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Mick Jenkins

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Mick Jenkins


feat. Saba

[Verse:1 Mick Jenkins]

Would you fuck with me, if I gang bang
Niggas out here throwing hand signs
We just out here tryna' maintain
So fuck with me famo
Do it for the free so the passion is thicker
South side flow but the fashion is Wicker
Wake up lets hop on band wagons and fasten your seatbelt
Niggas gonna crash at the crib
This is the crime
We like barista
This is the mine, set
WWF we like Batista, raw
Flex on a nigga if you ever got a problem
Stress to a nigga I can solve 'em
I don't know know trig
CPS don't know your kids
Don't step to me throwing hand signs like a referee time
They don't know gang
They just know gang, bang
We just know maintain
Over they head, call it they kango
This is the angle
I guess that's a hat trick
Shit can get messy betta' you bets bring your chapstick
Or else it's crackin'
Free nation action
Pivot been out here mackin'
Fuck what you Hewlett packin'
Off the block I'm Ewing Patrick
Niggas jump wave like cruise ship captain
Too distracted
I be like fuck you on it's Mick Jenkins ho
Cup ginger ale and a peanut butter loafer
Motherfuckers betta' get a coasta'
Shoot 'em like a harpoon
Turn into a Harpo
Motherfuckers betta' get an Oprah

[Verse 2: Saba]

Don't talk to me about no diploma
Tell me my niggas on cornas'
Tell why tenants be tennis we serving the land
Tell where are the owners
Middle finger to the badge
Like these niggas can't hold us
These niggas can't hold us back these niggas can't hold us no
I was just sitting with Frsh
My uncle was just on that phone hook
Then me and Mick Jenkins yelled out free my nigga and to me
That's more than a song hook
Been a minute since i home cooked
Meal been digested but just in time
We jumped on judicial and justified it
It just goes to show the perfect timing
Would you fuck with me
If i gang banged
Niggas out here throwing hands signs
We just out here tryna maintain
So fuck with me famo
A hundred niggas in camo
Solider field you know its real
Hold the block
Home invasion
Honing skills got real
On some fat Albert shit
Come through the tv jump out the bitch
Come through the city jump out the bitch
Niggas at war on some Iraqi shit
Talkin bout work, they competent
Talking about cops, they on to it
Talkin about judge, they honor it
This what ya'll lil niggas be honorin

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