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1 1.Parents YUNGBLUD-Parents1.Parents Blah! I was born in a messed up century My favourit
2 1.King Charles YUNGBLUD-Yungblud1.King Charles Stop bei
3 2.Polygraph Eyes YUNGBLUD-Yungblud2.Polygraph Eyes She le
4 3.Anarchist YUNGBLUD-Yungblud3.Anarchist Locked me i
5 4.Tin Pan Boy YUNGBLUD-Yungblud4.Tin Pan Boy This huge

6 5.I Love You Will You Marry Me YUNGBLUD-Yungblud5.I Love You Will You Marry
7 1.Psychotic Kids YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability1.Psychotic Kids I see pictures in my head A w
8 2.Kill Somebody YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability2.Kill Somebody Today you made me feel irrelev
9 3.Machine Gun(F**k the NRA) YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability3.Machine Gun(F**k the NRA) I made the news to
10 4.Doctor Doctor YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability4.Doctor Doctor Doctor doctor give me a loboto
11 5.Die for the Hype YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability5.Die for the Hype Where the fuck am I Tell me
12 6.Eulogy YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability6.Eulogy We're all gathered here today To commemorate the life of one ... o commemorate the life of one Yungblud A beloved friend A beloved bro
13 7.Medication YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability7.Medication(We're prescribing you a medicatio
14 8.California YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability8.California Got cuts on your eyes Preachin' t
15 9.21st Century Liability YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability9.21st Century Liability In a place where they
16 10.Polygraph Eyes YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability10.Polygraph Eyes She leaves her parents house
17 11.I Love You Will You Marry Me YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability11.I Love You Will You Marry Me Someone call t
18 12.Anarchist YUNGBLUD-21st Century Liability12.Anarchist Locked me in a room since I was y