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Start Me UP

'I'm going to kill
The popkree out there
And he is going to be in demand
The father chooch
Be realistic
Sick and tired of your bumbaklatt
You don't
Shut your fuckin' booty
Basically sick and fuckin' tired of your darling
Love you
Turn it on a rate of 24
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Dear darling
I love you
Aman sing...
Sing for the almighty
Loving woman
From the the moon to the bumbaklatt star
I'm stick and tired still?

Lyrical lovechild
In my hotel in SoCal
Married to rap and she's so foul
Whoa now
I'm hitting when I'm loving
I'm bringing it
I'm ducking
Buggin' it
I'm bringing I'll...
Why test Wyclef
I'm like the fourth Fugee
Doing my duty
Or like the fifth black Beatle
Evil Kenevil
Says she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
Get off the block
Offer of luther is shock
On to what you is and off of what it is not
Planet is gettin' hot
With earthquakes in the T=Dot, yeah
I take it back the day with chili-chali-cho
Ichchi ban yes the people I dem know
When I grab the mic indeed it starts to blow

'St-start me up'

'Who think they test me now? Run through your town I shut it down...'

Peace to all the people who love real hip hop
We can live forever and just don't stop
Rockin' in the alleys and from block to block
You started it at the bottom
Now ya made it to the top
Yo, living the beat y'all
Living the code
Delivery dominate
The mystical magistrate
Droppin' bombs
To laminate
Fates I'm in paint thinner
Rap is the blackboard
Stopped it
Drop hits
Lyrical stock tips
Copped it, from the twelfth planet called the arctic
These fibre optics
Will not be diluted
Or hijacked
I drop it on any topic
I'm like a man in plain
Observing my brain to gain to
Using the flame
For fame
The game
Driving you insane
Put you all to shame

'St-start me up'

[Ron Burgandy:]
'Now this could be the big story of the summer, network is going to want plenty of coverage.'

'St-st-start me up'

'They test me now'
'St-st-start me up'
'They test me now'
'Who think they test me now? Run through this town I shut it down... '

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