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Dizzy Sunfist

No Biggie


There's no road to take
No direction made
Did I go too far away from home

I don't have a map
No compass in hand
Don't even know the time of day

Don't know what I'm up to
Don't know how I should live

I forgot what to pursue
Did I have a dream?

Let's wake up wake up
Time to open your eyes
Let's wake up wake up
I was born for wandering
Am i here?definitely
Now, wake up wake up
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Am I really lost
Made the wrong turn
Did I come too far to turn back now
No one is around
No one to be found
Don't even know if it is okay

Don't know if I'm asleep
Turn out the lights tonight

No biggie
Don't care I'm out of it
No biggie
As long as I can breathe
No biggie
Who said I lost my mind
No biggie
No one can tell me what to do
Cause I know more than you