【 yabe 】 【 歌詞 】共有 8筆相關歌詞

yabe 】 【 歌詞 】 共有 8筆相關歌詞

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1 4.wack ねぇ)(skrrr skrr)俺やべぇ(yabe)俺のbitchesはキラだけ(yes) Wack(oou)wack(oou)wack(oou) wack(oou) wack(oou) wack(次)はい(次)
2 7.Lit pt.2 igga俺らヤバイ(yabe)俺らヤバイ(yabe)その通りだぜ mother fucking right I said俺 ... said俺らヤバイ(yabe)俺らヤバイ(yabe)相当LITだね mother fucking right俺らヤバイ( ... ight俺らヤバイ(yabe)下を向くな上に飛べ Hands in the air俺にまかせとけかど ... だだって俺らヤバイ(yabe)俺らヤバイ(yabe)その通りだぜ mother fucking right I said俺 ... said俺らヤバイ(yabe)俺らヤバ
3 8.So what? outou kireteru Maji yabe... eien to ubbui yoi koshi Ano gendou inosento Nani mo shinai yori shite goukai
4 9.Plata o plomo negocio es de metal Yabes pa ya plata pa aca. Ya metido companero Pa salir wey... Esos el pedo. Tu sueldo
5 7.I Swore n then the war rose Yabegorro and put the smoke straight up to my nose Cause i'm'bout to unload that shit

6 6.Wake Up(And Smell theJava) s not worth pursuin Yabettado somethin else Rise up a new day is dawnin(Rise up) Live up to your own expe
7 1.Perdoname Ama o Den todo su amor. Yaben lo que paso Romperle el Corazon A una madre No tiene ni perdon. Perdoname senor
8 1.Rainbow Monkies(feat. Zach Morris And Kteriaaa) y but themselves So yabetter watch out you know what I'm sayin' Alright now Chorus(x2) Me now(rainbow mon