everything Artist Santa Esmeralda YOURE MY EVERYTHING SANT
12 12.Torn between two lovers 合輯-我的祕密情歌112.Torn between two lovers Artist Mary Mcgregor There are times when a
13 13.Fallin in love 合輯-我的祕密情歌113.Fallin in love Artist HamiltonJoe Frank&Reynolds CHORUS Baby baby f
14 14.Words 合輯-我的祕密情歌114.Words Artist F.R.David Words dont come easy to me How can I find a
15 15.When will i see you again 合輯-我的祕密情歌115.When will i see you again Artist The Three Degrees Hoo-oo ha-a ha-a
16 16.More than i can say 合輯-我的祕密情歌116.More than i can say Artist Leo Sayer Writers Sonny Curtis&Jerry All
17 1.Everytime you go away 合輯-我的祕密情歌21.Everytime you go away Artist Paul Young Hey! if we can solve any pro
18 2.Satomi hakken den 合輯-我的祕密情歌22.Satomi hakken den ArtistJohn Obanion You and I didn't see the evenin
19 3.Casablanca(Bertie Hlggins) 合輯-我的祕密情歌23.Casablanca(Bertie Hlggins) I fell in love with you watching Casablan
20 4.Eye in the sky 合輯-我的祕密情歌24.Eye in the sky Artist Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky by Alan Pa

21 5.Especially for you 合輯-我的祕密情歌25.Especially for you Artist Kylie Minogue&Jason Donovan Especially for
22 6.Girl(Fr.David) 合輯-我的祕密情歌26.Girl(Fr.David) Artist F.R.David Girl you are my song You are the mel
23 7.Its a long road 合輯-我的祕密情歌27.Its a long road Artist Dan Hill It's a long road When you're on your
24 8.It might be you 合輯-我的祕密情歌28.It might be you Artist Stephen Bishop It Might Be You by Stephen Bis
25 9.Baby come back 合輯-我的祕密情歌29.Baby come back Artist Player Spending all my nights all my money goi
26 10.Angel of the morning 合輯-我的祕密情歌210.Angel of the morning ArtistJuice Newton There'll be no strings to b
27 11.Your eyes 合輯-我的祕密情歌211.Your eyes Artist Cook Da Books Your eyes Opened wide as I looked yo
28 12.Music 合輯-我的祕密情歌212.Music Artist David Lyme I dreamed the world lived in peace People d
29 13.Kiss& say goodbye 合輯-我的祕密情歌213.Kiss& say goodbye Artist The Manhattans This has got to be the sadd
30 14.Shanghai memories of1945 合輯-我的祕密情歌214.Shanghai memories of1945 ArtistJewels Newton I'm wondering how I ca
31 15.Love is all around 合輯-我的祕密情歌215.Love is all around Artist The Troggs I feel it in my fingers I feel
32 16.Cherish 合輯-我的祕密情歌216.Cherish Artist Kool&The Gang verse1-- lets take a walk together nea