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Dear Diary


Super duper lit now
Call-a mami job, quick, tell 'em quit now (talk yo shit)
With my belly and my tongue out
They wanna taste my milkshake, bring the boys out
Know what that noise 'bout
Don't ask me no questions
'Bout who be the hottest
When you got it, you got it
If you copy, you not it
Counterfit mamis, when you got it, you got it
My body feel so poppin'
My energy is so strong , through the hate I block it
Protect the weapons that's formed by any goon or goblin
It's really not an option
Mask on, mask off
Real nigga, face off
Who gon let them thangs bark
Who gon hit the asphalt
Junglepussy tax force, know we got it
Gotta test them niggas, so you know who really poppin'
Real life kicks in
Once the tweetin' stops, your wi-fi ain't workin'
We heard about the things you did to earn that Birkin
How many reblogs was it? Baby, was it worth it?
Ain't nothing like a couple of likes to make you feel perfect
Ain't nothing like a couple of vines of Fefe Dobson twerkin'
R. Kelly lurkin'
I got tabloids taking pics
JP nappin' on Jill Scott's tits
So she be dreamin' about makin' hits
Reflecting all up in the mirror, God made me so perfect
Just a stunt straight flex on the fellas who curve this
If you don't want me, you a liar, dude, or you just nervous
Some relationships are cute but some serve no purpose
And my flow so smooth like I'm talkin' in cursive
And my records got groove like I'm jammin' with Curtis
Mayfield, straight peel right after I swerve it
Right after I burn it
Don't want my new boo to be a rapper
Rather a nerd or an african actor
I keep my crib full of love and laughter
But sometimes a girl just wants some booty smack up
While my hair wrapped up, I still be looking good
Wake up next to me and you gon' get that morning wood
I know you think you coulda, I mean I wish a nigga would
My first love is still pussy fresh backwards (light it up!)
This beat made me want in-studio gymnastics
I should hire dude acrobats to do backflips
So I could stare at them and had sex while I'm rappin'
And I could barely stop my ass cheeks them from clappin'
Oh, no! Booty poppin' syndrome
Ohhh, my dear!

[Outro: Spoken]
It's not about wanting it, where yo vision?
What u see for yourself and for those around you?
I know what I want...
And I know what I don't want
And I know everyone has desires but
I'm creating my own world
I reside in a realm of my own
But I still know how to co-exist
Amongst the many others
I look at all the succesful people in the world
Feelin' more sure of myself than ever
Nothing is impossible to me
There was a thin line between being blessed and success
Now that shit is a blur!