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Wiley (rapper)( Richard Cowie Jnr )

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Wiley (rapper)( Richard Cowie Jnr )


[Verse 1:]
That's what I said when I heard Skepta spit 'Doin' It Again'
When I saw JME '96 Bars', and JME and Tempz, your CD's dead
I was on YouTube watching freestyles
Saw one Fire man, one from Ghetts
I was like 'really, G don't pet'
You could change your pace on anyone's set
Yeah, I head Stormzy's 'Not that Deep'
Said that is the real thing, that's now weak, that's energy
Man used the wordplay cleverly
In life you get friends, associates, enemies
Dons rate the OG, I done this
Big up Angel, Sneakbo, you run this
Been my don since Roman market
Riko, God's Gift, Danny Weed, Target

(Badman) watch
Badman chain, badman car, badman aim
Garments, footwear too
Badman lyrics and a badman tune
Trainers, badman jackets
Badman Armanis, badman Hacketts
Badman Reebok, blacked out like the ones that we got

[Verse 2:]
First word that came to my mind when Little D showed me a Giggs CD
Ard bodied, [?]in one that potent loud got some in the car
We're rolling, we're rolling
Yeah we out one to six owning
The first person showing you somebody new''s like I ain't surprised because I showed 'em I told 'em
(Badman) Riddims like these Zdot ones that I've vocalled yearly
Krept and Konan I hear you clearly
I figured out a couple old punchlines nearly
And Yungen ain't messing, he's got 'em
The talent I'm watching rise, can't stop 'em
Shout out Kano, Ice Kid, Chipmunk, Frisco and Dot Rotten


[Verse 3:]
Like Hyper MC, get 'em hyper
That's how I like to MC like Rascal
Having the hooks and the verses
If another MC test 'em, he had the curses
Can't forget Monki, Footsie, D Double E, Bless Beats and Chunkie
Spirit in the sky where the sun beat
I'm blessed, you can't dumb me
I'm Wiley, I'm grimey and what
We kept London lively or not
When the change came and everybody panicked
This likkle pay can't buy me a lot
Man won't stop working
Just like P Money won't stop murking
Big up the Murkle Man
I'm here for the grade and purple man

[Hook x2]