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Progressive Holocaust

It's all lies, no surprise
This is where you say goodbye
Every single living creature is about to die
Dredging the remains of a once important city
With no present hope of finding something
Worth saving
Buried beneath the bones and broken glass
A lost society
The reverts once again to a primitive state
Free from obligations
Our own technology betrays us
Population tears itself apart
Bottom feeding, unachieving human breed
Fuck us all
And the plot thickens, population goes insane
The young cannot understand
Why they're subject to the whims of perverts
callous as the next man
Oblivious to duty
Possessions won't fill the void
Role models lie, six feet under
Dead and defiled by my hand
They were slaughtered and decapitated slowly
To ensure a very violent deserved death
Day of reckoning, mass repention
Overwhelming human tragedy
My convictions give me strength to digest
The grisly deeds that inflict upon you all
As I rise to power the world will forever be cleansed
Of human life, little children now pay for your fucking mistakes
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Do you feel ashamed?
My greatest dreams fulfilled parallel to the downfall of god
Meaningless figurehead
Dig your own grave and don't grasp onto the life you took for granted
Useless to resist
Abandon me now, treat this like a normal day
Where you didn't care, it shall be your last
Human devotion, draining from the open wounds in your lover's skull
Luxury Christ

Bombard the public with cryptic messages
And human nature will do the rest
Paranoia runs rampant planet rots away
Their minds held in submission
Mild mannered turn to killers

They fear this, my new world
They grasp on tightly
And rape the world of supplies, bust out right now
The world is crippled
Can you adapt to chaos
A second chance at life
If you can pay the price
Some chose to die
Why not capitalize?