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Nick Grant

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Nick Grant

All of You

feat. B. Hess
Producer:Slade Da Monsta & DJ Don Cannon

Girl you gon think I'm from Jersey
I want your name and number
I hit you from behind
Like niggas tryna jump ya
Ask you no to judge me
I guess that's my guilty conscience
You love me then you hate me
That's organized destruction
Girl open wide and bust it
You talking to me nasty
God said keep it classy
But heaven marked you absent
You make my heart beat faster
I pray the bras are strapless
I put my whiskers down under
Thank God I ain't get cat fished
Beauty and the Bastard my movie needs an actress
Your nigga play you over
How he abuse a classic
The irony in that shit
You finding me attractive
He finna make you do it emotional entrapment
Ok my mind is dancing the girl is mine I'm asking
You gotta watch my movements
I'll sway to find the answers
She something like the money
Gotta keep her safe
In order to be strong lets gather weeks to pray
Life is a piece of cake
Icing proceeds the taste
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Don't go against the grain
I keep my Caesar straight
I got you screaming God
That's right just keep the faith
Yeah I'm gone lead the
La Petite Morte (Wait)

Hey girl let's keep a million
I'm your account
Them curves crazy I need some consoling
Trying to write on the walls of you virgina
Baby come be my rock and less move some mountains
You the dopest and you know this
Outta sight but we get closer as microscopes can get
I'm reloaded hard for him to notice this
Keep back stroking in oceans hopelessness
Love is blind
Scent is clear (Synclaire)
Shit I'm Overton
Living single girl they faker then a Rollie tick
Bout time you got in them jeans
Party was over with
Who's Robe is this
Girl I promise I can be everything you need and more
Unexpected I guess
Tell me who's at the door
I'm Steph at long range
Shoot my shot and its pure
I step over my feelings like people sleep on the floor
But I want ya