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Youngblood Brass Band

Y'all Stay Up (feat. Talib Kweli)

(feat. Talib Kweli)

[Talib Kweli]

For every second of
Every minute of
Every hour of
Every day of
My life, I stayed plugged
And away from fake thugs
Celebrate make love
Y'all stay up

[Verse 1:]
My people rise we immune to the evil eye
We in the times when mosquito bites make people die
Birds falling out the sky from the pesticides
Niggas survive with no time for the wonder why
Get high, get fly, get wonderful
Rock earth tones, language is colorful
Walking light with the big sticks through the night
Find a beautiful life through usual strife
We throw change-ups
Now it's time to switch the game up
Brooklyn lick-shot
Let the heaters spit the flame up
Mentioning those who came up
Always bringing Kweli name up
We off the hook
Them other cats got hang ups


[Verse 2:]
We came from fourty acres and a cheap mule
None of what we do
Is smoke blunts, drink forties, get paper and keep to
Crews carry out justice with street rules
Think what they need to, pay deep dues to heap fews
Murder machines, designer jeans we bleed through
The weak fools in the elite few are see-through
You peep who fake if your eyes are keen to reality
You see who cling to the mind state of fallacy
They can't face the tragedy of spiritual depravity
They see the situation but they don't know the gravity
I mastered the response by following the calling
The light shining behind me casting shadows on the fallen
For, every second of, the night we wrecking clubs
Get the people's hands up above
Get respect and love worldwide
International, son of the black national
And pan-african back again over soul beats
Hold heat like the sunshine
(Truly?) for one time
No peace ever since justice become blind
That bitch act like she can't see what we been through
I bitch-slap mics, raise my voice and continue like that
Yes we rocking like that, that, that
We gonna continue like that, that
Like that, that
Like that, that
That, that, that, that


[Verse 3:]
Rocking and shocking the house
YoungBlood brass band
Hot and we knocking 'em out
Kweli from Brooklyn and we
Drop from the top to the south
So what now?
Showing you all what it's all about
In the language of those who blast before they talk it out
In the language of those who blast before they talk it out
In the language of those who blast before they talk it out
In the language of those who blast before they talk it out

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