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Before Snoop Dogg, Biggie & Pac
It was Mac Dre & he ran with the Romp
We was California living, the Bay was home
And that was way back before E-40 was on
It was Too Short bitch, it was all we knocked
Met Ray Love when he was rocking the pac
Mac Mall was a youngster still on the couch
And Dre was talking bout putting him out
We just lost the Mack, the hood was itchy
415 knockin Oakland to Rich
Mike Fish went to jail so the blow was slow
We had to fuck with Richmond niggas who go to the O
Sunny ran Richmond & fuck with the V
And when Sunny went to jail he started fuckin with me
Sunny knocked Ashaunda, the bitch was cool
Ashaunda use to push Sunny whips to school
Sunny had funk like One Eyed Marv
they found Sunny dead layin right by his car
That was way back when we still at the High
Elisha had the South but S was the guy
The East and the West had to get it from S
The North was all mine, he wouldn't enter the Crest
Scrill and Baby Narc, they wanted S dead
And me and Narc fought, it was on S head
But that was Crest shit, so we let that slide
We had other shit to think about, the Mack just died
Life is too short, the game is thick
Mr Flamboyant came to Clip
Sugar D shot E-40, Legit
But it was lil Bruce Thurman who started the shit
Bruce was a hitter I would have to say
First he hit the Mack then he hit Mac Dre
Dre went postal and came with a slapper
Introduced a classic Cold Cold Capper
A rap war started in the heart of the Bay
But all they talk about was E-40 and Dre
Deangelo was Decon, Freak was Deon
Con went to Y.A for killing a peon
The first Romp murder he shot a nigga dead
D was 15 when he shot him in the head
Damn I still remember that night
And they gave the cuddy Juvenile life
We don't color kill, no blood or crippin
Shit got real cause our hood was trippin
A couple years later we was ballin ridiculously
Vallejo got a visit from Unsolved Mysteries
Banks being robbed and all this shit
A Brinks truck got hit and guards was killed
Vallejo was on fire, they head of the news
And whoever was behind it, they was scared of them dudes
Cabbie was the first to get caught on a lick
He had a high speed chase and shot it out on the bridge
Word on the streets, its just them Romperoom kids
But Lee caught a case and got 33 years
That was the first lead, it was out the blue
And when Cabbie went to jail, they got right on my crew
They started harassing us, while we was running the streets
So Dre made a song called punk police
He hit the tick and indictment and officer Rich
They sent Corey Dune on some Officer shit
Corey was a car thief who stole my whips
I use to use Corey cars in all my licks
See Corey caught a case but pertaining to me
Corey couldn't do his time so instead he gave me (rat)
I prepared a lick down in Fresno city
I needed a G ride so I took him with me
It was me, Mac Dre, Kilo & Corey
But Dre was never suppose to be apart of the story
See Dre never hit licks, he was the rapper
And caught a bad break cause his crew was jackers
Dre had a choice to ride or tap out
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He kept his mouth closed and did 5 in Lapac
Cuddy Buzz was dying, we tried to salvage the sells
So he recorded the first album from jail
It was over the phone and it had never been done
Not to mention it made one hell of a song
But Dre was out of the loop so we made the Mack off
Told Kirie to give the ball to Mac Mall
Mall hit the sets and that was the new Romperoom
First video was produced by 2 Pac
Young players got to get it together
My little nigga was on, he was gettin his cheddar
A young Crest Cuddy came straight from the gutter
He turned strictly business records into young black brother
In 96' Dre was released and bounced out
And word on the street they released the Rompout
Con came home hooked up with Dre
They dropped the Rompalation 1 and that shock the Bay
Kilo did 8 and got back to Dre
I had 2 years left but I was on my way
My crew was on course and shit was looking good
The Feds came through and they over took my hood
It was deja vu, they got back on my crew
The coldest thing about it, they got Decon too
He went right back
After doing his 10 he had 2 years home, he had to do it again
Lost a couple of niggas we thought was real
Marty and Marcel, they both had squeal
They flipped on Decon, now that was shady
G went to trial, and they gave him 80
He had 2 years out since the age of 15
He was 27 then and never saw the streets again
That was something cold, man we felt that blow
There's more to the story I'm just letting you know
The Romperoom Gang was turning to shit
So Dre flipped the game and changed to Thizz
Im'a state it for the record if ya'll ain't heard
Miami the most made up that word thizz
Coolio was home and Ray was coming
And somehow Dre and Ray went through something
Mac Dre and Mac Mall fell out too
And I'm sitting in my cell thinking what the hell do I do
My hood spitting up, the boss is gone
But Ima make shit right again once Im home
Through with the old crews, made my dudes a ten
By the time the boat docked, we was a crew again
But we was missing some poeople
Ronnie Lags and J Smith not coming home but Kalifa wont make it
The bird was a nation and Dre was the start
And I'm waiting patient and playing my part
The cuddy on his shit and they liking his style
Plus he rockin shows and I'm hyping his crowd
And he knockin hoes and I'm watching him get em
And before you know it I was knockin them with him
Played the game like a crew, that's what we do
The cuddy bought a Range and I bought one too
Dre was back home, I was rocking the rear
2003 yeah that was the year
Thizz what it is, we was coming to fuck up
Back then we use to fuck with Yuk Tuff
Back then we use to fuck with Bart
But Bart was a rat so we cut him short
And Trill television jumped out in the streets
Mac Dre all he talking about in the streets
Dre had a show out in KC MO
My PO was tripping, wouldn't let me go
They caught Dre slipping and I'll never forget
The night Kilo called saying Dre was hit
Shit the evil that men do, to be continued

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