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1 6.Life Is A Highway- Rascal Flatts- Cars(汽車總動員) s Thw khyber Pas to Vancouver's lights Knock me down get back up again You're in my blood I'm not a lonel
2 4.RADIO MAGIC MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER4.RADIO MAGIC作詞西田昌史作曲石原慎一郎何となくこんな夜は君を引き止めたい明日になればバスに乗り込み俺を待つどこかの町へ R
3 5.REAL WORLD MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER5.REAL WORLD作詞西田昌史作曲石原慎一郎サビた螺旋階段駆け上る音にオレは急き立てられ汗にまみれ働いたヤツの教えてくれた金と欲の
4 7.ざわめく時へと MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER7.ざわめく時へと作詞西田昌史作曲西田昌史ざわめく時へと羽をゆらすお前のすがたは美しく俺の手も届かないほど Ah〜見失なった(2人に)答
5 8.WALL MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER8.WALL作詞西田昌史作曲甲斐貴之戦う叫び声はお前に消されてしまう冷たいガラスの壁 Oh! Everydayたたき続けた傷ついた俺の腕

6 9.EARTHSHAKER MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER9.EARTHSHAKER作詞西田昌史作曲石原慎一郎暗闇と光の時の中で俺達に力を与え永遠に息づくおまえの姿は神のように激しく Oh Ye
7 10.MORE MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER10.MORE作詞西田昌史作曲石原慎一郎人を憎む弱さをみたおどけ笑いのうしろに忘れていたひとりのGameに孤独の血がかよいだす Knif
9 12.走りぬけた夜の数だけ MORE EARTHSHAKER IN VANCOUVER12.走りぬけた夜の数だけ作詞西田昌史作曲石原愼一郎幼い頃さ抱えきれぬ夢が覗いた Road map近くに見えたあの街がなぜかやけに遠いぜ
10 2.North East South West ne'Cause I'm saving Vancouver for a rainy day North east south west coast to coast Baby the trouble that
11 1.Vancouver Time tude1.Vancouver Time製作 Leif Vollebekk West London alleyways San Pedro's valley's haze Looks to my mind just like a maze When I see you ... Settle for the best We was in Vancouver town The town that I finally let you down You was in some evening gown I was wearing jeans Sometimes we run alongside each ... hear that even in in LA It's Vancouver time It's Vancouver time It's Vancouver tim
12 5.Lone Star threaten to move to Vancouver Canada or Athens Greece As George Carlin said one night'I believe you have
13 8.Work Away m Wendy[?] I'm from Vancouver Island and I work up in the Alberta oil sands[Chorus: David Myles] I may be
14 9.5748 km You're in Vancouver and I'm in New Brunswick That makes5748 kilometers We're talking two different oceans four time zones apart A seven-hour p ... s get this straight You're in Vancouver And I'm in New Brunswick That
15 15.Zero resentin' Vancouver I'm so proud to be from Vancouver From Van City I'm so proud to
16 12.Cliffs of La Scie I went to Vancouver the big trees to fell To view the tall Rockies and the great western sea But I left my heart on the cliffs of La Scie. Now ... cie. Then one day I married a Vancouver girl And she thinks that I am
17 1.For the Town rite some shit Dude Vancouver made me this music bread me I'ma raise the bar before I break the levy You
18 2.Ricochet it out the Midwest Vancouver Budapest[Godemis] Yo I must confess It's new manure to address Couldn't be
19 1.White Knuckles il imagined Loft in Vancouver Venice beach house and cabin In the middle of the forest with a creek that'
20 5.Never Die ing autographs from Vancouver to Rotterdam Madchild the arrogant Mad the barbarian Face tatted aryan is b

21 6.It hurts To Say Goodbye y she told me'daddy Vancouver is my home so good to see you but you know I've got to go' it hurts to say
22 4.War On the East Coast Last night I dreamt Vancouver dressed up in the ocean Last night I dreamt Victoria drowned in the ocean T
23 9.The Bridge Came Tumblin Down et Of old Vancouver town When the bridge came tumblin' down And the bridge came tumblin' down And nineteen men were drowned InJune of1958 In o ... drowned InJune of1958 In old Vancouver town There were seventy-nine men working To build this brand new bridge To span the Second Narrows And connect up with the ... t of the darkest night In old Vancouver town With frogmen in the water By the cutting torches glow They fought to save the steel men From certain death below And ...
24 6.Jacques Cousteau o MC's one producer Vancouver cats swingin' a battleaxe) The hardest part of my artistry is finding peopl
25 8.Odd Goblins ith hobgoblins From Vancouver to Providence mobbin' to solve problems Standin' on this hard concrete but
26 10.Power joy ride go through Vancouver from the lamp light to port side Count all those door steps and yell out my
27 12.Jackson Pollock o MC's one producer Vancouver cats swingin' a battleaxe) The hardest part of my artistry is finding peopl
28 5.This Land Is Your Land avista to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake waters This land was made for you and me. As I went walking that ribbon of ... is my land From Bonavista to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake waters This land was made for you and me. I roamed and I rambled and I fol ... is my land From Bonavista to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle
29 1.Flaws Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Winter1.Flaws The weight I'm gone In my skin I'm lost
30 2.Stakes Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Winter2.Stakes From the lake Where I lost it all Stack
31 3.Aftermath Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Winter3.Aftermath Oh lover asleep at last Oh lover it'
32 4.Rebirth Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Winter4.Rebirth I've been searching The fossil that on
33 6.Big Wave Goodbye a kiss to Vancouver All of the months of wondering why I'm just not good enough Over the years under the rug things just get heavy Now only a ... y city My lover and my friend Vancouver they're tearing us apart We m
34 1.Thank You ud of my van and my Vancouver apartment A proud man is a man who went through hardships Don't say you can
35 1.NBA unshots do you like Vancouver make your team move(Let's Go!)[Chorus:] It's gone be the NBA never NBC(Yeah
36 6.Darcy(D.) unction Montreal to Vancouver She got lost in the horizon Squeezed ourselves onto a park bench Heads rest
37 1.Vapour Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Vapour (Single)1.Vapour This ship was only ever built
38 1.Collapse Vancouver Sleep Clinic-Collapse (Single)1.Collapse I'd sunk in oceans blue No
39 10.Birthday Suits t a skinny guy from Vancouver who bangs piano when no ones around I can't deny there's still an awkward k
40 7.Fuck Yeah color p**sy never..Vancouver I got ass like..I don't feel like dance for the man that group I give a mom
41 7.Battleaxe Cadillacs While my Vancouver cats keep swingin' a Battleaxe[Hook][Verse3: Bishop Lamont] Yeah Battleaxe
42 10.Ce soir(Tonight) gue don't be a poet Vancouver and a bad bitch Snow storm no flight and some baggage yeah I've been here o
43 3.Pardoner what? Rough riders! Vancouver-after-losing-the-Stanley-Cup rioters Thriving on chaos anarchistic Hedonist
44 8.Rock Deep(Vancouver) atic8.Rock Deep(Vancouver) Seattle in the rear view mirror Brooding like the child inside the man
45 8.Punk Rock United(Step1) nd to Montreal From Vancouver to Amsterdam From Leeds to Leipzig From Sydney to Santiago It's punk rock u

46 3.Music City t From hollywood to vancouver fridays mean hysteria As wolverines break out But tell Sophia and Alcina We
47 12.We Do It For Fun Part8 ack I got a show in Vancouver U make moves I make maneuvers U talk shit and u see that homie hate But I'l
48 1.Blown Away anuveur The coup in vancouver Canadian niggas is speakin The fly language I'm partially famous Popularity
49 3.Fire che Carrera Through Vancouver to Los Angeles archangels Dark strangers blacks and caucasians(Man we crack
50 9.Night Vision rior Mad Child king Vancouver and Victoria These kids forfeit against war orphans I kill often I fill cof
51 10.Sound Burial kie movers I'm from Vancouver we move mass units and flip bricks Thousand keys across the boarder even wh
52 18.Global Domination let off a round[?] Vancouver to[?]I hear you loud Cop dope when the price is down Look at your head it g
53 4.The Smidge e used to cruise to Vancouver. We used to lie to the people when we'd show up at parties. We used to pret
54 6.Gunnin rancisco to Chicago Vancouver to Brooklyn city I am gunnin for yo
55 12.All My Friends Are In Bar Bands dudes in Detroit or Vancouver Newport Bulkhead and Brahm. I don't know where I am but I know where I came
56 7.I Love New York d've been Vancouver We never left the hotel room So it didn't really matter Well I fell in love that weekend Do not disturb on the door You're ... n or Atlanta It could've been Vancouver We never left the hotel room So it really didn't matter I fell in love that weekend Do not disturb on the door You're the ... n or Atlanta It could've been Vancouver We never left the hotel room
57 4.Third And Seneca egon grey raincloud Vancouver Dead in Denver drowsy IdahoJust dreams away from your love San Francisco In
58 7.Black Day In December and windy Vancouver A black day in December She sees the worst is yet to come A big wave on the horizon The first wind blowing in Left Stanley ... e mountains watching over her Vancouver A black day in Decembe
59 8.It's Not Easy(Being Green) ould be under water Vancouver could be under water London could be under water Detroit could be under wat
60 4.Paraphrase y broke musician In Vancouver knows: sometimes it helps To be self-delusional'cause you can go… Women lov
61 12.Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel Cupcake I come from Vancouver Isle-oh And I hang out down at the Cambie Hotel I thought that I misheard t
62 4.Rockers East Vancouver g4.Rockers East Vancouver We used to go out Get drunk and get sad Good friends But this town And
63 7.Sovereignty aining in vancouver but i don't give a fuck cuz i'm far from home tonight it's raining in ... home tonight it's raining in vancouver but i don't give a fuck cuz i
64 13.Life Is A Highway The Khyber Pass to Vancouver's lights Knock me down get back up again You're in my blood I'm not a lonel
65 8.Vancouver Blues aroo8.Vancouver Blues I'm standin' all alone in the ... I'm standin' all alone in the Vancouver rain On the corner of Hastings and Main Doin' my best to light a cigerette But I can't bring a spark to a flame And that's ... on Granville Street with the Vancouver Blues The damp rolls down fro
66 3.Mr. Richards(Vancouver) h3.Mr. Richards(Vancouver)作詞 Buck、Mills、Stripe作曲 Buck、Mills、Stripe Mr. Richards your position Is
67 2.On Earth Shangai to Montreal Vancouver to Singapore Sofia toJohanesburg Hong Kong to St. Petersburg On earth we're
68 15.Still My Hood Orleans Mississippi Vancouver London T. Dot Wherever you at I don't even care man[fades out
69 4.Wandered e4.Wandered Vancouver through Amsterdam The cities blend the same Broke himself to find these tun
70 2.Step Inside never ends for the Vancouverites Young bucks at the bar get scarred by cougar bites And the attitude is
71 5.Let'em Loose box Wasted in a bar Vancouver B.C. Swilling back the brews Reflecting on the journey It was long and hard
72 6.AquaCity Boy from one street to Vancouver Lookin' for philosopher's stone It's over there no it's over here what? It'
73 9.Gastown as wandering around Vancouver not knowing what I was about to find Had a room at the Cambie hostel and I
74 3.Going To Vancouver Drown3.Going To Vancouver I'm left blind by this connection So unkind our main affection There's
75 6.Powder Blue Egg Hatch that I can move to Vancouver with this shit And not even be missed cause this culture don't reminisce I
76 13.Sleeveless in Vancouver br>13.Sleeveless in Vancouver How the weatherman complains about the heat A tourist waves a camera on
77 4.BC Trees ey please Vancouver BC I like them big huge trees Everyone can talk I mean it's not a crime Secrets get told some folks tell them all the time ... here do whatever they please Vancouver BC I like them big huge trees
78 1.Beautiful Day in johnny walker in vancouver? How ya doin johnny? And a special big beautiful day To a special big beaut
79 6.Official fuck maneuver like vancouver canucks In ya speaker destroy your woofer mids and tweeters Not wolverine b
80 6.Counterparts ts cali up north to vancouver[prevail] Molecular monitors censors an Anaconda that harbors A feeling for
81 5.Petaluma Afternoons e Interstate Due in Vancouver in the mornin' Safe to say you're gonna be just a little late But Portland'
82 16.Vancouver rt The Drunk]16.Vancouver(j.buckley m.tighe m.grondhal) Lady all the troubles are my fright i dis
83 14.Vancouver art The Drunk14.Vancouver(j.buckley m.tighe m.grondhal) Lady all the troubles are my fright i dis
84 4.Canadian Rose to figure out where Vancouver is from here And I listen to the leaves If only for a beautiful while that
85 8.Heart Cooks Brain land from Vancouver shore the ravens and the seagulls push each other inward and outward inward and outward in this place that i call home my ... s the long stairs Inland from Vancouver shore The ravens and the seagulls Push each other inward and outward Inward and outward In this place that I call home My ... s the long stairs Inland from Vancouver shore The ravens and the seag
86 9.We All Thought We'd Make It Big ed for our prize In vancouver we reigned supreme They liked us better than their queen The ferry to victo
87 20.Severe Punishment und maneuver jet to vancouver like this Two kahluas one chick she's german luger Get the shit on light a
88 7.I Remember You 's raining again in Vancouver I haven't seen the sun in seven days I'm sitting here in Kitsilano waiting
89 1.No Change In Me st Montreal calgary vancouver west Lay down on the sidewalk Kick off and die And watch people not looking
90 15.You Are A Treasure uild a big house in Vancouver town. Living in castles a bit at a time. Walking the borders of countries.
91 14.Maps Of The World tonight. inuit rome vancouver. Changed partners again changed partners just for the night. afghanistan sa
92 1.Knocking On Mine nglish teacher from vancouver She asked me to write something for her students. I wrote knowledge adds wi
93 1.Life Is A Highway The Khyber Pass to Vancouver's lights Knock me down get back up again You're in my blood I'm not a lonel
94 15.Something Inside So Strong associated with the Vancouver Music Cultural Center for really making us feel like we've come home again.
95 3.Let's Go Bowling h) We'll be bowling vancouver bowling saskatoon Someday they'll even be bowling on the moon I said yeah y
96 7.Song toJ.C.B. ys from New York to Vancouver Bay Born in a Georgia shack he's in San Francisco today So listen to what I
97 1.Tubes World Tour e did it in seattle Vancouver on the very next day San diego kept us busy We got so dizzy With the interv
98 6.Raise Your Hands it Raise your hands Vancouver Raise your hands Phoenix Raise your hands Sayreville NewJerse
99 10.Willie's Song tcard you send from Vancouver or South Bend Recalls the friend too long away. CHORUS: May the rain run of
100 10.Old Lady Song At the Edge of the Vancouver coastline The air was as dense as a cloud It cut me to the bone I heard a v

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