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Nyan Cat vs. Grumpy Cat

look up in the sky not a bird not a plane it's just little old me nyan cats the name.
im a poptart don't get it twisted son.
been crushing cosmic pussy scince life number one.
i'm the first cat in space.
won the cat space race.
heard the cat bread you have some wheat on your face.
oh your name is tard that's short for retarded.
don't get mad have some skittles.
i just sharted.
your face looks like a shitty cat version of ron swanson.
you'll be forgotten.
like the pubes dangling off of my johnson.
your big in real life but on youtube i'm huge.
you can die tomorrow i'll still get 80, 000(eighty-thousand) views.
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grumpy cat
what doen't kill you pisses me off so im going to be the one to fucking finish the job I eat, I sleep, I excrete and lick my paws you fly throught space thats it?
you should be hauling around santa claus.
i'll eat you for breakfast and turn you into a nice turd.
have you seen titanic?
my favorite actor was the iceburg.
i'm a celebrity.
i'm in time magazine.
the biggest name in pets scince motherfucking lassie.
your a try hard.
i didn't even want fame.
kicking your ass it's im my DNA.

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