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Maren Morris

Sugar (Live from SXSW 2016)

Boy ive been cooking up one hell of a crush gottcha on my mind the minute i wake up you make the morning glow, the rooster crow, my juices flowing
You know i got the spice but that aint enough
Baby would you be my sugar! Sugar
Make my heart rate exceed even on a good day- you make the world taste better! Better good on anything, want you on everything
Just a lil bit is all it take like a coca cola on a xmas day
You what i crave babe, what can i say. Woulda woulda woulda be my sugar! Sugar. Tried to fake sh! t. But it aimt the same. The girl just knows when its the real thing
Yeah, im a cup of tea with a touch of cream but something is missing
So imma put this nice and sweet
Would you be my sufar! Sugar
(Ohhhh, ohhhh)
Sugar sugar you make my heart wake even on a good day
You make the world taste better, good on anything, just a lil bit is all that it takes
(Ohhhh) would you be my sugar! Sugar
(Ohhhh, ohhhh)

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