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L'Orange( L Orange )

The Underworld

Yeah, you see that? See that up in the sky?

“Some call it the power of devils or angels”
“Hey, who the devil are you anyway?”
“Superstitious fear in the underworld by means of his magician's tricks”

Sometimes I feel like the world is going under
Sky full of clouds, all I hear is thunder
Sometimes I feel like somebody's always watching
Waiting for the fall, any chance they can hop in
Come and dip with me in the night, baby
Sometimes life gets crazy
You know I hold you down, baby, give you solace
Come and ride with the flyest

[Verse 1]
An OG told me nothing's ever promised
Shit can get grimy, nigga, you don't want no problems
Just watch your back, 'cause somebody's always watching it
Put on a mask and borrow a bike, call me Robin
I'm from a place similar to Gotham
Out in the streets, you can catch me on the cottage when the semis explode
Hide your son and your daughter
Shoot out tire, drive your truck into water
No survivors, fire-rama
She wanna dip with the llama
But disrespect the god, meet the rhymer

Sometimes I feel like the world's going under x4


[Verse 2]
Sometimes it's like a maze, soft shoes on the pavement
Cab Calloway, my goon's on a holiday
Cash cow, now you cashed out in the wrong place
Attack on the faint, it's a war zone
Sometimes it's dark and you all alone
In the battles with the soul you go cold
Feeling rattled in the dome, you don't know
Damn where'd it go
End up on a dead end street with no love, just desire for peace
Blacked out, no white, you can barely see


He wanna know where he can go to find relief
She wanna go wherever their love can be free
What is [?]them is living in a dream
On the run, trying to make it out the same scheme: to be free
To be continued…

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