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Social Club Misfits


Devil's worst nightmare, us
Yeah, uh

This ain't that pretty boy rap stuff
This that mush you in the face when you act tough
Classic like the Acura Legend, or in black like the Phantom of the Opera
Feeling like 'Pac I ain't mad at ya
Yo Fernie, why they acting like they experts
Marty, to link networks but you know that we spit the best work, let's work
If we ain't top five then we bout to be
Misfit DNA make you proud to be
Yeah, feels like the moment they've been waiting for
Meetings with the team, routing where we're gonna take the tour
That run DMC style and Jada flow
Find a better duo, I'll wait, non-debatable
Took a different route but we made it, had to shake a few
This is grace, fix your face when you see this view
They get mad, they see you better than them
I can't help what write down with this pen
It's them again, Social

Yeah, and the boys are bi-coastal
Passport ready to go if we go global
We spend a pretty penny as plenty see all the totals
Own our own masters, we have all the vocals
Rap part easy and the business part a doozy
But we lawyered up quick and let no label abuse us
And we hear to make rap feel special again,
Everything that we do is a ten
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They should have never let us in
Misfit hoodie on me with some dirty vans
Nothing changed, serving a God with a second chance
They ask me if I'll go, well it all depends
When I die, let me perform as a hologram
I'm thinking we ain't the same
I spent the check on the rent, you spent the check on a chain
I've got a 401k, you spent your check on a Range
They looking at me like I'm going insane, I'm not done yet (switch)
I need a Grammy for my teammates
In my brain, my voice sounds like Morgan Freeman's
I'm Willie beaming, I'm dodging demons
Diving off the deep end to reach Misfits that nobody believes in

We've got the whole squad looking like power team
Flow game strong on stage, what a sight to see
God in the center is the reason why we're traveling
Grace got me feeling amazing, I feel extravagant

Everybody is sounding the same nowadays
Album after album no breaks nowadays
They love the sub-tweet and drop a name nowadays
We just want the real not the fake nowadays
And I'd rather give than to take nowadays
Stay down and we came up, so we don't care what you say nowadays
And the boys are back in town and we go into the night
Fighting for what is right, till the end always, Social

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