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1 1.太陽花(Sunflower) ice at midnight The volunteer guards disheartened and apologize for unable to pretect Then kneel down and
2 1.Forget Yourself t our own troubles. Volunteering for charity work in HongKong when I was a teenager helped me forget myse
3 10.Billy Don't Be A Hero Of Ground. I Need A Volunteer To Ride Up And Bring Us Back Some Extra Men.' And Billy's Hand Was Up In A
4 24.Love Sex Magic(Ciara(feat.Justin Timberlake)) e And ill volunteer and ill be goin and goin to movin this appears to nothin but shoes on me Oh Baby I'll make sure its just you in the crowd ... t you wanna use on me And ill volunteer and ill be goin and goin to m
5 72.最美的笑容 culture department volunteers Deep in my dreams I see your smile The most beautiful smile in the world L

6 10.Trebles Finals(The Treblemakers) ery line ill need a volunteer how about you with the eyes come on down to front and sit right here and do
7 17.Billy Don't Be A Hero a'ground''I need a volunteer to ride up''And bring us back some extra men' And Billy's hand was up in a
8 10.Anthem ive it try Who will volunteer to put their weapons down today(I'm a challenger) Willing to take a chance
9 2.EVEN IF I'M ALONE nd traveled for…(Oh volunteer world)Just gentle people deep down Doing good deeds for the others I wonder
10 5.Miss You So Much my heart is yours i volunteer but how can i miss you so much when you're right here but how can i miss yo
11 1.On The Come Up ike I just adopt it Volunteer for a lethal weapon He ain't need that sentence he just needs direction No
12 1.It's a Vibe(feat. Ty Dolla$ign Trey Songz&Jhené Aiko) need riot gear Any volunteers? Gas in a Ziploc now that's loud and clear This one outta here this is our
13 1.Wait for It(feat. Blac Youngsta) grass cut neighbors volunteered to pay for itJust a rich ass trap nigga parked the wraith in the front ya
14 4.Tug of War eteer Strung out by volunteer No this metaphor's everything but absurd You hang on every word. Every time
15 8.Yet GuWop ain't found a volunteer yet This trap rap that influencing the world man Gucci pioneered it I just
16 10.Volunteer lly10.Volunteer[Verse1] All alone in the crib in the dark looking up At the ceiling and you thinking you need someone to love Independ ... the ground Girl if you need a volunteer I'll raise my hand right now[Verse1] Got all the money in the world nobody to share it with You need someone to love But a ... the ground Girl if you need a volunteer I'll raise my hand right now[Bridge] I'm tired of seeing all them tears on your face You deserve to be splurged on all day ...
17 5.Put Me Thru here I go volunteering punish me Self inflicted pain suizid over you Way over you Here I stay time to time It must be what you put me through ... t it ride?[Chorus] There I go volunteering punish me Self inflicted p
18 8.Chain of Command told him'We need a volunteer; our Leader is a traitor And he must be gone from here; A simple execution
19 5.Diamond Bell rrounded by a dozen volunteers And it took me all my strength to fight the tears Fight the tears[Chorus]
20 9.Volunteers Loop9.Volunteers Hey I retraced my steps I dusted my memory for fingerprints Your haunted head Is nowhere in sight Yeah we were on a r ... Around your absent heart now Volunteers awake in a dream With transp

21 5.Stop The Bleeding ' while I'm signing volunteers Ready player one? And get the whole fly neighborhood howlingJoust through
22 2.Ever Be a Nation tizen army or Irish Volunteer The troops came in to seize us taunted by the crowd They retreated back to
23 23.My Life 5 crime victims who volunteer A desk by the windows at Microsoft office can sound absurd When you'd rathe
24 1.The Way I Talk I'm cheerin' on the Volunteers Folks know I'm country when they hear The way I talk[Chorus] It sounds a l
25 1.Destinies Entwined I took a spade and volunteered A pioneer Our destinies entwined Our destinies entwined I made a stand on
26 9.2000 Seasons smash em to pieces volunteer Slaves crave the words i'm painting The masterpieces You hear em on the rad
27 9.Meant It When I Said It r I was a glorified volunteer But you gotta start somewhere right? Was in the basement on an unclear flig
28 6.Last Year looking for a last volunteer Picked the wrong one again She fell asleep ahead of me Now I'm an absentee
29 8.Sealing My Fate my fate I volunteer and now I drift among the stars They said they'd meet us here to turn the final key Silent we glide through this star-stud ... you'll die Sealing my fate I volunteer and now I drift among the sta
30 4.Little Rascals and a tom Brought a volunteer up to play drums She said that her day job was a momJust back from the doct
31 2.For Free?(Interlude) ology? No Watch you volunteer with people less fortunate like myself Every dog has its day now doggy styl
32 3.Flagship idence believed And volunteer to lose touch with the world And focus on one solitary girl Baby let's not
33 11.Let Love Hold You Now ou I will be love's volunteer When you wake up know that I'll still be here Rest in these arms of mine Tr
34 4.The Floating City Of Sun The brave volunteers It's only fuel The loss of their dignity Their precious reward The Floating city of sun A heaven to its passengers The li ... ay the farewellJust the brave volunteers Who accompained it in the ab
35 4.Flexin On My Baby Mama y eater Can I get a volunteer?[Hook] I say I take care of my kids but I'm flexin' on my baby mama I'm lik
36 2.Qualifiers n the park district volunteering With my hair disheveled and my sneakers scuffed Or use your gps and get
37 10.Tranquility fear Be a jah army volunteer For your neighbour you must care Never give up cause this ya mission is sin
38 1.Windshield see
 Besides no-one volunteered to drive for me

 Are you looking out for me Or am I left to be
39 6.Nevermind That h! No cat in this I volunteered for these Hunger Games(Soul!) I'm the one to blame for fucking up the fra
40 6.Yes solute I used to do volunteer work and rock for free Now I can't leave my house without a guarantee Go te
41 14.Copperhead Road n Copperhead Road I volunteered for the army on my birthday They draft the white trash first'round here a
42 5.Plainspeak streaming volunteer I want nothing more than You to see me now But let's be clear my streaming ... t let's be clear my streaming volunteer I want nothing more than You
43 13.Impending Doom(No Apologes Mix) ucker looking for a volunteer I can hear it again whispering transitioning though anything that I'm liste
44 13.Country Nation ntaineers volunteers We're the tide that rolls we're Seminoles We're the herd the long steer We drive Ford and Chevrolet Cheer24 and88 We cran ... on our own We're mountaineers volunteers Blue Devils Heels n' Rebels
45 7.Throw Your Hood Up 't straight Gang of volunteer killers and they can't wait I'm from where they cut holes in the gate Take

46 1.Dream Southern Hospitality Partna Dem t want to lick it I volunteer as tribute You niggas on them Hunger Games I'm eating O's like onion rings
47 8.Volunteer aves8.Volunteer Wait for a day when you're not relevant to the past I'm playing I'm playing And it's not a game when you know that you ... ess In my mind I guess I am a volunteer The scientist in you is resting except something's wrong And everyone around our table in hushed voices says'It's too late ... ind In my mind I guess I am a volunteer Here out of choice In my mind I guess I am a ... ice In my mind I guess I am a volunteer Screaming with no voice My spad
48 3.Resolutions Per Minute ss play a new sport Volunteer travel abroad even recycle Learn to knit get a good job study my bible Go o
50 4.Mindbender couple of volunteers Today's the day that we will be Clearing up all your fear So look into my eyes Are you getting sleepy? The sings say it w ... please? I need a couple more volunteers Today's the day that you wil
51 2.H.W.A.(Human Wave Attack) s rows of volunteers Craving for the glory of a Basij martyr They are in for the kill for the prophet and Allah Fueled by the hatred of the ay ... ding proud in endless rows of volunteers Craving for the glory of a B
52 4.Don't Let Me Down Gently legendary Could you volunteer I don't think of you Do you ya think of me Is that often or not at all Well
53 4.Ping Me t's true I may have volunteered I never dreamed that I would end up here I wouldn't want to take up any t
54 15.Boomerang there Long before I volunteered as unabashed unaware How? All dressed up like a spider in a cup Who never
55 10.Started ame in the room and volunteered Man dreads hanging out the ski mask Run up in your house the couch potato
56 9.Started ame in the room and volunteered Man dreads hanging out the ski mask Run up in your house the couch potato
57 7.Gasp weightless You're a volunteer a vulnerable souvenir Ready and willing to fall Hold your head underwater't
58 8.Can t Handle Me Prod By Tarentino aby so we all gonna volunteer. Get your money up you broke niggas on some amateur. I'm a god with some sh
59 12.High Order captive there They volunteer cares To anticipate ease The preparation was well received and made grace f
60 72.The Hard Way ulled up stakes and volunteered with Lee I marched with old Stonewall till I met a cannon ball Everything
61 6.PoeticJustice nothing those were volunteers Says she was sad'cause where the game was at Told er we Okay I don't play
62 9.Warmongers sten we need you to volunteer Soon your final destination will be clear Hey you trooper you're the cooles
63 1.Light of Christmas gloves out when we volunteer For the children greeting from ear to ear Singing Christmas time is here An
64 8.Snow ld Let me volunteer Into your heart like snow(Verse) Can't stay outside forever Not in the stripe of weather You should be somewhere nicer Wit ... re's like snow So cold Let me volunteer Into your heart like snow(Bridge) Never seen something so beautiful You're so bad but you I don't know It's been much more ... o cold So cold So cold Let me volunteer Into your heart like sno
65 6.Media Affliction don't they show the volunteers that keep the heart alive? What's to gain from covering the same old crime
66 10.Turn It Up lays and spirit She volunteered no stealin Hoes down G's up I'm foreign V keyd up I'm jockin greek we stu
67 14.Racist Gift Basket Part1 oing and they start volunteering to help us finish the basket.(Laughter) Half of the employees were black
68 3.My Father's Son From the volunteer amputee? From the moment I fell I called on DNA Why such betrayal Got me tooth and nail. Yeah how's about one conversation ... p. Can I beg a release? Can I volunteer amputee? From the moment I fell I called on DNA Why such betrayal? Oh I gotta set sail. Oh real bright light shining as yo ... e. Can I beg a release? Can I volunteer amputee? From the moment I fe
69 11.The Gathering s and the factories Volunteers on the square labourers and unemployed clerks and delivery boys Skirling p
70 13.The Case for Mars put out a call For volunteers for the first crew to Mars They'd be lined up coast to coast(refrain)[Cox]
71 28.Animal(Christopher S Radio Edit) rl let me volunteer I'm all bulletproof let's get out of here Shawty you're the one to Kill the lights let's get loose on the floor She's the ... ol Come on danger girl let me volunteer I'm all bulletproof let's get
72 9.They Suck e I'm looking for a volunteer Feeling kinda hostile I just wanna preach the gospel And if I bleed to deat
73 13.I Don't Know You for a trick like my volunteer Left you smiling there That was the deep part My only sweet heart made into
74 2.Here Ye Hear Ye ick to somebody Who volunteered my information to the federales I made it outta all of that like I ain't
75 6.Hear Ye' Hear Ye' ick to somebody Who volunteered my information to the federales I made it outta all of that like i aint g
76 17.Bring Me Down Part II s and they could be volunteers I dare somebody jump out the window to try to stop me I wait for niggaz to
77 23.Bring Me Down Pt.1 s and they could be volunteers I dare somebody jump out the window to try to stop me I wait for niggaz to
78 5.Hypnotised n me But at least I volunteered and that's to say the least'Cos' I joined in when they were all chicken N
79 4.Battle Lines disaster A willing volunteer I've been brought to a standstill By a burgeoning year Got a bleak mental p
80 2.We Can Get It On ds on you I like to volunteer Close your eyes shawty gone make a wish you Neva met a gangsta like this an
81 17.Out of My Head a rich rapper I'm a volunteer Think about my life and I wipe away a fallen tear Yeah Burly little verse k
82 3.Lion me some They need a volunteer... Is they... and I'm so sitting on... My disgraceful quest for immortality
83 1.Pharmakokinetic aved in my soul was volunteering for wars It's nothing my passion I will comply I am the prototype. Ya sh
84 4.Crazytown r's gonna volunteer uhu uuu Will only end up living here A part like this will always have a twist The girls are dreaming never did existJust ... down uhu uuu Whoever's gonna volunteer uhu uuu Will only end up living here And you don't want to go that route Cause that's not much you're all about You just c ... down uhu uuu Whoever's gonna volunteer uhu uuu Will only end up livi
85 9.Your Hands on a tensile test I volunteered without awareness of the consequence Pain So if you leave me Don't think
86 8.Jupiter5 t's true that I did volunteer But the radio is dead and there is no way they will find me up here Staring
87 16.Alligator Arms once why don't you volunteer Get up and buy us all a beer! You say that it's not that you're cheap It's
88 11.Eye On You ood for you. Its my volunteer night.' Do you think I'm dumb? I'm just a man who hasn't a clue? I got my e
89 1.Ya Losin' ompetitionJust more volunteers for the fuckin' mortician See we the victors bitch and you're the victims
90 1.Big Train n't you let me be a volunteer Won't you let come within I will be your manic engineer I'll be your assass
91 9.Ass To Mouth the wheel And it's volunteeredJust for the names on the blogosphere(?) I'm finna give what you want to h
92 4.Volunteers icks4.Volunteers Look what's happening out in the streets Got a revolution Got to revolution Hey I'm dancing down the streets Got a re ... We will and who are we We are volunteers of Americ
93 9.Don't Think again The heart's a volunteer Sometimes it's lost sometimes it steers The heart can learn to change So do
94 5.Right Now show my age when I volunteer To cut somebody off the team getting smaller every year Yeah. Sipping bottl
95 5.She Dropped Me the Bomb lonely A five star volunteer I got excited When suddenly she disappeared My gun was loaded_______(?) Whe
96 5.The Solution t just be websitin' Volunteer somewhere where people just might win and just lead a little help& support
97 7.The Siege At Elands River Southern Rhodesian volunteers and the men from the B.S.A.P. And a whole lot of diggers from Australia an
98 2.Night Shift Soldier e are all volunteers Right in this moment Right in a trice We fly When everything stirs Everything blurs They're killing your thoughts without ... and where do we go? We're all volunteers We're all volunteers When everything stirs Everyt
99 4.The Silence learn to love among volunteers But love involves conscription sometimes when you're young But now we sing
100 5.Athlete Cured Gert patriotically volunteered to be sent on a labor Beautification course of the countryside north-west

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