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Arsonists (hip hop group)( Arsonists )


Within my intricate weave of brain cells
I withhold the main spell
To cast upon you demons plottin'
And schemin', dreamin' about
Things that will never occur

In this dimension, far beyond your wildest imagination
The illustration's suspended animation
I put you on pause 'cause you're too busy
Bendin' rules, while I'm breakin' laws of gravity

Don't give a damn if you're mad at me
Fillin' jaws with cavities
If you're still breathin' you should be glad to be alive
Some don't survive or live to see the next day
You can't reset and ain't no freebie in the game that you play

You slither skillfully and willfully all over my trust
Then it's a must that you bite the dust
You might have to get bust
Or persecuted, executed, lyrically degraded
Mentally decapitated, makin' sure you never made it

'Cause I'm fed up with you're mission
Stupid niggas never listen, talkin' 'bout they're never dissin'
On their own people they're pissin'
The hissin's at a tone undetectable by ears
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The advantage is his own if you have neglectable fears

Slidin' through cracks and crevices, no matter how tight
Show fright and prey gets swallowed up in one bite
Venom, freestyle's third and last verse of the song
Word, all jokes aside, this matter can be complicated
You could fail in unveilin' the ones who perpetrate, kid

Their cloak and dagger hides their desire to use the next kin
It's hereditary and necessary to shed skin
It tends to burn when you're touched by the Holy Spirit
Presented with the word of god and you don't wanna hear it

You can't be near it, you fear it, it always foils your plans
You deal with greed and always feedin' of the blood of man
It's all a hoax, you try to coax when you're up in my center
You enter but the temptor's not my mentor

It's my belief within the chemistry, I preach my ministry
Got my seal of authenticity, that's why you're always dissin' me
Interference with signal's the thing I always try to prevent
Slippery serpents, you need to repent and ain't no reptile
With fangs long enough to take my shit
From time to time I pray and stay away from deep snake pits

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