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A Boogie wit da Hoodie( Artist Julius Dubose )

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A Boogie wit da Hoodie( Artist Julius Dubose )

Look Back At It(feat. PARK WOO JIN)

Look back at it
She ain't never do this before, but she good at it
Said she never made love, but she good at it (she good at it)
She make a nigga feel good when I look at it (yeah)
I get goosebumps when I look at it
Oh, girls just wanna have fun with it
Oh, the girls just wanna fun with me (fun with me)
These girls ain't really no good for me, yeah
Ddrat, da-da, da
Drdat, da-da-da, da
Ddrat, da-da-um-da
Ddrat, da-da-da-um-da
Yeah, got a new Benz that I ain't promotin', yeah
All of my friends love money throwin'
Ddrat, da-da-da-um-da
Let me tell you something 'bout my life
And every single chain, and my diamond rings
The way you walkin', the way you talkin', it's all because of me
And the way I'm all on you, girl, you know it's true
The way I speak is my melody
Don't you ever think it's another me
Girl, on everything, it's a lot on me
I cannot be seen, I cannot be takin' apologies
Yeah, they plot on me, 'cause that bag on me
Yeah they after me, I got racks on me
Got the stash on me, think they gassin' me
Yeah, hoodie on low but I stay focused
Yeah, it's hard to stay low when everybody notice, yeah

Hey Wake Up
You Think I Don't Know?
장난은 거기까지 하고 잘 들어 너
Enough joking around and you listen to me now
그때랑 비교 못해
Can't compare to back then
난 제대로 왔고
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Now I am on a straight path
I Don't Wanna Quit Forever
Penthouse Floor 위 공기를 호흡
Penthouse Floor I breathe the upper air now
가끔 나도 보고 놀라 저기 거울 속
Sometimes I surprise myself, that man staring at the mirror
나를 보고 입 벌어져
I can't close my mouth
건드리면 날아가 I Got a Typhoon
Touch you and you will be blown away
굳이 안 부려도 테가 나는 멋
I don't have to pretend for my swag
지구를 목에 걸어 턱 들고 걸어
I got the earth on my chain and my chin's up
I'll Be On The Street Yea
Secret Party Yea
감히 누가 넘어올까 내 Barricade에
Who's gonna stop me at my Barricade
두 말 안 할게
I won't say it again
Everything is alright
내가 생각나면 언제든지 Call Me Baby
If you think of me always Call Me Baby
이미 알던 건 다 잊어버려
Forget what you know already
The Game Is Changed, Yea

Can I come by and vibe? (vibe)
I get a different type of fly (fly)
Hit a lick and split it with my guys (guys)
Gettin' rich I'm really lit but I (I)
Ain't shit I admit it but I try (try)
If I'm wrong just tell me that I'm right
Let me tell you something 'bout my life (my life)