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Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf

Insanity Wolf:Edit
Must have taken every ounce of your courage to agree to fight me here, Do you know who I am?
I'm Insanity Wolf! I feel a baby kick, I kick it back!
In the delivery room, I Spawn Camp! Get a kill, Teabag a bear trap!
Watch porn in the front row of class! Fap, Fap, Fap!
Do the math, motherfucker, I'm Insane!
I do the Cinnamon Challenge with cocaine!
When life gave me lemons, I fucked it in the ass, and gave it Lemonaids!
Ran into your girl the other day with my car, Is she okay?
Courage Wolf: Edit
You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success,
Fucking act like it! And my girl's fine, we just had sex!
Do the math? Well, I forgot my pencil. Guess I'll take notes in your blood!
God gave you lemons? Find a new GOD!!!!!
I take the scenic route through Mordor, walk in through the front door,
So much courage I do the Worm, with a boner!
You got no friends, you loner! Where's your wolf pack?
Even Jacob from Twilight could kick your ass,
Insanity Wolf: Edit
I put the fun in funeral, laughter in slaughter!
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But first, I'll trap you underneath the stairs, Harry Potter!
Then I'll murder your parents, so your bloodline's diminished!
Then bury them, who's grounded now, bitches!?!
Courage Wolf: Edit
I made your Mom cum, you could at least make me breakfast!
You're a failure, I'mma swallow you, and shit out Success Kid!
You give nothing to society, except a headache!
Where's my Worcestershire? You're getting beat to a skirt steak!
Insanity Wolf: Edit
I give nothing to society? Yeah, that's a real crock of shit!
I feed the homeless, TO the homeless, donate blood, ALL of it!
I will deliver you into evil, and lead you into temptation!
Got a headache? I've got your cure. Decapitation!
Courage Wolf: Edit
What doesn't kill me, better run the fuck away!
Who are you again? I kicked ass, and don't have time to take names!
You think I lost? Here's the twist, I'm the Final Boss! Say goodbye!
You've reached your peak and now it's your time to die!

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