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No Time for Bullshit

All this shit they talking got me out my mind
No watch on my wrist, bitch, I ain't got the time
I'm doing shows or fucking hoes or making money
If you ain't talking 'bout it, then you can't do nothing for me
No time, no time, no, no time for bullshit, nigga
No time, no time, no, no time for bullshit, nigga
No time, no time, no, no time for bullshit, nigga
No time, no time, no, no time for bullshit, nigga

Traveling local, but a nigga going global, from the vocals
Young and mobile, making hits, like Sammy Sosa did
On the mobile, updating all of my socials
Your numbers are low, tell them I'm sorry, like I'm a [?]kids
No, he's sick, cause he spits not, cold as Dip Dots
Aiming for the top, never switch spots
A funny nigga, like Chris Rock, I got them in shock
A lil nigga with a big cock
Don't believe me, just watch
You niggas Trinidad lame, I'm a Trinidad James
Got a Trinidad babe, give me Trinidad brain
Futuristic spit them Trinidad flames
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King James cause I ball tall
Glued to the roof, a nigga never fall off
I do crazy shows, I fuck amazing hoes
Tell them they can't leave 'til my balls soft

Hip hop enthusiast, goofy kid with the Uzi spit
Haters get lost like a tourist, I really do this shit
Three miles to the studio, I wrote this in the car going super quick
No time for these lame guys
A lot of fish in the sea, but I'm out here looking like a great white
Jaws, got them scared like Saw
Or fighting against Silva in a cage fight, break a leg
Now I was gonna get another feature
But then I thought about it, I'm blowing up, so I don't need you
And when a nigga get all the fame, what a shame
Even if you had Kevin Durant's arms, you still couldn't reach him
I'm just really having fun with it, untouchable, like nun's titties
Look at my face, Zero fucks given, unless I fuck bitches
Then it's a holiday, fucksgiving, I ain't bullshitting

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