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Where The Wild Things Are - Commentary

The song came about during the time of some real personal frustration and anger with some people in my extended family and I pretty much wrote the entire first verse and parked in my car.
Laughs After a, after a series of like phone arguments that I that I was having with uh someone specifically in my family a few years ago.
It's a very symbolic, this song.
it's not meant to be taken literally.
In fact most of it pretty much uh uh ironically written.
Like I don't do most of these things that I'm saying in the song.
Uh but it's how I felt I was being viewed by the people I was arguing with.
That I was this reckless crazy kid.
That was, you know, not making good decisions and it was, you know, it was aggravating.
And it pissed me off a lot.
You know obviously, there's a reference to the book, '
Where the Wild Things Are' with the title but when I was writing the song I was imagining the world between that book and the novel, '
The Lord of the Flies'.
Uh, which is why I mention you know an island full of young people and they can scream and do whatever they want and kinda yell and just live the way they want to.
So uh you know it really is kind of a youthfully rebellious anthem in a way.
Uh which is what my intention was.

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