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Unto the Beast

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Unto the Beast


Im so lost, im so lost...

Come as you are, come as you are, save me oh God, I am sinking, my flesh
faints for You God, the deep has swallowed me, i'm weary with my cry,
weary with my cry waiting for my God, my soul thirsts for you, my flesh
faints for you, the weary are at rest, the weary are at rest, the weary
are at rest!
We wait for you lord, he shall renew your strength, and there you have
found me, but you had never lost me.

I had lost you, (I had lost you!!), ooooo (the deep slips over me) i had
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lost you, (the deep has swallowed, im weary for my God) ooo (My soul
thirst for You oh God) (Im so undeserving of your love, the weary are at
rest, im so undeserving of your looooove)

Now, now that ive found my place in your arms, and i know that you are
risen, i will thirst no more for salvation, i will never thirst again, a
wellspring of life with living water, i will never thirst again my eyes
are fixed upon you, we will never thirst again, you have given me life
everlasting, we will never thirst again!!