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Baby last night I swear that something you said
It's been chasing me around like a pack of hounds
It won't let me rest
Feel too old to fall like this
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But not old enough to know what love is

If I fall, down, is the love enough to catch me?
If I cry, are you strong enough to hold me?
If I share what I share with my closest of friends, would you turn me away?
I want you,
Not these stupid games that we play [x3]

Baby I feel like, we're running out of time,
It's been checked, it's been made, it's been matched, but girl,
We're falling behind
You seem to know just what you want,
But here I am always on my own


We can play these games, but not forever (no we can't)
We can play these games, but we can't, hold it together (we can't hold it together)
Yeah we can play these games, til we're black and blue (black and blue)
Yeah we can play these games (just know)
Someone's gonna lose (someone's gonna lose)
Someone's gonna
Someone's gonna
Oh no


Not these stupid games, that we play

I'm just...I'm just racking my head over the idea of not being with you and how through all of this,
We're just playing with each other. It's just got to be more than that. It means more to me...

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