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Wiley (rapper)( Richard Cowie Jnr )

Humble Pie

We were close felt special
She was telling me she's ready to settle
I settle for the same way too
Went to me or the same day too
It's not easy fang in the rang one
Then messing it up like I've done
That's wasting time I can't take it
Come on make a promise then sure he'll break it
She began to feel quite sad
I began to feel quite mad
'Cause it burns me to know I might not change
Got too many women on the brain
I'm going insane, got slowed down
Let a flag and I don't wanna slow it down
If I do it anymore I be feeling the pain
It's not who I want so I got I got away
And away I'm staying, nobody likes to be alone
I might be all full night on the phone
And this girl's telling me how she wanna come and see right down in my zone
The one I find is cold
Icy blue eyes, rest in face
We got no time so we can have fun every night that's right
She wants none of those, I want chinese
I'm a capricorn she is a piesces
We used to go with the side side 10
We had a really nice drink with fly chins
The night brief, I feel lively
He wants to be with Kylie
We like to spend time on a friday
Anytime you wanna see me deep down
Drank too much wine and the shoe space I'm lacking
Some people throwin us to have a good time
Baby that's what we're having
Whether we like it or not we are bounded
Whether we're excited or not
We might be meant for each other
Whether we fight it or not
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Lately I've been a bit all in my A game
In the street though I don't play games astral
See her 2 times in 8 days,
And I might not see her in another 8 days
'Cause I wanna find these
Find these fine when I'm looking
She knows I shared a cake I'm cooking
It's all me and her
Nobody else gonna get a looking
My time is ready for new ways
I was on one song steady for 2 days
I got countless fires to the haze
Check the radio when I get plays
Man I get praise and well deserved
Energy was too well preserved
And I told my mama do well for her
I feel life dragged her through life she's her
Still I and the world is a must
No trust and I gotta flame us
When it's all telling dust that is dust
And we can't live from a crust with a crust
We decided not to, 'cause the hard work this is where we got to
If you really wanna win nobody can stop you
When you can achieve my english on queue
Oh run away stump like samples
Set examples I'm building castles
And I got a brother in law passing fossils
Close fam I love I got heartful
No doubt I'm gonna break the cycle
Smile on her face the heatwave the life full
Catch them easy hooks they recycle
BB care team we're vital
We're vital, we're vital
BB care team we're vital

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