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1 7.Fågelsången oh oh oh Maybe my baby will know Or mayby I will let go I need you Oh oh I dont need ... I need you Oh oh I dont need youuuuuuuuuuuu I was sad couldn't tell
2 2.No End In Sight e the lie maybe all my dreams will come true if i can force myself to swallow my pride well i feel the cuffs around my wrists and i feel my ba ... r all your fucking abuse fuck youuuuu(!
3 2.Unpredictable u go' And maybe I'm just a little too crazy I just don't know what to say I just don't know what to do I think that I'm just a fool I think I' ... love with you-u-u ohhhh With youuuuuuuuuu She said'Don't forget to b
4 2.Blue Bayou y friends maybe I'll feel better again on Blue Bayou And so I Savin' nickels savin' dimes work until the sun don't shine lookin' forward to ha ... reams come true on Blue Baaaa-youuuuuu
5 1.Crushing f my mind maybe its your smile maybe its your style or maybe it because u so damn fine I havent figured it out but i dont see a point in wasting time baby i want u forreal I'm crushing on ... to think i know i am feeling youuuuu and i know my feelings trueeee

6 4.April hope that maybe I could cross ur mind And if you turn me down I'll still be wishful I'm in the clouds I'll still miss you A laugh a smile I'll ... ime to write u in my schedule Youuuuu Do you love me the way that I l
7 2.If I Were You e history Maybe I'm just crazy Maybe I should leave Walk away and put an end to this hopeless fantasy Wait... Did he just look at me? If I were you I would take hi ... ngs that I would do if I were youuuuuu I know what I have to do To ge
8 2.Mirage heart and maybe a little bit bigger Man you fucked me up for nothin' They say everyone is someone to somethin' yeah Heart on this sleeve for t ... pullin' teeth just to forget Youuuuuuuu I haven't really ever slept Oooooooooh Its all them secrets that you Kept kept kept kept kept From meeee So let me know i ... pullin' teeth just to forget Youuuuuuuu I haven't really ever slept Oooooooooh Its all them secrets that you Kept kept kept kept kept From meeee Oooooooooh Its p ...
9 3.Givin' Up (3x) When youuuuuuu givin' up someone[LordJamar] Ymaybe I should rhyme about guns and crack Then I might sell like tons of stacks Sometimes I tell myself fuck the truth'But it's just ... ccomplished in leaving a name Maybe I should just go out with a bang'But it's just no use' I can't do it my love for black people's too strong Rhymed with a purpo ... up... is hard to do(3x) When youuuuuuu givin' up someone[LordJamar] They tried to offer me platinum and diamonds Anythin
10 35.The Legend of Ganondof: A Zelda Song hrone. Or maybe turn into a puppet or a giant crazy snake. But one things sure you see his plan would be a freaking huge mistake! G-g-g-Ganond ... g-g-Ganondorrrf(I CAN' T HEAR YOUUUUU) G-g-g-Ganondorrrf!(Whooooooooo
11 1.Ohh Baby Baby e you out maybe we can hit the town would You like that dinner and a movie I mean we can go dancing Cruise around how's that sound like to sho ... at must I do to be alone with youuuuu ohhhhh babyyyy tell em' rob[Ver
12 14.Nothing Else Matters zy on you youuuuuuuuu[Verse1] Can't you see what you do to me baby? You make me crazy you make me act like a maniac. I'm like a lunatic you ma ... We fuck like2 jackrabbits And maybe that's a bad habit. Cuz the next day we're right back at it In the same exact pattern What the fuck is the matter with us We c ... baby Because you stay with me maybe because you're as crazy as I am Cuz when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes But if I look deeper inside I see your ...