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1 5.The Art of Hustle r underestimate the enemy See this a very important law Law2:if a man show a flaw that mean that flaw ... ow a flaw that mean that flaw really exist Never take it for granted never Rule#3: make sure you never break it never sleep where the sack at[Verse1:] I'm the hus ... short film Big budget Denzel Washington Will Smith yeah Scarface Al Pacino Godfather Marlon Brando A word to the wise watch your guys niggas snakes in disguise Meeting bitches off the ... heart never
2 8.Pay the Price [Verse1:] Yeah Bills due on the kitchen table Mama walked past em cause she ain't able Watching mama's family sister tryna watch cartoons muth ... g groceries up90 days later I was posting up Quarter pound of weed250 strong Staying out late bringing profit home It's me and Big G tryna stack it up Shit ain't ... as like Lil Pat and Woo Woo I was on the block as a young boy Watching them hustle it ... g boy Watching them hustle it was like school[Chorus:] I hustled with
3 6.Animosity Dear Xodi(Ft.James Blake) eam is my reality Don't be tripping don't be mad at me I been living out a bag all week Bitch follow suit You don't think I do but I know you ... h animosity in my heart In my yeah Part2: Dear Xodi[Verse:Johnny Rain] It's2am and my minds gone Tryna figure out what I'm on Open bottle pouring that I could die ... strong Alone tryna figure how Ima buy some Fucking diapers for my son When I don't even know how I'ma keep the lights on I swear like Shit ... e lights on I swear lik
4 3.Regret g so what yeah ima make mistakes And besides nobodys perfect any fucking way Ha I swear to god the press be all on me( ... to god the press be all on me(yeah) Oscarmire bloggers everything they write is baloney And why I feel like I got the whole world on me Got all the money in the w ... teal from me Couldn't keep it real so for that I had to leave sony Sometimes I wanna quit rap like I'm through with it Why I don't get my respect and why they sti ... did that show wit
5 2.My World Fighting Gravity-暫存2.My World Hate shi nai sora wo yuku mie nai tsubasa ga michibiku Haruka kanata bokura wo matsu Mada minu ... to… Want some faster life?(Oh yeah yeah!!) Giga faster speed?(Oh yeah yeah!!) Tera faster stage?(Oh yeah yeah!!) Now you tell me where you wanna go(Accel world!!) Always same kitteta Haya sugiru day and night Toumei na yami ni kako mare ... Dare mo nita wa no naka de it was the day I foundFound you ano hi

6 1.Time .Time Yeah see I pray that my life is worth it Everyday that I'm writing these verses I've been feeling like I'm trying to make a living o ... hing I've been given when I'm fighting these urges I can deal with the pain that I'm facing To be honest I be making a statement See I'm racing and chasing and fa ... I'm breathing While I'm here Ima live with a meaning Cause I'm thinking that I'm rapping it about to go make it happen and everything I've been doing I see that ...
7 1.See U(feat. T-Rexxx Kwon-Dough) love you. Yeah yeah. I wanna see you touch you love youYeah yeah. I wanna see you touch you love youYeah yeah. I just wanna love you girl tonight.(Verse1)[T-Rexxx Kwon-Dough] I wanna see what I ain't seen in so long. I'm tired of being h ... ed to boo boo turned to baby. Ima throw a ring on it'cause I'm tryna make a baby. ... 'cause I'm tryna make a baby. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but love is insanity. Dude that you had in the past just a memor
8 20.I'm Back at money(Jyeah)I'm(Jyeah)I'm(Jyeah) I'm(Jyeah) I'm back Mr. Magic City Blow on color purp I make it rain on your forehead You woulda thought a fan the way I blow that money ... tcha do nigga) And I came out fighting They locked me in a cell and I came out writing( ... a cell and I came out writing(yeah I say I came out wrtitin) Lock my body you can't trap my mind I only talk in the bedroom we whisper in the kitchen Call me para ... em raw mixtape after mixt
9 2.Letter From the Government we get animated like the guns is drawn You say you're a groom but you're working for the law Rebel for a cause nah rebel for a pause Radio po ... poppin off better better off Fighting this feelin like fighting a war I don't really know what you're fighting it for All you're really doing is fighting yourself Stick the gun back inside your bible belt My arrival felt across this planet When I landed jet lag on the flag I p ... plant it Face lit by the mo
10 7.Conspiracy ver there fightin for all Plenty of solution to wipe our pollution Time to send our troops(Send show) No no Better open your mind Take time to ... kin about the'Price is Right' Ima(lie) tonight Coz they don't fear in me Tell y'all about this conspiracy Like my name(famous'Charlton Chuck D') I'm the new publi ... s Hennessy is(bad) for me But ima gon ahead And pour me a cup Coz it(seem) like We already fucked So I might as well just press my luck CHORUS Bizzy: What a consp ...
11 7.Vacant ger Brian Imanuel Composer Daniel Tannenbaum Sergiu Adrian Gherman Tyler Reese Mehlenbacher Craig Balmoris Melissa Lingafelt Daniel Nathan Krieger Br ... t Daniel Nathan Krieger Brian Imanuel Fighting so much I forgot how peace feels If you like that memory so much than you should keep it He's the one you called up when yo ... t a problem who you call? Who was there to calm you down when you felt like you lost it all? How you say that I seem disconnected every time we talk?