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The Hempolics( Hempolics )

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The Hempolics( Hempolics )

In My Brain

Me sit back, switch back on me clocks
And reach for me weed spot, inna me diamond socks
Everybody tell me say, me should a detox
Them say me burn sensimillia like me born with dreadlocks
One, pull on me somethin' put your in a headlock
Freeze the muscle inna your foot and bring you to a
dead stop make your tongue get broad, make your eye them pop
Not just high grade i mean the cream of the crop
Sip me orange juice me girl bring from the shops
And make likkle joke bout your head full a rocks
All of a sudden, the door knock
Boogaloo freddy in a cris' hugo boss suit
Grinning like a little yout'
And in a feeing pocket know some more green stock
And him say this you wanna murder, this you want to shock out
Me gain one cold dragon stout
Them tell me say way too much, babylon they 'bout
Me tell them seckle freddy man
True you're fast with your mouth
Produced piece a embassy and bring him blue rizla out
Lick on a sizla and blow blue smoke out

Hempolics rockin' the name
(me love me mariweed)
Mariweed run running around my brain
Sister of the highest strain
(tell me bout your sister)
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Keeps on burning, burning in my brain
(i say we skankin')

It's not a man made thing
It's a chord with natural laws, still
Babylon want come and broke me latch offa me door
It bring benefit whether your rich or dirt poor
Even police officer love burn the reefer
Instead of catch thief, me have sniffer dog round my feet
Like me a bad man
When most me do, reason and sleep, or eat
Jah say munchies mash up me teeth
But it gives me a deep meditation
Me soul over freedom from society conundrum
Even the babylon have come to overstand
Me leave me body there 'pon the couch
And travel to distant lands
Iv'e drunk wine with nefertiti and the egyptian
Conquered china with genghis and his mongolians
With all the holy ones, i've bowed low and broke bread
And every word that they said still
Lock up in a me head
Marijuana dread me red, me love the sensation
Sensimilla make me love and embrace the whole nation that's why…