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Jeff Rosenstock

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Jeff Rosenstock

The Internet Is Everywhere.

I want you to know I'm glad you're not dead.
All the hate in my heart has gone out of my head.
It took me some time but I understand
That I made enemies where I should have made friends,
'Cause it's way too much work to hate your old friends.

I want you to know that I'll be alright
If you feel like I do and you're over the fight
Sure, there are times when I can't get by
But show me a person who always feels fine
And I'll show you a lying sack of shit.

But oh, I know
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I wouldn't think about me too
But the smallest things make me remember you
And it's hard when I know we were such good friends
And it's hard when I know that we can never be friends.

There are nights when I miss my friends
When I look through old pictures
Think about you again.
And I hope that you're happy that I'm not dead
And we both ended up kinda okay in the end.