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Battle Royale

What's up everybody?
Welcome to the season finale of ARB
Animeme Rap Battle Royale!!!
It is a showdown, it is a showdown of the century
Who will be the last man standing?!
And by last man...
I mean last man,
last woman
last super brothers
last sider sisters
last cat
last dog
last pony
last superhero
last monster
last pokemonster
and maybe even... last host.
Let's go!
You think you can win?
We doin mafia, say hello to your little friend
It's me Mario yo
And Luigi homie
Like a nintendo cartfridge you can all blow me
You two are so short
You won't even see it comin when I'll make it rain on ya
You're old as balls
Yoshi it's one dinosaur ride anotha
You get that mustache from yo motha
You a jackass Steve-o hey
I care less about you
Oops my bad
Yawn, you bore me
I'll nap on the ground
As if mothaka
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I could sleep on the clouds!
Wow such surprise
Much rap u not good at
U from streets of equestria
Not where da hood at
Both yummy treet for doge
I'm professor Oak, bh
I scared Bruce Wayne
My rap game's phenominal
It only took five seconds
To steal people's fans
Can't take the heat
How can you beat winter, man?
We flow so cold like Ice Cube, boss
No one can outrap me
Call us FedEx!
I am groot
Yea boy, choose to success!
Ladies and gentlemen
The winner is... Batman!!
Where's everybody at?
They call you insanity wolf?!
Where's your workout DVD?!
I ripped Shaun T!
I'm butter, you're toast
You're acting like a legend
It's done.
Nyeh heh heh heh...
Nyeh heheheheh...
fade out

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