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1 11.Rich the bag Label me a villian when it comes to the swag Louie v luggage got the towels and rags And my gara
2 2.Nobody Speak it Valiant without villiany Viciously file victory Burn towns and villages Burning looting and pillaging
3 11.Victim aving these hoes we villians We used to hit licks on mansions Split the whole shit down the middle Four g
4 4.Heroes oes always beat the villians in the end. With head held high and proud stand up and sing it loud no tin p
5 26.Jay-Z-Get Your Money Right(Feat. Dr. Dre The Game) at your shot Been a villian since I can remember corruptin' the plot Sell crack make a million and stop F

6 4.Acid Drop ind every hero is a villian in disguise. Looking out your window all you see are hazy skies. She never re
7 9.Im Wit It(Top Shotta) e not recruiting my villians When I'm on the low I call[?] He'll clap ya down with that thriller When I'm
8 1.Intro(Nf Mansion) Is A Monster. I'm A Villian I'm Loose And Get Sick And You Don't Know What ill Is. You Better Get Back I
9 15.Ghost(ft. Tech N9ne) a million Tech the villian will adapt But alot of these motherfuckers are crap crap I think we should pu
10 1.Sevilla rms the Sevillian night Where we made love together Moonlight shines on lovers so bright A warm Se ... on lovers so bright A warm Sevillian night I still remember we went down The dusty roads in that old town For you and me a loving place The words you whispered i ... nny day Moonlight warms the Sevillian night Where we made love together Moonlight shines on lovers so bright A warm Se ... on lovers so bright A warm Sevillian night Moonlight warms the Sevillian ni
11 1.Picbascassquiato ll nigga you just a villian in disguise And ill till his death's last breath's to the sky But he's still
12 9.Sycamore ft. K.Raydio hilling like a supervillian should be yelling? He trying to save'em but the people petty praying sickness
13 3.LumberJack Match m down Czarface the villians we don't play around Nobody make a sound so now the battle is on Grab your w
14 5.Champaigne Music like your favorite villian romantic Fantasy island large like the atlantic just slowly move to the music
15 4.Vagrant It's Bill and Ivies Villian eyes still spilling guys so hot saw her panties catch fire So back fire when
16 7.Rolex Daytona(feat. Game) o shot'em I'm not a villian I do the killin' Made a killin'Just to feel sure to80 Million Shit I wish it
17 1.Double Digit Love Superhero supervillian When you gonna settle in? It's a set up and we love it And the carrot is dang
18 7.On My Own ie of real life the villian's always winning And thats the ending roll the credits Nope Marvel flick the
19 9.2020 AD realer dark knight villian with a hype like riddler in a high priced villa With a wife like Vivica Fox i
20 2.Make Up Sex(Deacon The Villain Remix) feat. Deacon The Villain& Steph The Sapp ... HOOK(Deacon The Villian) Baby let me make it you! I'll do it while I'm making love... alri

21 1.Diabolical Sound h those underground villians like Bane in Gotham sewers[Hook]'With the diabolical sound coming through yo
22 1.Ay Ay and I'm still that villian I'm a gold grill nigga with a black ski mask And the high-grade weed and a fu
23 6.Lost Souls ero? Could I be the villian? Trying to be productive trying to make a living Inside this world somehow I
24 13.Slam(Re-Recorded) H THE BADS GUYS The villian(JUU) crooks(UUU) hot midas in confide us. See the big black picture if you lo
25 4.N.T.S. n I am like a super villian When I open up and drill em better know who you was dealin when a nigga finna
26 6.Visual Camouflage to slaughter these villians Kept the diary of all of these officer killings Fuckin' Moranos keep harassi
27 13.Swass o you suckers I'm a villian I've done get me mad I might try Can't find a better rhyme if you do you bett
28 1.Inception Darker Side Interlude n a hero and a vaudevillian For me no in between it's zero or a million Dark and demented art that's inve
29 7.Closer simoto down with Madvillian All up on our shit while ya'll nigga's all be killin You'll never come closer
30 10.Can't Look Away r content Heros and villians perps and victims Given to us to assess Special ops raided compound Chopper
31 8.Superman's Dead him Or even a super villian He got killed in front of his own buildin...chillin Lemme Explain: He gained
32 12.Church a killing; bumping villians pushing bicycle rides and bumping magic; Molly poppin' motherfuckin' sucker
33 14.Egodeth ce for a life I'm a villian on a tight rope; Cynicism at night no it's criminal to bite flows riding on m
34 1.8-bit World(feat. Hoodie Allen) am just the illest villian they employed Let me slow it down Slow it down with the illes noise Damn girl
35 3.Gucci Everything chillin'(bling) da villian of the village bitch I am the realest stackin up my millions I'm doin' everyt
36 14.I Want It All(Feat. B. MartinJuicyJ) ad in the face of civillians Tell'em I'm chilling with Patron on ice And my home on ice and my neck on ic
37 8.IV. Sweatpants shole paint me as a villian Still spitting that cash flow: DJ Khaled I got a penthouse on both coasts pH
38 12.The Sure Shot(Part One& Two) Killahs back attack Villians hangin from the ceiling Godfather motives gangster mentality Black superhero
39 7.Erase Racism feat. Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane& Biz Mark ou see me in I'm no villian so why would I be killin indians My nationality's reality And yo a prejudiced
40 3.Time Travel Re-Mix . Bun B and Reek Da Villian[Hook] I just wanna time travel to know what I don't know I just wanna time tr
41 7.The Rapture g; like a villian you'll always remember. I see it all too clear you think it's complicated but it's not a science its not a science.... You'r ... I see it never ending; like a villian you'll always remember. I see it all too clear you think it's complicated but it's not a science its not. You're picking on ... I see it never ending; like a villian you'll always remember. I see i
42 1.Roasted best Supervillian in the building I'm clearly a threat Been doing this here for a minute considered a vet A lot of niggas want me to fail caus ... chilling posted living like a villian mostly High off this purple shi
43 2.Lipstick Wonder Woman wn The hero and the villian believe Take my hand take my heart now honey my super lady Lick your lips sha
44 3.Alot We some St.Lawrence villians We will fight but we got shooters Stage name be Cash I'm all about that bag
45 11.Guild e fuckin' low class villian Whole van tinted nope can't kill him It's the Trashwang nigga that's what's u

46 11.Fuck Wit Me Famo s ain't feeling. We villians They drilling. I'm hitting with venom And spliffing the piff and I'm getting
47 9.Sex In The Lounge s Man I'm bad a s a villian Get my gun I'm a hunnem When I'm done I'm a done em When we leavin the lounge
48 3.Villian Spirit-Bruiser3.Villian Chorus Each round Is a new start So don't miss My favorite part The thril
49 5.Henchman Holding Wrench t in touch with the villian you call Ourselves. We're all messed up from the drugs that you gave us.Just
50 3.Villian at Large-Doubt3.Villian If I'm the villain you're the antagonist And we'll blame this all on self
51 2.Sweet Sweet oh im the villian I know always killin our love my sweet sweet one rise and shine i am there you are cause you are. always mine rougher times ... se youre my hero ohhh im your villian i know always killin our love m
52 6.In Conclusion hat's cracked While Villians got Villas their chillin' is wack But thats the earth dig in or get in the d
53 8.Make Up Sex ... HOOK(Deacon The Villian) Baby let me make it you! I'll do it while I'm making love... alri
54 8.The Love ng around villians Revolving like fans on the ceiling i'd feel so dumb Most dudes who talk about guns are really too pussy to kill someone Use ... l someone Used to hang around villians Revolving like fans on the cei
55 4.Hang-Ups cid test. Heros and villians on your TV set. Break-downs can you stall just a little bit? Grease and spit
56 9.Silence Inside Us bal cops got lonely villians hoppin' scotch from the paper chase
57 12.Welcome To My Hood(Remix) n I go and heed the villian he's adrenaline poppin Need a medical situation because the way I'm fuckin ev
58 1.Barely If At All The Verve Pipe-Villians1.Barely If At All When my love complained every word A breath on my
59 2.Cattle The Verve Pipe-Villians2.Cattle Boy there was a day an assortment of rhymes And waving we ro
60 3.Cup Of Tea The Verve Pipe-Villians3.Cup Of Tea I'm visiting The ground's a little weathered where i sto
61 4.Drive You Mild The Verve Pipe-Villians4.Drive You Mild And if i ever drive you mild and suffering this open
62 5.Myself The Verve Pipe-Villians5.Myself You never seen nobody as divine as She can see reflections i
63 6.Ominous Man The Verve Pipe-Villians6.Ominous Man I should be half a mile from here I will go anywhere sh
64 7.Penny Is Poison The Verve Pipe-Villians7.Penny Is Poison Blushing a cue for her falsities Advantage is my on
65 8.Photograph The Verve Pipe-Villians8.Photograph If you want beautiful pitiful have me in a picture And i
66 9.Real The Verve Pipe-Villians9.Real My sister had a nursery rhyme set of figurines She'd often let
67 10.Reverend Girl The Verve Pipe-Villians10.Reverend Girl We are for today We are for the moment We are a crus
68 11.The Freshmen The Verve Pipe-Villians11.The Freshmen When i was young i knew everything And she a punk who
69 12.Veneer The Verve Pipe-Villians12.Veneer Thirteen miles on31 are drying All along adopt-a-highway la
70 13.Villains The Verve Pipe-Villians13.Villains I turned the volume up this morning Till there was ringin
71 6.Bill Murray t it's still just civillian Bill up in the building skilled in the art of belittling idiots sipping hot p
72 7.Human ou don't see im the villian Trigger happy point at meJust pathetic weaponry I ain't ever gonna change ooo
73 8.Skeleton Man n' OOOOHHH Skin Man Villian in disguise But Skeleton Man Sees through his plan With his Skeleton eyes He'
74 4.Ruckus t hard like a super villian but in real life babe u like Wale...chillin sorry if i hurt ya feelings deal
75 14.Pre-Roasted best Supervillian in the building I'm clearly a threat Been doing this here for a minute considered a vet A lot of niggas want me to fail caus ... chillin posted living like a villian mostly High off this purple shit No lie im flyin im so roasted Money bitches Testa Rossas Viva click a few mamosis Bring the ... chillin posted Living like a villian mostly High off this purple shit No lie im flyin im so roasted Money bitches Testa Rossas Viva click a few mamosis Bring you ...
76 9.Trippy Blob trippy blob A supervillian baby It wants to take you away tonight It gets it's power don't you see From
77 8.Cradle Of Civilisation to Gilgamesh Such a villianized and criticized nation You will always be the cradle of civilization Close
78 4.Uptown Anthem ith a Teddy fillin' villian Steppin' to the puny puddy punks catchin' fillings I hit so many guts call me
79 14.Look At Her(You Be Killin' Em Pt.2) I mean badder than villian I'ma let you know girl thats how real I am Swagga on a hundred thousand trill
80 4.Lonesome Death Of Ukulele Ike n' cane My old vaudevillian crooner's pipes Heh I got one more song for you Charley It's called'The lones
82 7.Stranger Laughs] I'm a Super Villian where the fucks Kick ass? One kick to the chest will give em whiplash Crack a
83 9.Keep It One Hunit r of the five block villian nigga dog well respected in the crime don way back to pauls that's my liquer
84 4.Celcius op in this when the villians mobbin is marvelous When me lay me head in Les Misarables(Killa) With the ba
85 7.Sorry N' Shit th Street Rogue Dog Villians][Intro] Here we come baby it's a party bitch! Here we come baby it's a party
86 12.In The Air and I rip the why Civillian ladies love me so bro excuse her while she kiss the sky Call me masta more ex
87 8.Summer Of Hate e seen600 poets and villians alike trying to(get) you back into my life pray that you'll come'round and s
88 3.Showtime s no endin' to this villianist tales And in the street niggaz still repected From the first fuckin mic I
89 5.West Coastin' ' wit the villian right now(x3) West coastin coastin coastin Nigga ren up back in this motherfucker Ya niggaz in trouble ya motherfuckaz Ya ma ... own Not an artificial or fake villian I'm the truth homie live and in flesh nigga Still west coastin' puffin' kush Still hittin' corners still fuck Bush I know we ... ck Bush I know we out of this villian still mesh I got the brand new swisher sittin' on the dash This is for the west nigga pumpin' loud Motherfuckin' ... ga pumpin'
90 1.I'm a Brownsvillian on1.I'm a Brownsvillian All I wanted to do was rhyme nigga You know say mic check1-2-1-2-1-2 Turn
91 11.Bang Time inest unfaded Brownsvillians We'll shoot this bitch up like Cowboys and Indians Bang bang bang time Bang
92 19.Channel10 hot slug to fill a villian Crook I'm about to make a killin' So weed to escalate the feelin' I regulate
93 2.Going In in like a villian cause really I'm a villian So listen to my struggle I make
94 10.I Go Yarn ances Attacking the villian until my nation advances A lot of lame promises they never fulfill Oil rich b
95 2.Buss My Gun ill a million so mi villianous Worse if a di mi get it from philly fuss You will never see di ways of a g
96 10.Tanz In Die Dammerung oth? Nephilim! Arch villian!(Shoot! Kill him!) Angst Wahnsinn sind sein Reich... Panem et circensis... D
97 4.The Dynamic Duo ity melt Number one villian that's felt Pull up the utility belt It went-*boom-blam-zoom-zap* Crash the c
98 10.Str8 Ballin' ressin' down like a villian' but only on the block. It's a clever disguise to keep me runnin' from the co
99 6.Beast Is Us ren The very high civillian casualty toll from the assasination attempt Has really fuelled the fire of re
100 3.The Money money Axe wilding civillian children kill for some Paris Hilton million dollar money Some of these kids l

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