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Jacquees feat. Dej Loaf

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Jacquees feat. Dej Loaf

The World Along With You

[Intro:DeJ Loaf]
It's DeJ
Don't worry about how old I am
How old are you?

[Verse 1: Dej Loaf]
Yeah yeah I like em 30+
Gotta be love it can't be lust
Once I get started ain't no stopping
Started as a crush now you're my target (Woah, woah!)
Baby are you married or are you single
And if you're separated is it cheating
See me I'm just in town for the weekend
Meet me in Miami at Four Seasons
Don't be afraid baby come and spread your wings yeah
What time you gotta go, can I be there
I see she blowing up your phone you shouldn't be there
Cause you know you're not happy I can see that
It's the power of that...
Our little secret

[Interlude: Jacquees]
You know me, I won't tell
Ooh, 22
Young nigga

[Verse 2: Jacquees]
I like em 21 and up
Gotta be love it can't be lust
Since we started don't see it stopping
You make me treat these other women like options
Is he your man or are you single
And do you like the way he treat you
Just hit my line I'll come and see you
Ain't gotta tell him where you lay
I'm keeping all these secrets safe
You know I'm fucking with you babe
Impressed with all the shit you say
I'm finna start calling you my bae
You're gonna be my baby
Cause girl I know you're special
And most don't understand you
But we ain't got shit to prove

[Bridge: Jacquees & (DeJ Loaf)]
I got the world along with you (I got the world)
Forget my girl when I'm with you
(Forget my man when I'm with you)
Ain't this something we gotta do
You know how to keep a nigga curious
Oh yes I'm serious
And I ain't giving up

[Outro: DeJ Loaf & Jacquees]
Yeah, Yeah
DeJ & Jacquess
It's me and you
DeJ & Quees
Yeah, Yeah